Free Live Only Webinar


Date: TBD

Time: 1:00 - 1:40 PM ET (Eastern Time/NEW YORK)

Cost: FREE

This is a live program only. I do not give my legal permisson for anyone to record the program in video, audio, written, photo, or any other manner.





If not do not have enough people, we will postpone the program for another day.

The total length of the program depends on the number of people participating. The program may run shorter if there are fewer attendees.

There is a maximum of 48 people.

You may participate on Zoom or the telephone.


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My Spirit Guides said, "Some people choose to learn through suffering. Suffering is not a requirement on 'The Path to Joy!'

Therefore, go forward loving, peacefully, and joyfully on your Inner Path. Enjoy this magnificent life you have chosen and live it to the fullest!"

Enjoy the wisdom, teachings, inspiration, and philosophy from Divine Spirit as trance channeled by me.

There will also be a few minutes of stillness and silence allowing you to become aware of the deeper dimension of who you truly are which is Spirit.

We help you to live with greater love, joy, peace, power, prosperity, wisdom, and healing by learning to live as your Soul in partnership with Spirit. Spirit provides guidance and support to assist your spiritual awakening, transformation, and self-healing to help you grow, heal, and move forward.

Trance channeling allows you to speak with Divine Spirit and my Soul directly while I am in a deeper state of meditation known as trance. Trance channeling often provides profound wisdom, deep healing, greater understanding, empowerment, inspiration, and a loving feeling Presence of Spirit.

Spirit has said that who they are is not important. The Guides want to focus on you and your concerns, growth, and healing, not on themselves. The loving wisdom channeled from Divine Spirit through me is based on universal truth. The teachings are for everyone, spiritual, and not religious.

In trance, I may hear some of what is said as you speak with Spirit, but I soon forget most or all of the conversation. Your reading is safe and private.

NOTE: There may be time for some of you to speak directly with Divine Spirit about the wisdom, philosphy, and teachings the Guides are sharing.

NOTE: Please do not ask for guidance on health information, legal concerns, financial matters, loved ones in Heaven, current events, or Spirit Guides.

There may be an opportunity for some of you to share your experiences, friendly fellowship, and uplifting spiritual conversation.

You may be invited to ask me questions of a general nature about spiritual topics that benefit everyone.

I may share some of my own personal spiritual experiences.

Speak up during the program. I am unable to answer questions afterwards.

If you need more time and attention, I would be happy to help you in a PRIVATE SESSION.


Must be 18 years old to participate.

Please come with a loving heart and an open mind. Each program is unique and an experiment with you, me, and Spirit.

Please be in a quiet room without any people or pets to distract you.

Turn off the tv, phone ringer, email, and other device notifications.

We need to hear each other clearly. I need your full attention. Do not be doing other things during the program. Have someone watch your children.

Please have clear, unbroken reception and sufficient battery life for the program.

Disruptions or poor reception may result in early termination of your participation in the program or reading without refund or rescheduling.

Mute yourself before entering the Zoom room.

I prefer to see you so please have your video camera on when possible.

Courtesy is expected towards presenters, event administrators, and fellow attendees at all time.

There is no selling, baiting, or trolling in any way. Negative comments or behavior will not be accepted and result in removal without refund.


There are no refunds, no exceptions, and no transfers to another session, class, program, or event.


Once the room is full, we will close participation. Please join the Waiting Room 10 minutes early.

Each registration is for one device only. Multiple device access will not gain entry into the event.

If you switch devices mid-way through the event, you will not be able to re-enter and there are no refunds.

I am unable to help you login to the program. I am unable to let you into the program if you arrive late or get disconnected or switch devices.

By participating, you give your permission for me to post and sell a recording of this program on social media and my website if I choose to do so.

All written, video and/or voice recording of any session, event, class, presentation, work, tutoring, advice, or opinion with/of Gayle Kirk is the sole property of Gayle Kirk. It may not be used or distributed for any public format or commercial purposes without Gayle Kirk's written permission.

Gayle does not give her legal written permission to post, edit, share, publish, or use the recording of any written or live channeling, writings, opinions, session, class, workshop, program, tutoring, or event, in part or in full, in any format, no matter what channeled Spirits may say, for anything other than your personal, private use only, no exceptions. Gayle Kirk owns all the licensing rights to use intellectual property owned by Gayle Kirk.

No claims or promises are made. You are 100% responsible for any action taken based on your interpretation of the insights presented. Information should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. You willingly agree to, understand, and accept this disclaimer and Terms of Use.



"I recently completed my participation in a Trance Channeling Group hosted by Gayle Kirk and I can honestly say it was one of the most lovely and inspiring spiritual group experiences I have ever had. Gayle is completely grounded, kind, and brought her sense of humor and deep compassion to every member of our group, which served to nurture a trusting and intimate atmosphere. The Guides with whom Gayle works are insightful, intuitive, wise, and endlessly loving. I felt a true sense of how beloved each person in our group really is and how eager the Guides are to help us on our journey to awareness and grace.

My questions were answered in a specific way as well as in a way that led me to think about my approach to my life more broadly. Each trance channeled message inspired me to be more flexible and forgiving toward myself and others and offered clear ways I can pursue the life I want. It was a wonderful opportunity to share my life journey with other like-minded people and we all felt more connected and aligned after our time with Gayle and the Guides. I would definitely recommend Gayle to anyone interested in experiencing a Trance Channeled Reading. In addition to incredible insight and guidance, you will have a lot of FUN!!!"

"When I listened to the Group Trance Channeling Sessions, I became quite relaxed and peaceful listening to the Spirit Guides' words and voice. So interesting to hear your voice and the Guides' voices "blend" as you spoke for them. I got a good visualization of you channeling in my mind's eye. The Spirit Guides sound so very wise and compassionate in both of the recordings that I listened to. The questions from the participants I could certainly relate to. So wish to do this myself! I am enjoying being able to "listen in" right now. Looking forward to hearing more, Gayle. It is helping me in my spiritual practice too. You are sharing something very meaningful with all of us. Be well and happy! Hugs to you."

"I attend church regularly and had always feared that doing work with a "psychic" was somehow contrary to what I had been taught. Instead, I found the session experience to be a deepening of a truth that already existed in my heart - to know, to access, to understand a calling, a longing, an understanding of a higher power both within and outside of myself. In other words, to hear from God-- and not in some sort of witchcraft/voodoo way, but in a way that made me feel like I had the answers all along and Gayle just illuminated them so they could be revealed. In a Trance Channeled Session, Gayle channels voices from Guides who want to pave a pathway for our future guided by light and love. She is grounded, wise, kind, and wants nothing more than to heal our aching souls."

"I also believe that you were meant to teach - and to bring harmony to other people's lives. I just wanted to say 'thank you' because you have helped add something very rich and purposeful to my life, whether you realize it or not....thanks again." "You create a very comfortable atmosphere in which my fellow students and I can be open and trusting and give voice to whatever comes to our minds. Thanks so much."

"I could not have picked a more dedicated and well-intended teacher. It takes a very special person to do this job and your good intent, organization, and quick wit make you just that person. I thank God and Spirit everyday for the guidance they give me and for always steering me in the right direction. My life has changed dramatically since the day I met you and my classmates. Thank you for not only teaching me how to listen to Spirit, but for teaching me how to listen to myself. You are a phenomenal teacher..."

"We have learned about a wide variety of things and we all learn from each other. You are kind and down to earth. I would recommend your programs and classes to anyone who is interested in spiritual development."