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Gayle 7 years



Over 25 Years of Service.


I am an international professional Trance Channel, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

FOR OVER 25 YEARS, Divine Spirit and I have helped thousands of people around the world in Private Sessions for guidance, clarity, and healing.

I am grateful to have received over 444 beautiful, positive, and honest testimonials from my clients since I began my business in 1998.

I respect all relationships, races, genders, ages, nationalities, religions, orientations, and backgrounds.

Spirit and I provide you with wise insights, self-awareness, understanding, encouragement, and inspiration to help you grow, heal, and move forward.

We help you to live with greater love, joy, peace, power, prosperity, wisdom, and healing by learning to live as your Soul in partnership with Spirit. We support you to create personal shifts, loving relationships, and life-changing transformations while loved, guided, and supported by Divine Spirit.

You are a Divine Being! You are more than your life story. Move beyond life challenges. Life can be loving, peaceful, joyful, wonderous, and amazing!

Feel loved, heard, understood, supported, and encouraged on your Soul's Journey in this time of humanity's Spiritual Awakening as our Souls evolve. Love, accept, respect, and celebrate who you are and who you are becoming. Dream and believe in your positive possibilities and amazing potentials!

Together, along with Spirit, we can create a more loving, joyous, peaceful, and beautiful Heaven on Earth. Continue to believe in and strive for love, peace, hope, greater understanding, respect, harmony, unity, and freedom among all people everywhere. Pass on the wisdom you have learned and your positive ideals through sharing, empowering others, loving kindness, compassion, and service.

Trust and know things are always working for your highest and best. You are helped according to God's Divine Will and your own Soul's Life Plan. Spirit lovingly said to me, "Suffering is not a requirement on 'The Path to Joy'...To find God, you need look no further than within your own heart."



I am truly touched by the personal journeys people have shared with me over the years.

Receive loving, wise guidance and self-healing from Divine Spirit and your Soul's knowing to have a deeper understanding of yourself, to get along better with others, overcome challenges, express your Soul's highest potentials, and to enjoy life with love, joy, peace, clarity, confidence, energy, ease, power, prosperity, health, fulfillment, intuition, and trust.

Divine Spirit loves, guides, and supports you on your Soul's Journey. You can make incredible shifts and life-changing transformations as you come to know yourself as a Spiritual Being.

Move forward on your path of enlightenment by discovering and deepening the connection with your Soul and Spirit.

Divine Spirit and I support you and we look forward to speaking with you!

Enjoy reading about some of my early metaphysical experiences and spiritual journey below. I hope it helps you on your path to Self-discovery!

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NOTE: Learn about CHANNELING, TRANCE, AND MY SPIRIT GUIDES towards the bottom of this page!



People have asked me how long I've been doing this. The answer is my whole life.

My earliest memory of communicating with Spirit is around age 7. I channeled messages from Spirit to my younger brother Greg who was age 5 in our bedroom at night.

Many nights after dinner, my brother Greg and I would sit in the dark on the floor of our bedroom with the door closed in a wonderous, innocent, expectant way hoping to see Mr. Frog.

When the evening street light softly illuminated our bedroom, it created a shadow on the window curtain that as a child I thought looked like a frog which is why I called the shadowy shape Mr. Frog.

I intently stared at the window curtain until a frog shaped shadow came. When the shadow of Mr. Frog appeared, I stared at it with intrigue and fascination. Mr. Frog captivated me with childlike wonder and delight.

My conscious awareness slightly altered the longer I stared at Mr. Frog. I intuitively used the shadowy shape as a focal point and became lightly mesmerized or transfixed as I stared at it.

After a few minutes, when my Soul and Spirit had blended and I felt the presence of Spirit, I would tell my brother, "Mr. Frog is here."

My brother would ask me, "Gayle, what is Mr. Frog saying?"

My young, open mind became gently influenced by Divine Spirit. I was lightly entranced, overshadowed, or one with the love and presence of Spirit.

The altered state of consciousness I was in allowed me to speak inspired words from Mr. Frog (Spirit) to my younger brother. I would easily and naturally share simple, loving messages from Spirit in an awake, yet Spirit influenced state of mind.

I knew that Spirit was present, although I don't remember exactly what happened or what I said specifically because I was so young. I was also in an altered state which makes it very difficult to remember what you say after you have channeled.

Receiving inspirationally channeled messages from Spirit in this way as a child was more than make-believe. My brother and I understood that something magical and wonderful was happening. Communicating with Mr. Frog (Spirit) enchanted us.

My brother and I made a fun game out of talking to Mr. Frog (Spirit) after dinner for a few months. Unfortunately, we grew out of talking to Mr. Frog (Spirit) when our family moved to a new home several months later shortly after I turned 8 years old.



I have great compassion, empathy, and understanding for the loss of your loved ones.

Sadly, my brother Greg took his life at age 45 on July 17, 2008. His two daughters were teenagers at the time. I was 48 years old.

As we all certainly know, life can be very difficult and, at times, seem overwhelming. Life's journey often has bumps in the road, hard knocks, and takes unexpected twists and turns. Eventually, divorce, depression, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, alcohol, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE overcame my brother. Dressed in full military uniform, he took his life so that he would stop feeling the immense pain that he carried for years.

I have nothing but unconditional love and great compassion for my brother, his suffering, and the difficult choice he made. I don't condone his decision, nor do I condemn him for it. Naturally, I wish he had sought help and had chosen a different way and that things turned out differently, but it was not my choice to make.

We can't place our own expectations on what we believe others "should" have done according to our ways of thinking.

None of us were in his position or can say with certainty what we would have done had we been in his position. None of us know the depth of his pain, what he was thinking, or the severity of his situation.

All we can do is have compassion for him and learn to accept his decision with understanding and love and find ways to heal.

After his passing, I found the inner peace I was seeking through the signs and dreams I received from my brother and Spirit, the readings I received from others, the guidance my Spirit Guides and loved ones in Heaven provided me, and the personal healing I received over the years.

Since my brother's passing, I have had several visitation dreams where my brother and I have visited one another in the Spirit World. We even touched hands in one very powerful dream visitation as our Souls joined together in the Spirit World. Sometimes I feel his presence and hear him say his name when he is with me during my waking hours. He has healed significantly on the other side. He regrets the pain he has caused us, but reminds us that at the time, he felt he had no other choice. He is much happier now and he is with our loved ones, friends, and beloved family dog in Heaven.

Years later, my brother told me he supports me and our family from Heaven. He said telepathically through a trance medium, "I was there in the beginning and I will be with you until the end." So beautiful. I cried as I felt his deep love for me and my family and I felt my love for him.

I hope you find peace and comfort by reading the article I wrote honoring my brother, his passing, and his signs from Heaven. Please see the article link at the bottom of this page.

On a more positive note, on my walk tonight, I saw a child's tire swing. It's wonderful how seeing something simple can remind you of a special time with someone. Seeing the tire swing in a neighbor's yard reminded me of the tire swing we had in our backyard that my dad hung up for us for four children to play with, along with all our friends from the neighborhood.

My brother Greg and his friends would rake all the leaves in the yard into one huge 10 ft high pile during the autumn season. They took the 12 ft high ladder from the garage and put it about 10 ft away from the pile of leaves. Greg carried the heavy large tire swing up to the top of the ladder and then swung into the huge pile of leaves with all the leaves flying everywhere! They would rake the leaves again into another large pile and the next child would climb up the ladder with the tire swing for their turn to fly into the huge pile of leaves. Good memories together!



My first experiences with Spirit were as a young child without any training or knowledge of this field. I was always very sensitive psychically and mediumistically. Even as a child, I was often psychically aware of the thoughts, feelings, and suffering of others. I sometimes knew of things that would happen in the future. I received information beyond my five physical senses, channeled guidance from Spirit, and I felt the presence of loved ones in Heaven and Guides in the Spirit World. At age 7, I began naturally conscious channeling loving guidance and supportive messages from Spirit Guides to my younger brother Greg.

I remember growing up that I was frequently able to read the thoughts and feelings of other people. I could easily blend my intuitive awareness or consciousness with other people's ego mind as well as their Soul. I somehow knew what they were thinking and feeling on a very deep level. Often, what they said and did contradicted what I knew they really thought and how they really felt. I sensed their love and joy, but also at times, I felt their stress, unhappiness, anger, pain, suffering, fears, and deeper desires. I wanted to help relive their pain and assist them to be happy and peaceful. If I spoke about the things I observed, I found people usually were not comfortable with what I observed and with what I shared about them so I learned to keep these observations to myself.



During high school and for a few years after, I regularly spoke with loved ones in Heaven and Guides in the High Realms of Spirit using the Ouija Board. Here's a fun photo of my friend and I at her house holding the Ouija Board in high school.

Shortly after my grandfather passed when I was age 13, my friend and I discovered a Ouija Board at her house. Almost every weekend, I would spend the night at her house. For the next 5 years and occasionally into our early twenties, we would say a prayer and use the Ouija Board to communicate with family members who had passed and with our Spirit Guides. Our intentions were pure and we had the innocence and curiosity of children.

The planchette on the Ouija Board would often move rapidly as we each only lightly touched it with our two fingers. Over the five plus years, we asked questions about our personal lives, life in general, spirituality, and about our Guides. We truly received accurate, loving, empowering guidance from the Spirit Realm. Although I teach other ways of developing your spiritual abilities, this method did help me to grow as a Trance Channel, Psychic, and Evidential Medium.



In my teenage years and later, some of the paintings and drawings I made were creatively influenced by those in the Spirit World and much better than my natural artistic abilities. I frequently wrote beautiful poems and inspired, uplifting messages from Spirit that again were beyond my training, ways of speaking, and normal capabilities.

Here is a photo of a pastel painting I was inspired to draw in 2014. I was working on it for awhile, but could not bring myself to finish it. Then one day, I was in the mood (moved by the inspiration of Spirit) to complete the picture. It had started off as a rough, quick portrait of a live male model at an adult drawing class, but as you can see, it became so much more once I completed it at home.

One day, as I looked at my unfinished piece, I felt inspired. I felt the urge to work quickly come over me, not even knowing why or what I was doing. I just worked in a sort of light trance or zone whereby Spirit influenced me. I believe the finished piece is of Jesus. I had no thought of doing this. It just came out that way. I believe the cap is a yamak. I didn't know what the white shape on the head was at first. As I pondered the picture after it was done, I realized it was Jesus wearing a yamak, but I did not know it while I was painting. Many years later, I asked Jonathan the wise Spirit Guide of Elaine Thorpe, if this was Jesus and he said yes. I believe so too. I have a deep love for Jesus, although I also respect and admire other Prophets, Saints, Masters, Angels, and Guides. I consider myself spiritual, not religious.



Above is a photo I took of a poem I wrote in college during my free time. I enjoyed writing poems and songs. This poem was written from the perspective of a wife speaking silently to her husband in Heaven while she takes a walk outdoors and fondly remembers the special times they had together. It ends with her requesting that her deceased husband "Ask for a lovely, sunny day tomorrow. I'm planting flowers."

I almost cried as I wrote it. The love in the words expressed was so beautiful to me. When I wrote/channeled it in college, I didn't understand why I would write a poem like this. I had never been married. I wasn't an old lady and I didn't have a husband in Heaven. I considered it a sort of story-telling. I always felt better after writing so I frequently gave myself time to write/channel inspired and humorous pieces and still do to this day now over 40 years later. It comes naturally to me and I see now it was a form of channeling. Those in Heaven were with me even then, although I did not understand what was compelling me to write in such a way.


The poem above is a photo of another poem I wrote in college that seemed beyond my years so to speak. I seemed to write a lot of encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring poems during college. My grandmother gave me a blank book to write them in and I did!

Psychic experiences occurred randomly and spontaneously throughout my life. I will share in much more detail my profound and exciting psychic, mediumship, and channeling experiences with you in my personal spiritual journey book.

At age 38, I chose to develop my psychic, mediumship, trance channeling, and healing abilities through personal growth, spiritual development with respected teachers, and over 25 years of intensive training in a variety of metaphysical subjects. I continue to study, learn, heal, and grow each day. I also speak, write books, facilitate workshops and groups, and teach classes online and in-person.




After high school, I travelled for one year in the non-denominational, international singing group, "Up With People" (UWP). I was one of 100 young people from countries all over the world to travel in a singing group promoting love, peace, and understanding among all people of all nations. Each year 5 casts of 100 young people travelled the world, staying with families along the way, and promoting love, peace, and unity. It was a fantastic, inspiring, incredible year! Our UWP Cast A 1978-79 travelled in the US and spent 3 months in Mexico and 2 weeks in Argentina. Along the way, loving families opened their homes and graciously invited us to stay with them for a night or two during our performances. UWP has performed in so many different places from football half-time shows on TV, in bull rings in Mexico, on national TV, for high schools, at charities, and so many more!

Travelling with UWP was a BIG dream come true for me! I had wanted to be in UWP ever since I first saw them when I was 11 years old. A friend's mother allowed him to bring a few of his closest friends to see the UWP performance nearby. I was mesmerized and overjoyed by the enthusiasm, music, dance, lyrics, love, and harmony among people from all different countries, and the excellent quality of the show. UWP also came to perform at my high school when I was a sophomore. The show opened with young people in the group running down all the aisles of our high school while singing and dancing in the aisles as the UWP band played on stage with more singers and dancers on stage.

I came home and told my parents how I longed to travel in UWP. I wanted this more than anything, but I didn't know how to become a part of UWP. I felt frustrated and there was no internet at the time. Very soon after I said this, my father came home from a business trip. He told me at the dinner table that he was having a conversation with the woman sitting next to him on the business flight and telling her about my interest in somehow joining UWP. He didn't know much about the group or how I could join it.

It turned how the woman SITTING NEXT TO HIM WAS THE ADMISSIONS DIRECTOR FOR UWP! (Thank you, God!) She gave my dad all the information he needed to feel comfortable in helping me to join and how to apply. Isn't it AMAZING how the Universe supports us through life to live our Soul's Plan through the love and support of others and through the synchronisities of the Universe which I believe is God's love and plan for us in action.

My dad said that for me to be accepted into UWP, I had to attend an UWP performance and then after the show, fill out an application, and then wait to be interviewed by a cast member. If that cast member felt I was qualified, they would have a 2nd cast member interview me to be sure I was the right fit for the group. The selection process only allowed for 1 in 100 people applying to actually get in. My application would then go to the UWP Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona where they would determine if I would be accepted for a year of travel in UWP. If they decided to invite me to join, I would receive a formal application from the Admissions Office within a few months which I would have to complete and return with the admissions fee for the year.

The date UWP was performing again nearest me was my senior year of high school and on the same night as Football Homecoming which I was a part of and included a special big fall dance I really wanted to attend with a special boy I liked. So that I could attend the Football Homecoming and dance, my loving father agreed to drive me to the following UWP performance which was 1 hour away in Flint, Michigan after he came home from work at 5:00 pm on a weekday. We drove up to the show together and he got to see UWP perform for the very first time and see what I was so excited about.

After the show, I carefully filled out my UWP application and waited another 45 minutes for a cast member to interview me. I passed that interview and then was interviewed by a 2nd cast member. They asked me, "If you don't get in this year, will you consider joining next year?" I said I would not because I would be in college by then. It was now or never and I reiterated my deep longing to be a part of this very special group. They said if I was to be accepted, I would find out in a letter from the main office in the next few months.

At midnight, on the drive home, I told my dad how I FELT I was going to get in. I said I didn't want to jinx anything, but I really did feel it. He tried to help me calm down and prepare for possibly not getting in by saying, "I hope so, but don't get too excited. We'll see."

A few months later, I came home from school and there was a letter from UWP waiting for me on the kitchen counter. My mom couldn't wait and had already read it. I asked her, "Did I make it in?" She said with a straight face, "Read it." I was practically shaking I was so nervous and excited all at the same time. The letter was written in such formal language that I still didn't know if I was accepted to join the group so I said to my mother, "Well, am I in?" She said, "Yes!" I screamed and danced around the kitchen with joy! I had finally been accepted into UWP!

At the end of my senior year of high school, my mother and good friend took me to the Toldedo, Ohio airport to leave for UWP. I was 18 years old and I would not be home for 6 months. I would be home for a few days at Christmas and then off to travel again for another 6 monthes with UWP. It was my first long time away from home by myself without anyone I knew with me. I was so happy to be going that I didn't get too sentimental. I was ready to have an adventure, explore, meet new people, and perform music that touched my heart with the philosophy I truly believed in.

I learned many years later from my friend that after I got on the plane, my mother started crying. She had held a strong face while saying goodbye to her 1st born and 1st to leave the nest, but deep down, she was feeling emotional. My friend consoled her. I mentioned this to my mother later and thanked my mother for her loving care and for allowing me to go even though she knew she would miss me. Leaving for UWP and 6 months away from home for the 1st time was a big step forward in my life into an unknown experience. My mom said, "I knew you really wanted to go and that I couldn't keep you home forever." We gave each other a big, loving hug.

I left for Tucson, Arizona for 5 weeks of singing, dance training and to learn the ins and outs of travelling with the group for a year. I loved the training and excitement of so many new things. I especially loved the music and beautiful lyrics which touched my heart deeply. I had always wanted to be a part of a large group performing songs and dancing ever since I watched the TV show, The Partridge Family as an 11 year old girl. I met wonderful friends from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and many other places around the world. We are still in touch today and have had reunions in Tucson run by UWP which were so fun and memorable.

During my 2nd semester of UWP, after Christmas break, my dad had a business meeting in Waco, Texas AT THE SAME TIME OUR UWP SHOW WAS THERE! (Thank you, Universe!) My mom got an airline ticket and came down with him so they could both see me perform with my Cast A. My parents took 2 of my UWP people friends and I out to dinner beforehand. It was so great to share the experience with my parents and have them see what I had put so much love and hard work into. They paid my tuition for the year I was in UWP which, at the time, was equivalent to a year of state college education. I have thanked my parents many times for giving me that special year and sacrificing to do so.

I was passionate about the UWP messages in the songs we sang then and I still believe in their message today. It was an amazing, wonderful year! My dream of singing in a band came true! Believe! Dreams can and do come true!

In the photo of our Cast A 1978-79, I am in a white dress with shoulder length blonde hair in the front row, the 4th person in from the right. So fun!






After UWP, I went to The Ohio State University and graduated with a B.S. in Art Education with a K-12 Certificate. During my junior year of college, while I was working at the front desk of the student housing apartment complex I lived in, I met a woman who was leaving college before graduating. She filled out a forwarding address card and handed it to me. It said, "Norwegian Cruise Lines" (NCL) on it! She told me she was leaving college to work onboard the NCL cruise ships. Looking back, being at that right place at the right time, I feel it was again my Soul's Plan in action and the Universe supporting me in life to meet the people and have the experiences my Soul came here for. God and the Universe are helping all of us as we experience life on Earth and move forward in our Soul's evolution.

I asked the girl I received the forwarding address card from who I could apply to at NCL and requested their phone number. For the next year, every month I called the assistant of Sue Carper who was THE woman who did the hiring for all of NCL cruise staff and entertainment staff asking her if there were any openings for me to work onboard the ships when I graduated from college. I told her of my UWP experience, my good grades, my major as an Art Education teacher, and my experience working with children of all ages as a babysitter since I was 11 years old and through my education classes in college. I hoped I too could get a job onboard the ships working with the children like the girl who was standing before me.

Finally, after over a year of calling NCL to try and get a job there, Sue Carper, THE woman who did the hiring called me in October at my college apartment and said she had an opening for 1 week onboard the M/S Starward cruise ship. It would be working as a Children's Coordinator with another older woman helping run the children's activities onboard. Our job was to keep the children safe, busy, and happy while their parents enjoyed separate activites and time apart on their own. Some of the childrern's activities were given to us to do with the children. Other children's activites I created along the way. Sue Carper asked if I could work the November Thanksgiving break during my senior year of college. I was SO HAPPY!

Sue said she would not pay this first time for my way from Columbus, Ohio to Miami, Florida because it was a chance for them to get to know me. However, after that week of working, she said I would be paid for the week's work. In the future, if I were hired, Sue said they would also reminburse me for my airfare to return to the ships in Miami. Sue also said they would, however, pay for my taxis during my trip and one night in a hotel, plus hotel meals on the night before I was to begin work this Thanksgiving week. If I were hired for future trips, they would pay for airfare, taxi, meals, and one night in the hotel they used before departure.

I gladly accepted Sue's offer to come to Miami and work November Thanksgiving week. However, I was privately worried about how to pay for my roundtrip airfare. I had no money in college except for the little bit I was making working at the front desk of the apartment complex. I called my brother Greg and asked him if I could please borrow the money to fly roundtrip to Miami to work on the cruise ship. I told him that once I was paid by NCL after working there for 1 week, I would return to him the money I had borrowed. He lovingly agreed to help me. Once my work on the cruise was over, I didn't have any money leftover after repaying my brother so it was like I worked for free that week onboard the ships, but I was willing to do so just for the opportunity to be on the ships and hopefully, turn it into something more.

After speaking with my brother, I then called my parents who were on vacation in Mexico to tell them I was going to work for 1 week on the ships. I was so very excited! I had to share the good news with them and let them know what was happening. My parents said they had just seen an NCL cruise ship that day in port and thought of me and my desire to work on the ships. Was that a SIGN letting us know I would soon be working onboard NCL? I believe so.

Another interesting note is that the only cruise my father's parents ever took was on NCL on the M/S STARWARD which was the EXACT SAME SHIP I was asked to work on my first time with NCL! I believe my grandfather who was in Heaven and passed when I was 13 years old helped organize this wonderful opportunity for me. Thanks, Pop Pop!

When I flew down to Miami that very first time, the evening view outside my hotel the night before I started working on the ships was spectacular! I could see all the different companies' cruise ships lined up together at the pier with their beautiful lights on. It was truly a thrilling sight for this young girl from Ohio. I can still see it in my mind. I couldn't believe my dream of working for NCL had come true! It took 1 year of persistent, regular calling and speaking coordially with Sue Carper's assistant, but I was now here in Miami waiting to begin a BIG new adventure!

The beautiful beach photo above is one of the pictures I took in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands during my time on the ships. So lovely! I never tire of that view.

During my senior year of college, I worked again onboard NCL with the children during Christmas break and Easter break for 1 week each. A few weeks before I graduated college, I received a call from NCL and was hired to work full-time as a Shore Excursions Manager selling tours ashore. I finished my final college class work requirement and left college a few weeks early. As college graduation ceremonies were happening, I was working on the ships and received my college dipolma in the mail. I worked for NCL another 2 and 1/2 years until I was ready for a new experience.

As an NCL Shore Excursions Manager, I was NCL's 1st female to hold this position selling tours ashore so I did my very best to represent myself and women well. I desperately wanted this full-time opportunity to work out. I did the job for about 6 months. I was then asked to work as a Cruise Staff Hostess doing fun activities with the passengers.

Some of my responsibilities as Cruise Staff Hostess were to call out bingo numbers and sell bingo cards, run honeymooners parties, perform in Cruise Staff shows for the passengers, memorize the names of our VIP guests and introduce them to the ship's Captain and his staff at the Captain's Cocktail Parties, teach and lead line dances and limbo dances on the outside deck, greet passengers as they came in/out of the main lounges and on/off the ship, conduct passenger tours of the ship's bridge to talk informally with the Captain and his crew, answer passenger questions, create a friendly atmosphere, run the spotlight during evening shows, work the gangway as passengers came on/off, perform lifeboat drills, revise the daily Cruise Newsletter, be responsible for answering questions and handling problems with passengers at the beach at our Bahamaian Out Island, assist with tours ashore using smaller boats called Tenders, wrap and order gifts and supplies for passenger activities and giveaway prizes, escort tours with the passengers, and meet with onshore personnel at casinos and nightclubs to be sure NCL passengers were given preferrential treatment, etc.

The Hostess job is the same type of job Julie McCoy held on the TV show, The Love Boat, although they called her the Cruise Director, which was not correct. She was a Cruise Staff Hostess. When passengers would come onboard the cruise ship via the gangway, I would greet them in my pressed navy blue blazer with gold buttons and gold name badge and my navy blue skirt, white blouse, and navy blue high heels. When they meet me, I would welcome them onboard, request their boarding pass, and tell them how to get to their cabins. When the embarking passengers met me, they would frequently say, "Oh, it's Julie from the The Love Boat!" So crazy! I enjoyed my time with NCL. I worked primarily on their largest ship at the time called the S/S Norway which was the largest cruise ship in the world during the 1980s. The S/S Norway was over 3 football fields in length. It was huge by comparison to the other cruise ships in port. We did 3, 4, and 7 day cruises to the Caribbean and Mexico. This was in the early 1980s before NCL started a larger world itinerary.

As a Cruise Staff Member, I was allowed most anywhere on the ship. We were given our own very small cabin usually with a port hole to look out. We ate in the main dining room and could order whatever we wanted that was on the same menu as the passengers. The first month onboard, several times I ate 2 lobsters for dinner with a salad. On the ship, we were always on duty. We always wore uniforms with our gold name badges. We had to purchase our own uniforms, which cost about $800. When we were off-duty and ashore away from the passengers, we could wear our own clothes. The ship personnel drycleaned and laundered our clothes, cleaned our rooms, made our beds, and served our meals because we were always working. We had to tip those staff and the dining staff weekly a specific amount for their service out of what we were paid weekly. We worked 14 hour days from as early as 7:00 am to 1:00 am most every day with only a few hours off to eat and rest in between activities. As a Cruise Staff Member, I worked 3 months every day and then had 3 weeks off to go and do whatever I wanted. I could not stay on the ship. I usually went home to see my family in Ohio. Some people travelled the world.

I mostly worked on a ship called the, S/S Norway while I was with NCL. At that time, it was the largest passenger cruise ship in the world. While I was working on the cruise ships, I met another cruise staff person who introduced me to the Seth books by trance channel Jane Roberts. I tried to read the Seth books, but found them too intellectual for me at the time.

It was during my time on the ships that I "discovered" (was led by Spirit) somehow to the book, "Out on a Limb" by Shirley MacLaine where she talks about trance channel Kevin Ryerson. I was amazed that someone could go into trance and a person from the Spirit world could speak through the channel and another person could converse with the Spirit person and receive guidance from that Spirit! (I later was able to take a class on channeling with Kevin Ryerson at the Spiritualist Camp Lily Dale in Lily Dale, NY!)

During this time, I also was somehow led to the channeled Seth books trance channeled by Jane Roberts. However, I found them too difficult to follow at this point in my life.

While working on the cruise ships, I made a Ouija Board out of a pizza box lid. Sometimes during my free time, my friend who worked in the ship gift shop and I would talk to Spirits and our relatives on the Ouija Board in my cabin.

The last week I worked onboard the ships, my parents flew to Miami and got to cruise with me at a discounted relative rate for the week. It was so nice for them to experience what I had been living and doing for the past almost 3 years. They loved the islands and I know they enjoyed the cruise. My Cruise Staff friends gave them a warm welcome and special treatment wherever they went onboard. It was great!

People have asked me why I left the cruise ship job. At the time, I was 25 years old. I didn't realize how good I had it. Also, I wanted to experience new things. I felt I had "done" the cruise ship thing and was ready to explore something else. I had never owned a car, rented an apartment, or had a long term boyfriend. These things were appealing to me. I wanted a normal work schedule with weekends off and no uniform. New England seemed like a good place to begin my new life so I went for it. I was adventurous, confident, and eager to experience different things in a brand new place.





I am originally from Perrysburg, Ohio and I lived there until I went into UWP after graduating from high school. After working for NCL, I had no need to move back to Ohio and the world was my oyster. While I was trying to decide where to live, I met a lot of people cruising from Boston who spoke very highly of the area. So when I left NCL, I went to Ohio to visit my family and buy my first car. I then drove by myself 12 hours across country and moved to Winthrop, Massachusetts when I was 25 years old even though I had never been there before.

I chose Winthrop, MA because it was close to Boston and it stuck out into the ocean like an arm and I wanted to be near the beach. Moving there sight unseen was pretty gutsy when I think about it now. I was very lonely most of my 3 years there. I knew no one. I dated no one significant.

I first worked in downtown Boston as an Account Executive for Raymond and Whitcomb Travel, a long-standing, reputable travel firm. My boss was kind and gave me a free trip to Corsica. The travel agency was a top seller for leisure travel and the Corsica Department of Commerce was promoting travel there by offering a few travel agencies one free familiarization trip for one of their staff so they would come back and say good things about Corsica and increase tourism there. My boss was too busy to go and had already traveled the world extensively so one day, after only working there about a month, he said to me, "How would you like to go to Corsica for free for a few days?" I said, "Sure! I'd love to! Thanks!" I then realized I had no idea where Corsica was so I went into his office and said, "Thanks for the trip. I want to go, but where is Corsica?" He chuckled and told me where it was.

For a few years, I worked for Crimson Travel in Cambridge and Waltham, MA. It was the area's largest travel agency and I worked in several of their sales departments. The highlight of my time there was planning and escorting weekend trips for Corporate Travel Managers of large coporations who were the travel agency's top corporate clients. We went to Seattle, Washington and Montreal, Canada, and London, England. That part of my job was a whole lot of fun!

After a while in Boston, I decided to move to Chicago and share a house rental with a friend from home. In order to save money for the move from Boston to Chicago, I got a part-time job in the evenings and weekends as a Cocktail Server at Catch-A-Rising-Star, a well-known comedy club in Cambridge, MA. While I was at the popular comedy club in the mid to late 1980s, I got to see up-close comedians and enjoyed their humor. It was a fun way to make extra money.

Also while living in Boston, I got to see the singer Prince perform at a night club in downtown Boston one night when I was there. He showed up at around 1 am in a limo, sang a few songs in the nightclub, and then left. It was a great surprise for us all!






After 3 years in Boston, I moved to Chicago where I married, divorced, and worked as a Convention Coordinator at a very large meeting planning firm for 3 years. After that, I worked as an Administrative Assistant for a real estate tax law firm for 5 years. My boss at the law firm, a tax attorney, was super nice, but the job was not interesting to me. I only stayed to pay my bills until I had the clarity, inspiration, and energy for what to do next.

During the 8 years in Chicago, I married at age 31 and got divorced at age 31. I became very unhappy with my life. I tried to figure out what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, what my gifts were, and why was I here on this planet. I also got extremely sick with an acute case of candida albicans which is a weakened immune system. I asked the doctor how bad was it? She said, "One a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being bad, I would say you have a 14."

The illness caused me to learn how to acknowledge and deal with my life, thoughts, emotions, stress, regrets, frustration, confusion, anger, depression, and fears. I had to learn greater self-care. I had to completely change my diet, take lots of vitamins, take special supplements, get regular B-12 shots, medicine, and get colonics to rid myself of the candida and boost my immune system.

I went to the local health food grocery store every weekend to shop for food, vitamins, and to read their books. They had so many things to learn about. I would spend hours at the local health food grocerty store learning better self-care and finding out what my body needed to get healthy. It took me almost two years of very strict eating, vitamins, supplements, medicine lots of rest, positive thinking, creative visualization, and a new lifestyle to get healthy.

During that time, I also was trying to figure out who I was, what I really wanted, and began living a new life on my own again. I was very unhappy, very discouraged, very lost, very lonely, very sick, and very tired at that time of my life. I truly felt like I was going to die. It was just me and the cat, work, healthy eating, and sleep most of the time for awhile. I wondered how long it would last before something good happened again. Was this my destiny? I didn't believe so, but I didn't know what else to do or have much energy to make more changes than just surviving. I certainly didn't feel like I was thriving.

Many years later, I read Louise L. Hay's book, "Heal Your Body", which says that dis-ease can be reversed by our reversing mental patterns. Louise emphasizes self-love, forgiveness, and conscious positive thinking which includes affirmations. In her book, "Heal Your Body", Louise says the probable cause of candida is, "Feeling very scattered. Lots of frustration and ager. Demanding and untrusting in relationships. Great takers." The new thought pattern she suggested to heal candida was, "I give myself permission to be all that I can be and I deserve the very best in life. I love and appreciate myself and others." I related to much of what she said. I was very scattered, frustrated, depressed, and anxious after my divorce.

During my early 30s and for several years after my divorce, I discovered the Unity Church in Evanston, IL just north of where I lived. I loved the minister there. His name was Mike and he was so down to earth, funny, honest, and inspiring. I spent many times in the back of the church silently crying for myself and my sad life asking Spirit to help me turn things around and to help me feel good again. The church had a wonderful bookstore and I would spend an hour there after service reading and exploring all kinds of new ways of positive thinking and positive living in their self-help section. I loved that.

Slowly, I was feeling a little better and I was learning how to take care of myself. I also learned about the metaphysical, self-empowerment author Louise L. Hay through 2 very large weekend conferences she gave in Chicago with her Hay House authors. It was just the kind of spiritual food my mind and emotions needed to support my healing and new way of living. I couldn't get enough of the information and good vibes I found in the speakers and books I found there. I was learning how my thoughts helped to create my body and my life. I was learning that I am powerful.

At the law firm in downtown Chicago where I worked as an administrative assistant for 5 years, there was an elderly man who worked the lobby elevators. I was always friendly to him and we spoke often as I was usually late getting into work because I didn't want to be there and he would hold the elevator as he saw me running into the building to go up to the 9th floor.

One day after work, I spoke with the elevator elderly man who introduced me to his adult son who had come to see him at work in the lobby. The adult son told me he was organizing a Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in downtown Chicago by the waterfront. I got very excited. I asked if I could help even though I had little experience. We met again at someone's home with about 3 other ladies who were helping him. I volunteered to distribute fliers for the Expo wherever I could.

I was allowed to attend the two-day Body, Mind, Spirit Expo for free because I helped promote it. Giving presentations at the Expo were Professor John E. Mack (Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens), Betty J. Eadie (Embraced By The Light), Dannion Brinkley (Saved by the Light), R. Carlos Nakai the flutist, and several other famous authors who at the time in the early 1990s were just starting their careers.

It was all so exciting to be a part of this new, transformative, revitalizing energy! I couldn't get enough of it. I was on a high. The people attending were like me. They were searching, aspiring, reaching for something more and wanting to make their lives better. Some were still suffering. Others had found deeper meaning, purpose, and greater happiness. I was so thirsty for the knowledge and inspiration that I was receiving!

After the long talk by Dannion Brinkley, I spoke to a young woman sitting next to me. She told me she did an energy healing known as Reiki. I had never heard of Reiki. I asked her to please do some Reiki on me. She agreed. While everyone was standing around talking, she took my hands. I closed my eyes and in a moment, I felt a HUGE electrical charge go from her hand to my hand, up my arms, and through my entire body. It only lasted about a second, but it was the most powerful jolt of energy I had ever experience! I said, "Did you feel that?" She replied, "Yes!" I said, "What was that?!" She said, "It was the energy." I vowed to myself I would have to find out more about Reiki.

During the four years after my divorce, I watched a lot of TV because I didn't have much energy, I didn't have any close friends, and I wasn't dating anyone special. I spent a good deal of time watching Oprah and the inspiring guests she often had on her show. I also watched on TV a lot of Deepak Chopra talking about the positive effects on the body and our life through positive thinking. One weekend I also watched an all-day program on "Getting the Love You Want" conducted with authors Harville Hendrix Ph.D. and his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt Ph.D.. They had a show where they helped counsel couples who were having difficulties. It was very insightful and timely.

While working at the law firm, I was given tickets to attend an Oprah Show with my friends because our law firm had a relationship with one of the people there. The 1st Oprah show I attended was on the subject of divorce and was only 3 months after my divorce. Again, how timely.

A highlight of my time in Chicago was seeing my teenage singing idol Donny Osmond in the play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I even got to see him signing autographs in the basement of Macy's department store in Chicago. I also spoke with Donny Osmond briefly on the streets of Chicago where he was walking during one of my lunch breaks when I was working at the law firm.

I saw Donny walking by himself on the streets of downtown Chicago near the theatre he was appearing in. I quickly went up to him and said softly so I would be discreet and not draw attention to him, "Donny?" He replied, "Yes?" I said, "I have loved you ever since I was 11 years old." He said, "Thank you very much. Do you know where State Street Bank is?" I said, "I'm sorry. I don't." We then parted ways. It was awesome to be talking and standing next to my teenage crush!

In addition, I got to attend a total of 3 Oprah Winfrey shows as a guest of the law firm I worked for which occasionally got tickets because my boss helped a division of their company with their real estate taxes. Going to the Oprah Show was such great fun! I loved it!

During my time in Chicago after my divorce, I also saw up close and spoke with David Cassidy, Shirley Jones, the cast of the Partridge Family, and the singer Davy Jones of the TV show The Monkees. It was a 1970s revival during my time in Chicago in the early 1980s so there were lots of fun musical performances to enjoy which I love!

I even went on the Danny Bonaduce TV program. The show I attended was titled, "The Partridge Family 25th Anniversary Reunion!" I was out of my mind with joy! I had watched this TV show for 5 years as a young teenager. It was my favorite show (next to Bewitched and the Mary Tyler Moore Show). I listened to The Partridge Family music every day while growing up. I played The Partridge Family in my family's basement with my two friends. I pretended to be Shirley Jones and my friend Kelly was David Cassidy who pretended to play a tennis racquet like a guitar. My friend Karen was Susan Dey who pretended to play my desk like a piano. We sang their music on my LP albums for many years in my basement bedroom.

Going to see "The Partridge Family 25th Anniversary Reunion!" on the Danny Bonaduce TV show was one of the highlights of my life. As we drove to the studio, The Partridge Family original bus drove past us on the highway and we honked our car horn at them and waved at the bus. During the show, I told Shirley about my friends and I singing their songs and playing "The Partridge Family" in my family's basement as a teenager. I told her I played her and my friend Kelly player her real-life step-son David Cassidy. She replied, "Your friend Kelly played David?" At the end of the taping of the TV show, Shirley Jones was available for photos. I got my picture taken with her. So fun!

In Chicago, I also saw the TV personality Mr. T. from the 1980s TV show, The A-Team! Mr. T. was super nice, humble, and wore many gold chains around his neck. He looked just like he did on TV. He was in a white limo with an open top while I was crossing the street in downtown Chicago. I noticed him and as I stood in front of his limo I said to him, "Hey, you're Mr. T.!" He replied softly and sweetly, "Oh, shucks!"



At 34 years old and starting to feel a little better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, I finally left my 8 years of hard times in Chicago. I received the inspiration from Spirit to use my travel experience and see if there were any openings in Sales for Club Med. When I contacted them by phone, I learned they did have 1 opening that had RECENTLY BECOME AVAILABLE for a District Sales Manager in New Jersey. Club Med was a large, reputable, popular vacation destination resort.

I went to a few of the top travel agencies in Chicago and told them I was going to interview for Club Med's District Sales Manager job. I asked the owners of the travel agencies to tell me what they liked about Club Med and what they would like to see improved and that I would respectfully share the information with Club Med. I sent in my application to Club Med and was flown to New York, New York for a long, full day of interviews with several people there. It turned out that one of the people I interviewed with had WORKED FOR NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINES ALSO! We got along right away and she eventually became my new boss. A few days later, I got the job!

I had very little money so I negotiated with Club Med to pay to move me, my furniture, and other my belongings to Hackensack, New Jersey and I drove my car from Chicago to New Jersey. I visited my sister in New Jersey along the way and then went to the apartment I had found on the phone through an agency. The cost of living ended up being so high in New Jersey that I could not afford to keep living there on Club Med's salary. I also was not happy in Hackensack, NJ. I didn't know what to do.

I interviewed in New York City for an Administative Assistant job with a travel company that paid more. The interview went well and I knew I would be invited to work there. The next day, I returned the call to their office and told my potential boss that I appreciated his offer, but my heart was more into sales than being an administrative assistant. He said he was happy to hear that because their sales person in Boston had JUST TURNED IN THEIR RESIGNATION and they now had a job opening in Boston, Masschusetts. He decided since I had once lived there and because I had a travel and sales background, he would like to offer me the job of Regional Sales Director for the New England area of their travel company. I negotiated that they also pay to move me there as part of the deal. He agreed and I moved the next week to Belmont, MA.




I met my 2nd husband Mark Kirk after living in Belmont, MA for 1 month which was 4 years after my divorce. My parents came to visit me from Ohio to see my new apartment. My Dad wanted to go on a Whale Watch in Boston Harbor for a few hours. The morning we went on the cruise, my mother said she really hoped I would get married again one day. I told her I wanted to be married again to someone special too, but I was not able to "make" it happen and that I was happy. It was true. I was finally feeling happy on my own as a single person. Although I wanted to be "in love" and married to someone special, I didn't know if that was ever going to happen or if another marriage was part of my Soul's Plan. I was finally learning to really love myself and my life. I asked my mother not to pressure me and to know that I was happy.

I also told my mom in a half-joking way that I was looking for a man who was a good cook because I don't like cooking even though I enjoy eating. I felt intuitively something special the morning we got ready to go on the Whale Watch. I didn't know I would meet someone, but I was feeling especially confident and good about myself. I dressed up a little more than I usually did. I packed us a lunch and we went to Boston Harbor. While getting tickets, I asked the sales clerk, "How long will we be out on the water of the whale watch before we see any whales?" She replied, "Oh, about an hour usually." I said to my mom, "Well, Mom. You know what that means." My mother said, "No, what?" I replied, "The first hour is a MALE Watch!" I didn't even know why I said it. It really wasn't like me. I guess my Soul knew differently. My Soul knew I was going to meet my future husband and that is why I was already feeling excited. My mother said enthusiastically, "Okay!"

As soon as we got on the boat and before we even left the dock, we spotted my future husband Mark standing by himself with a pair of binoculars around his neck. I realized I may get seasick and that I should have brought some seasick medicine. My mother and I slowly walked up to Mark and started a conversation with him. I was feeling a bit shy and reserved, but I asked if he had any seasickness medicine. He did so I took some. My Dad joined us and all 4 of us had a really nice conversation for quite some time. Mark said he had come alone because the female co-worker friend who he had planned to be there with called him that morning saying she was sick and could not make it. (No, they were not dating or interested in each other that way. I asked him later about that!) Mark had already bought his ticket for the Whale Watch and a pair of binoculars so he decided to come by himself. (Thank you, Universe!)

I liked Mark right away, but I was very cautious after having been divorced. I felt that I had greatly disappointed myself and my parents in having a failed marriage. I had not experienced "failure" before my divorce. I was usually successful, capable, and high achieving in school and in outside activites. I had high expectations of myself. As the oldest of 4 children, I was also taught to be responsible and to set an example for my younger siblings. I was relied on by my mother frequently to help her out with the housework or taking care of my younger 2 brothers and younger sister. I was eager to please and wanted to help and do what I was told or felt was right. I had a big heart, was always very sensitive, and I was smart. If I put my mind to something, it often came out well even though it may require hard work, persistence, determination, and dedication which I didn't mind too much.

I learned quickly, that besides being handsome, Mark was sweet, funny, gentle, and smart - a great combination! I admired my dad's intelligence, sense of humor, and gentle ways. Mark seemed similar to my father in these ways. Mark made my dad laugh which scored big points with me. Mark was pleasant, smart, fun to be with, and good looking as well. There wasn't anything I did not like about him.

Once my parents saw Mark and I were more at ease talking with each other, they drifted away to some other part of the boat to let us talk in private. I eventually asked Mark how old he was. He was 27 and I was 35. I was 8 and 1/2 years older than him. He had never been married and didn't seem to have a lot of emotional baggage either. I thanked him for talking, but quickly excused myself when I learned he was so much younger than me. My ex-husband was 4 years younger than me and I was not going to repeat that mistake again I told myself. I found my mom on the boat. She asked what I thought about him. I said, "He's cute, he's nice, he's funny, smart, and sweet, but Mom, he's 8 AND 1/2 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME! He's my brother Kirk's age. (Yes, I have a brother name Kirk. Same as my married last name. Another sign?)

My mom said firmly to me, "Gayle, at a certain point, age doesn't matter. If you like him, you get back there and talk to him!" She had a point. I left and walked the ship a few minutes by myself to think things over. I found Mark still by himself. I walked up to him and started talking to him more receptively this time. He had forgotten to bring a lunch so I shared mine with him. His mother was a wonderful watercolor artist. I majored in Art Education. His college major was Physics and Astronomy. My interests were Metaphysics and included, Astrology AND HE LIKED TO COOK! At the end of the Whale Watch, Mark invited me to go to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. We've been together ever since!

Mark is a great cook (Thank you, Universe!) and I grocery shop and clean up. We are a good pair. I feel it was our destiny to be together. We both love humor, travel, the outdoors, adventure, exploring, learning, reading, computers, eating out, animals, and people. We have our challenges too, but mostly we enjoy, respect, and support one another. Thank you, God.

While Mark and I dated and lived together, I worked for another company as a National Sales Director for a non-profit educational television network for children's distant learning programs via satellite. I enjoyed watching them make television shows for children. It was a fun, creative atmosphere. I had also thought a few times in my younger days that it would be fun to work for Sesame Street or some type of children's TV broadcasting so this gave me a taste of that. My last corporate job was at a charter airline company in sales.

After almost a year of dating, Mark moved in with me. We got a bigger apartment in the same building. We enjoyed a lot of travel, eating out, exploring New England, hiking, kitties, cultural events, the ocean, scenic drives, comedy clubs, and walking around town. After one year of living together, we got engaged and married a year after that. Our closest friends and families attended the outdoor wedding in a beautiful location.

We still enjoy the same activities and do our best to keep our relationship loving, supportive, fun, meaningful, and healing. Mark has been so supportive of my work and of my personal pursuits. He has always believed in me and honored the freedom I need to explore and be independent at times. I'm very grateful to have Mark for my partner in this life. He has been a consistent source of strength, trust, and a safe place for me. He is trustworthy, loyal, hardworking, a good provider, has similar morals and values as me, and remains interested in learning and enjoys life. Mark still expresses his love and appreciation for me. I am most thankful.




In my mid 30's, I was introduced by my friend's mother to the cassette tapes by Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. Again, I was a bit confused by the fact that a woman was speaking for a male Spirit named Abraham? I was very intrigued and wanted to learn more about trance channeling.

In 1998, at 38 years of age and newly married, I told my husband I needed to figure out what I really wanted to do. I saw an ad in Yoga Journal Magazine while I was standing in line to pay for groceries at Whole Foods. The ad was for a school in Georgia to learn Channeling at the Arthur Ford Academy at Delphi University run and founded by Patricia Hayes, her husband Marshal Smith, her daughter Kimberly Curcio, and their wonderful practitioners. I couldn't believe what I was reading. At that time, in 1998, there was very little on tv or in the newspapers demonstrating mediumship let alone teaching anything new age or metaphysical. I told my husband Mark I was going to take a week vacation and go there to see what it was all about. I went for a week and discovered I had spiritual, mediumistic gifts and learned more about those gifts. I went back to Delpi University for 3 more weeks at various times.

My primary care physician in Massachusetts was an avid meditator. He had been to India several times and he started the Transcendental Meditation Center in Cambridge near Harvard University. My doctor suggested I try meditation to feel less stressed. I went to the center for about a month and tried to practice what they said. I wasn't feeling a lot of progress and wasn't sure if I was meditating "correctly", but I kept doing it several times a week or more.

While meditation on different occasions, I saw clairvoyant visions of those in Spirit who I now know to be my main Spirit Guide Chief Long Wolf, my Spirit Guide Chief White Feather, Ascended Master Kuthumi, and Ascended Master El Morya. They each appeared at different times totally unexpected. I am so thankful they showed themselves to me. It is so nice to know who some of the Guides are that are helping me.

I have meditated since I first moved back to Massachusetts until now almost about 25 years later at the time of this writing. I have studied meditation and I have since created my own simplified way of mediating which I teach others who want a way to help them relax and to connect with their Soul and the Divine for love, peace, joy, inner strength, guidance, health, inspiration, comfort, creativity, intuition, and healing. I highly recommend meditation. It is so important.

All throughout my life, I had very painful monthly periods. During this time, I learned that if I placed my hands on my lower abdomen on top of where my ovaries were, the pain would reside or go away competely. I found it interesting and noteworthy. I wanted to learn more. I would notice a heat coming from my hands to where I touched the pain on my body and within a few minutes, the pain would be gone.

I learned of an adult education place called Interface in Cambridge, MA that offered Reiki I classes by a man name John Harvey Gray and his wife Lourdes Gray. It says on their website www.learnreiki.org/ that, "Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing art. Reiki is a simple method of hands on healing developed in the 1920's by Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan. The system was passed, hand to hand...who intoduced the system to the West. John Harvey Gray, was one of the original 22 Reiki Masters." John then taught his wife, Lourdes Gray. They were training people how to offer Reiki as a healing modality for others. I took their Reiki Level 1 and 2. Online it says that, "Reiki therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. The idea is that a Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch -- or places their hands just above your body -- to help guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing."

I enjoyed the Reiki classes, but found the system to ridge for me. I needed more flexibility and wanted to rely on my own intuition more. I was interested in energy healing and later enjoyed healing classes in Spiritual Healing, Therapeutic Healing, Quantum Touch healing, Trance Healing, Chakra Balancing, Color and Sound Healing, Past Life Regression, and some other forms of healing at Lily Dale Spiritualist Camp in Lily Dale, NY, at new age centers, and at Delphi University in McCaysville, GA.

I never felt a huge jolt of energy during the giving or receiving of healing since that 1st time I received Reiki with the woman in Chicago after Dannion Brinkley's presentation at the Body, Mind Spirit Expo. I believe Spirit supercharged that jolt of energy to not only help me to heal, but help me to believe in something "bigger" and to begin my spiritual pursuit of learning more about it and developing my natural gifts in it. I had a lot of clients over the 20+ years that I offered hands-on healing at my home in Belmont, Massachusetts. My clients said they found the healing sessions to be very comforting, relaxing, healing, insightful, and transformative. My clients go into more detail of what they experienced during their healing and during their readings with me on the Client Testimonials page of my website www.GayleKirk.com.




At Delphi, I met someone who told me about the Spiritualist Camp called, Lily Dale in Lily Dale, New York. I quit my last corporate job at the charter airline company and went to Lily Dale for 21 days the first time. I desperately needed to feed my Soul and find out who I was and what I was supposed to do with my life. Lily Dale was wonderful! It was exactly what my Soul needed and longed for. I immersed myself in a variety of classes and got readings from several mediums there. Over about a 15 year span, I went back to Lily Dale 3 or more times for about 16 days each time to learn more. I felt like I had finally found my HOME and reason for being here on Earth. I was to be some kind of psychic, medium, and healer.

When I finally started my beginning spiritual development classes at the Quincy Spiritualist Church in Quincy, Massachusetts at age 39, I took the trance speaking development class that was held in the basement in complete dark. I attended that class for about 2 years, excluding summers. I trance channeled a Native American Indian once during that time and a few other Spirits from time to time. I then attended some of Quincy Spiritualist Church's evidential mediumship classes and those offered by the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism and at the homes of several mediums in the greater Boston area for several years.

I continued to take classes at the local Spiritualist churches, at medium's homes in the Boston area, and went to the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England for 14 days and studied under the tutorship of Gyn Edwards and Brenda Lawrence. I studied more online as things opened up and of course, read a lot of books on my own.





Starting in 1999, at age 39, while starting to give private readings to clients at home, I also worked as a Dog Walker and as a Manager of a new age shop. I even worked several years as a part-time After School Teacher for children ages 5 to 12 in the afternoons and during the summers. Eventually, I left those part-time jobs and did Private Readings over the phone and in-person out of our apartment in Belmont, MA.

Sometimes I would allow myself to go into a deeper relaxation and my Spirit Guides would speak to my clients directly rather than me telling the sitter what my Guides were telling me telepathically or showing me psychically regarding their lives, concerns, and their questions. Loved ones and pets in Heaven would also come to the reading and help the person with grief or for the joy in reuniting. It was very satisfying and still is.

I taught various meditation, healing, psychic, mediumship, and trance channeling classes out of our apartment for several years and I enjoyed the friendships I made with some of the people who came regularly each week. I trance channeled my Guides during special classes sometimes and for small groups at my apartment. I taught spiritual development classes, gave spiritual talks, and did evidential mediumship demonstrations at local new age shops and at adult education centers in the greater Boston area.

For 20 years, I focused on my personal life, my professional life, and the further development of my evidence for psychic and mediumship messages. Starting in about late 2017, at age 57 and having just gone through menopause, I felt the need to pull back a bit from doing readings and instead, I focused even more on my own personal growth and my own emotional healing.

I felt like I was in a major life shift and I strongly desired a deepening in my spiritual work that I was to share with others. I sought the regular monthly counsel of several trance channels for over five years. I discussed my life, my relationships, my challenges, my pain, my hopes, and my desires with the trance channels' Spirit Guides and with my Guides whom the mediums channeled for me to talk with directly. It was very healing and empowering. I also further developed my own personal relationship with my Soul, Spirit, and God through prayer, meditation, contemplation, books, dreams, conversations with my Guides, journaling, channeled writing, more alone time, and in classes. I continue to do so.







I have always loved Spirit, learning, the ocean, lakes, swimming, philosophy, speaking, humor, animals, travel, exploring, seeing and experiencing different cultures, eating international foods, meeting new people, creative and channeled writing, art, music, singing, dancing, being in plays, improv, musicals, creating, walking, poetry, inspiration, coffee houses, reading, learning, teaching, and watching my favorite television shows which are usually comedies, nature shows, finding lost treasure, travel, and music concerts.

I especially longed to deepen my relationship with my Soul, God, the Ascended Masters, the Angels, and my Spirit Guides, know who they were, and allow Spirit to speak more clearly and purely through me as a trance channel. I wanted my clients to know the joy and amazing experience of speaking directly with Spirit for guidance and encouragement about their lives. I wanted to know what my Guides had to say and what they wanted to teach me so I could learn, grow, heal, and help myself and others live happier, healthier, more peaceful, and empowered lives.

In about 2019, I again began taking more trance speaking and trance healing development classes online. With practice, support, knowledge, and the patience of loving trance teachers and my classmates, I began to deepen my relationship with my Guides and speak for them in a deeper way. I am now offering Private Readings that combine me speaking as a psychic and medium, along with my Guides speaking directly to the client. The Guides, Angels, and I may also provide Medical Intuition and Remote Energy Healing upon your request to create greater peace, health, and wellness. You can discuss any need for healing. Spirit and I may share insights on the potential thoughts and feelings which may have contributed to the problem. The Guides may give healing remotely while they speak or during periods of silence. Relax and receive the love, light, wisdom, and healing of Spirit. I find it is a wonderful combination of all of my gifts and knowledge.

I have learned much after devotely studying healing, self-empowerment, relationships, living as our Soul in partnership with Spirit, and about creating love, joy, peace, personal power, prosperity, and health by connecting to the Divine within us. I have been working intimately with Spirit's teachings my whole life to help me experience significant, positive life changes and profound, deep healing. I continue to do so. I still love learning and deepening my relationship with Spirit and my Soul. I continue to take classes and enjoy doing so.

Looking back over thity years now, I can see the wonderful synchronisties, meetings between significant people, special places and events, prominent books, enlightening authors, inspiring church services, TV programs, psychic readings, channelings, personal healings, classes, client feedback, and other wonderful opportunities, including my divorce, brother's suicide, struggles, pain, and other difficult challenges, that demonstrate to me that my Soul, the Creator, my Guides, Angels, and Spirit have truly been helping me all along, even when I couldn't see it, when I didn't believe it, and when I was severly depressed, confused, and anxious.

I now know our lives are all a part of a Life Plan that our Soul chooses to learn, grow, and heal so our Souls may evolve and ascend to the Higher Plans, rather than to continue to reincarnate here on Earth and experience more pain, struggle, and suffering. We are learning and spiritually awakening to the truth that we are Divine Beings, co-creators of our lives with the love, guidance, wisdom, healing, and support of our Soul, Source, and Spirit. I really believe that. It makes the hard times easier because when they come now, I ask my Soul, "What is this situation or person here to teach me? How may I learn from this?"

I am currently writing a very personal book about my spiritual journey which will include many amazing psychic, mediumship, and channeling experiences in great detail, more about my Spirit Guides, and about the development of my trance speaking and trance healing. Please join my newsletter at the bottom of this page to be notified of when it is published.

My Spirit Guides have said they will write several books through me as well. They have a lot of philosophy and guidance they will teach. My Spirit Guide books will be trance channeled and published first. I look forward to sharing them with you. I hope they help you with your personal development and on your journey of Spiritual Awakening!

Enjoy learning more about my channeling and trance speaking development journey below.




My earliest memory of Spirit is around age 7 when I would share messages from Spirit to my younger brother in our bedroom at night. Now when I give Private Readings, I am either consciously channeling from a slightly altered state of awareness or I am in a more deeply relaxed altered state of consciousness known as trance channeling or trance mediumship. I provide Divine guidance and messages from loved ones in Heaven and wisdom from our Souls, Divine Spirit, Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels, and Higher Realms.

During a Private Reading, I first provide accurate, loving, honest, Divine guidance from the Higher Realms of Spirit without any information from you to start. Divine Spirit and I lovingly speak about you, your concerns, and your life. Loved ones and pets in Heaven may also want to connect with you. We will guide, help, inform, inspire, uplift, comfort, and support you. Spirit and I help you to be self-aware, heal, be empowered, live as your Higher Self, create your Soul's desires, and make the most of what life brings.

Next, as you openly discuss your sincere, heartfelt concerns, Spirit and I describe what we know, see, hear, and feel. You may talk about relationships, family, pets, health, work, heartfelt concerns, sincere desires, the afterlife, plus how to live with more love, joy, and peace. Receive guidance from Spirit and helpful suggestions to create a better life, heal, be empowered, and live as your Higher Self in partnership with Spirit. You may have a clearer vision of potentials and possibilities to help you learn, grow, shift, make wise choices, and move forward.

We assist you to overcome emotional wounds and relationship challenges of the past, present, and potential future. You can create positive changes and deep healing so you may enjoy loving, healthy, peaceful relationships with yourself, with others, and with life. Understand yourself more clearly, your life journey, and relationships. Have greater joy, understanding, and peace with whatever life brings you. We will not tell you what to do or how to live. We offer suggestions and assist you to become aware of more choices. Become more self-aware and begin living as your Higher Self. By doing so, you will experience more love, peace, joy, wisdom, personal power, health, abundance, and freedom!

As a channel, I help you receive the Divine Love, Healing, and Wisdom of God for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Receive support to overcome pain, sickness, confusion, fear, loneliness, hopelessness, struggle, suffering, anger, anxiety, grief, guilt, and despair.

Let go of expectations. Trust and know you are assisted by the High Realms of Spirit for your highest and best. Receive whatever is perfect for your Soul's Life Plan for your Spiritual Evolution in Divine Order and Timing. Express your Soul's Potential as a most magnificent, amazing Divine Being!

I may share intuitive insights on potential thoughts and feelings which may have contributed to the problem. You may access your Soul's guidance, healing, love, joy, power, and peace. You can choose to take action to potentially reduce pain, avoid disease, release fears, make changes, overcome challenges, change beliefs, and feel good. Receive guidance and support to create a loving, healthy, happy, peaceful, prosperous, powerful, free life.

Have faith and trust you can be healed by the power of God with the love and support of the High Realms of Spirit. Release what you no longer need and receive what you do need to assist your healing. Receive Divine love, healing, wisdom, compassion, and support from your Soul, God, Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved Ones in Heaven, and the Universe. Remember there are no obstacles for your Soul and the Creator!

I may channel in a light or deeper state of trance. I may hear what is being said as the Guides speak through me. Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, and loved ones in Heaven may speak individually for the group in one voice. This happens when I am in a more relaxed or deeper altered state of consciousness called Trance Evidential, Trance Communication, Trance Mediumship, Trance Speaking, and Trance Channeling.

If loved ones in Heaven speak with you directly through me while I am in trance, their loving, healing Heavenly messages will be their words, their emotions, and you will likely recognize their Spiritual Presence. This allows your loved ones in Heaven to more fully speak for themselves as themselves to you. It is very special and rare when this happens in a reading. Your loved ones in Heaven's voice may sound like me or the Guides speaking because your loved ones use my vocal chords to communicate with you.

Whomever may be speaking, Spirit asks you to listen to their wise guidance and consider what they have to say, rather than focusing on who they are. They have said their teachings are what is important. Evaluate the wisdom based on whether it is loving, truthful, compassionate, patient, respectful, wise, empowers you, has your highest and best interests in mind, encourages you to use your Free Will to make your own decisions, and at times is even evidential in nature allowing you to trust in it's authenticity and to really know that it is coming from the High Realms of Spirit.

When the channeled guidance and messages from Spirit are evidential, they prove you are talking to high level, trustworthy, loving Guides, loved ones in Heaven, and our Souls by the evidential information provided that can be confirmed and validated. They may provide information about your loved ones in Heaven and your Soul's Pre-Birth Plan or destiny which shows knowledge of your past, present, and future. They know what your needs and concerns are, accurate specifics unavailable online about you and your life and those you love, what requires understanding and healing, and how best to help guide and encourage you for your Soul's growth and evolution.

As Spirit and our Souls speak directly to you through me when I am trance channeling, my voice, way of speaking, and mannerisms may or may not change slightly as our Souls, Masters, Spirit, Angels, and loved ones in Heaven speak through me. Their words and ways of speaking are very wise, loving, empowering, accurate, comforting, compassionate, inspiring, and healing.

I may hear what is said as Spirit speaks to you through me while I am in trance. My waking awareness might also drift off at times while Spirit is speaking to you. I may forget some or most of your conversation with Spirit as I come back to my normal awareness. I may remember some of what was said if Spirit feels I need to comment or pass on information. I forget most or all of what was said soon afterwards. You and your intimate conversation with Spirit are safe, sacred, and private.

If I speak in a more relaxed, deeper altered state of awareness than conscious channeling, which I call Trance Channeling or Trance Mediumship, I feel a deep peace and sleepiness that overcomes me. I experience greater love, wisdom, patience, understanding, compassion, and confidence. With the Presence of Spirit, I may sense some of the personality of the Masters, Guides, Angels, and loved ones in Heaven or the information may come through purely as Divine Intelligence or Universal Consciousness without the identity, form, and personality of a Higher Being or a specific Spirit Guide, Angel, or Ascended Master.

When I trance channel, I may experience a pressure change in my ears or around me. I feel a tightness, energy, or pressure around my throat as the Guides prepare to speak through me. Sometimes I feel a warmer or cooler temperature change within and around me. I may hear specific words, sentences, and the names of loved ones in Heaven and the names of significant people in your life who are still living on Earth. Most often, there is peaceful stillness without any visual images. I may drift away in my awareness of what is happening more or less at times.

Spirit works with each of us in different ways and to varying degrees of altered states of consciousness. It depends on the medium, the Guides working with the medium, the sitter and/or group in attendance, and what is needed in the way of guidance and manifestations. Trance Mediums do not need to be completely unawake and unaware for the quality of information and physical manifestations to be most helpful and truly of Spirit. Most Trance Mediums, including physical phenomena mediums, are somewhat aware of what is going on during a reading or seance and they are usually somewhat conscious of what is said or manifested through them, although them may soon forget afterwards. The level of influence of Spirit in readings, seances, and even in our personal lives changes over time depending on the situation and what is required in the moment.

I do my best to surrender my ego to the Divine. I let go, trust in my Soul and Divine Spirit, and allow the information to be given as purely, honestly, and clearly as possible without my ego influencing it. Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, our Souls, the information given, and I are not always perfect, right, or predictable as life itself is continually growing, changing, and evolving. There is only so much we can reveal. We cannot take away the lessons and learning your Soul chose to live. We may not answer a question if it seems appropriate. Timeframes are approximate. Things may unfold differently later. Readings are always an experiment. No promises are made.

I may share potentials for the future based on how things look as of now. Everyone has Free Will. Life unfolds based on the choices and actions you and others make. Things happen in Divine Order and Divine Timing according to your choices, actions, allowing, and what your Soul chose for you.

Information in a reading should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. We may share potentials for the future based on how things look as of now. Everyone has Free Will. Life unfolds based on the choices and actions you and others make. You help co-create your life.

Things happen in Divine Order and Divine Timing according to your choices, actions, allowing, and what your Soul chose for you prior to birth. We cannot take away lessons and learning your Soul chose to live. We may not answer a question if it seems appropriate. Timeframes are approximate. Things may unfold differently later. The Guides and I are not all-knowing. We share our points of view based on our Soul's evolution. Always do what is right for you.

God, Divine Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, our Souls, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Beings in the High Realms of Spirit are available to all who ask for their help. Everyone can consciously, clearly channel or connect with their Soul and Divine Spirit's love, joy, peace, power, wisdom, prosperity, healing, and creativity through deep surrender, trust, listening, intention, focus, allowing, practice, time, dedication, persistence, patience, detachment, integrity, honesty, objectivity, prayer, and meditation.

You may experience your Divine connection with your Soul and Spirit when feeling loving, peaceful, empowered, clearer, wiser, and more inspired than normal. It is often called channeling, inspiration, intuition, creativity, or "being in the zone". You are able to live guided by your Soul and Spirit this inspired way in your daily life. It is how we are learning to live in this time of the Great Awakening to Higher Conscious living as our Higher Selves so we may help create a loving, peaceful, united, harmonious, new, and better world for all.



Your Soul or consciousness is eternal and never dies. Your loved ones and pets in Heaven live on and so will you. You have lived many lifetimes playing different roles often with some of the same people or Soul Group to grow in your ability to love, understand, support, and forgive each other. In addition to your Soul or Higher Self and the Creator, there are many Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides, and other Divine Beings helping you. The more you ask to know them and make time to get to know them, the greater you will become aware of their guidance and presence in your life.

Pray to God, the Creator, Divine Intelligence, the Universe (however you describe Source), your own Higher Self or Soul, to loved ones in Heaven, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and all those who have the highest and best in mind for you and those who represent God's love, truth, light, wisdom, protection, and healing. Throughout your life, you will have many spiritual beings and people that are Souls in Spirit that have had lives with you or have an interest in helping you. They will come for awhile and support you from the Spirit side of life. They may step back and come again at a later point.

I have clairaudiently heard in my head the names of some of my Guides. I have seen and met quite a few of my Guides in my dreams, meditations, and while I was blending my energy with those in Spirit.

The names and relationships of many of my Guides were given to me in my Private Readings with amazing, accurate trance channel Elaine Thorpe in England from her wise and accurate Spirit Guide Jonathan Hunter who is her Twin Soul or Twin Flame in the Spirit World. Many of my Spirit Guides even spoke to me directly as themselves through Elaine Thorpe's fine trance mediumship.

I also was given the names of some Spirit Guides on a Spirit Precipitated Postcard by the amazing Physical Phenomena Medium Reverend Hoyt Robinette. The Physical Phenomena Trance Medium Mychael Shane also shared with me the names of some of my Spirit Guides.

To the best of my current understanding, some of my Spirit Guides are my Guardian Angel who presents as a female and gives the name Crystal because I love Crystals (we all have a Guardian Angel), my Twin Soul or Twin Flame name James Holbourn (we all have a Twin Soul or Twin Flame), a group of Angels name Helen, a single Angel also name Helen, a Healing Guide from the High Realms name Joseph who is a Light Being, a Healing and Trance Speaking Guide name Henry who was my father in a past life, an Egyptian Guide name Raeyon who I was with in a past life in Egypt, Tommy who was my miscarried son from a past life, an Irish Gypsy Guide name Catherine who was my mother in a past life, my daughters from separate past lives name Lottie, Sarah, and Rosie, my parents and older sister from a past life in Virginia name George and Francis and sister Lily, Richard a Monk, Helena who was my grandmother from a past life and she was also my daughter in another past life, Addie my great aunt (sister to Helena) from a past life, and my spiritual friends from separate past lives name Brother Hasad (in Yemen) and Lucas.

I have had these Spirit Guides working with me from time to time: Alena (a friend from a past life), King Rufus, Chief Gray Wolf, children Spirit Guides name Joseph, Isabelle and Walder (I first made the conscious connection with Walder on a Ouija Board when I was a young teenager), the much earlier incarnation of the Dalai Lama (not the last one), the much earlier incarnation of Sai Baba (not the last one), Louise L. Hay an American motivational author and the Founder of Hay House, Samuel Langhorne Clemens best known by his pen name Mark Twain who was an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer, along with Albert Einstein who was a German-born theoretical physicist and is best known for developing the theory of relativity and is now very interested in the spiritual connection of our Higher Selves with other realms by sending many ideas to our world through mediums and scientists and inspiring them.

From a Spirit Precipitated Postcard by the amazing Physical Phenomena Medium Reverend Hoyt Robinette, I learned I have these Spirit Guides working with me: Father Walter Dume who was a Pastor in France, Sioux Chief Blue Corn, British Dr. Kingston, and British Dr. Graham. Elaine Thorpe's Spirit Guide Jonathan confirmed these people are helping me from the Spirit side of life. I also have a Spirit Guide name Dr. Robert John Kensington. Physical Phenomenal Medium Mychael Shane told me in a private reading that Dr. Kensington is helping me. Dr. Kensington worked extensively with Reverend Keith Milton Rhinehart who was Mychael Shane's biological father. Keith Milton Rhinhart was an amazing deep trance physical phenomena medium.

In addition, I have these Guides helping me: Sister Celeste who was an Italian Nun, and Harvey Williams (birth name Frederick William Harvey) who was a British poet during World War I, and Outer Being (ET) Alderech who is a masculine Guide now in the Spirit World who helps with Higher Consciousness development and with healing. I also have as a Spirit Guide Madame Blavatsky's miscarried daughter name Anastasia. Elaine Thrope's Spirit Guide Jonathan has said that Anastasia was Madame Blavatsky's miscarried daughter and that I was Madame Blavatsky's unborn sister which made me Anastasia's Aunt in that lifetime which is why Anastasia and Madame Blavatsky are two of my Spirit Guides in this lifetime.

In the Private Readings I have had with well respected trance mediums throughout the years, I have been told these are some of the Guides working with me before I even asked which is wonderful validation and confirmation for me. I know there will be even more Guides who will make themselves known to me and assist over time. Some Guides will work with more than one person at the same time. That happens quite a bit with Native American Guides, Tibetan Guides, Egyptian Guides, and Asian Guides. Some Guides come and go depending on our needs and the needs of our clients and the people we interact with.

Personally, I feel it's nice to know who your Main Spirit Guide (Gatekeeper) is. This Being helps you from the Spirit Side of life. We all have a Main Spirit Guide loving, guiding, and supporting us from before birth until we return to the Spirit World. I love having that feeling of closeness and connection with them. It has also helped me to trust and have greater confidence by getting to know them. However, you may or may not know who your Main Spirit Guide (Gatekeeper) and Spirit Guides are that help you and you may not feel the need to know. You can still receive spiritual guidance and trance channel.

Set the intention and sincerely request to connect with your Soul or Higher Self and the God-force. Sincerely ask for the highest and best for you. Ask that those who help come with love, light, wisdom, peace, healing, protection, and trust. Live with love for yourself and others. You will attract those in Spirit that also desire this, who share you energy, who support your life purpose, and have similar interests. Like attracts like. Take time to heal yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. As your vibration increases, you attract those in Spirit of a High vibration and they will help you on your Soul's Journey.

It usually takes a while for us to get comfortable and relaxed enough to really open our energy, trust, and allow Spirit close. We need to practice feeling safe to recognize our Spirit Guides, our Soul, and the Creator. We have often put up walls and have emotional wounds that need to heal. The closer we come to being and expressing unconditional love within ourselves and for others, the easier and closer we will feel our Soul and Spirit with us and the more we will allow our Soul and Spirit to express through us. We will begin to recognize that we too are Spirit in physical form. We will begin to live more fully as our Soul Self which at it's essence is Divine Love, Peace, Joy, Power, Prosperity, Health, Creativity, Well-being, and so much more!

Often, when we first start out on our spiritual journey, we may not have names or ways of identifying who is helping us from Spirit. Even further on our spiritual journey, we may still not know who specifically is helping us in Spirit and we may not need to know who is helping. That's okay as long as the energy or beings are loving, wise, and of the highest and best for all. You may experience your Soul and Guides as Love, Light, a color, a feeling, or other ways.

More often now, I refer to my Guides as Spirit or Divine Spirit so I can refer to the entire group of Guides who are helping me and helping others. I find it easier than speaking to them and about them as individual Souls since they told me in the very beginning of my spiritual journey long ago as I first began meditating that I was to call them by this name, rather than identifying them as individuals Souls. They have said who they are is not important. The messages, teaching, philosophy, and healing is what they wish us to give our attention to. To quote Spirit Guide Jonathan Hunter who spoke through trance medium Elaine Thorpe, "You know, you've just got to rely on what energy (Spirit Guide) is coming your way and not so much on who you're going to get, but how it is going to have an effect on people. Just relax and trust and go with it and you will end up knowing who is who in the long run."

I recommend that you get to know your Soul first, which is the Divine spark of the Creator within you, and then your Guides. Focus on the Love and Peace within you. That is what is most important. Connect with and get to know the Love, Peace, and Power of the God-force that comes as you are still and quiet. This is your Soul or Higher Self, the part of God within you, and this Love, Peace, and Wisdom will lead you in life. Make time to sincerely connect with the Creator and your Soul or Higher Self on a regular basis for yourself first and then to assist others.

As you are guided by Spirit, God, your Soul or Higher Self, Divine Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, Angels, and loving Spiritual Beings, (however you define it), you will likely get to know those energies. If you meet Spirit Guides, you may learn your Spirit Guides' names or you may give them a name. You may recognize Spirit, your Soul or Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and Universal Consciousness by a feeling, words, a color, light, sound, images, energy, warmth, coolness, a breeze, tingling, goose bumps, or you may begin to become familiar with a personality. Your connection with the Creator, your Soul, the Universe, and with your Guides and Angels may be a feeling of unconditional love, comfort, or a feeling of deep peace and inner strength or personal power.

Sometimes, when in meditation or seeking Universal Consciousness for guidance and healing, you may not encounter Spirit Guides or a separate entity from yourself. That is fine because you too are Spirit! Instead, you may experience Higher Universal Consciousness as an expanded aspect of yourself as you connect with the energy of the God-force, Love, All That Is, or the I AM THAT I AM. You are one with God, Creator, Divine Intelligence, and the Universe. Your Soul is an aspect and an expression of this Higher Consciousness. However you define and perceive the Creator, Universal Consciousness, Divine Intelligence, or Spirit is right for you.

Learn to recognize and be guided by this Divine connection in whatever way it comes to you and however you perceive it. The information may come to you as Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Space Brothers and Sisters, Nature, Higher Consciousness, Energy without form, God, Divine Intelligence, Love, Peace, Light, or something else. As long as the energy and guidance has your highest and best interests in mind and is loving and wise, you may trust it.

Receiving guidance from God, your Higher Self or Soul, and from Spirit is about learning to surrender, relax, let go, allow, and trust. This is the key. Each person's way of getting there and how they define it is unique to them and part of the Soul's Journey. Make time through prayer, meditation, contemplation, walks in nature, creative activities like art, writing, music, dance, and allow the Divine to express through you as you. Remember, you are Spirit!

Remember that each person connects with Spirit and expresses Spirit differently. It is not necessary to know who your Guides are, but it is necessary that we spend time with our Soul, the part of the Creator within us, and receive love, guidance, direction, peace, strength, and healing from this connection. It is necessary that we learn to live our lives as our Soul or Higher Self and take our lead by the Divine Will that is guiding us.

When evaluating channeling from others or guidance you receive for yourself, pay attention to the quality of the information you receive. Is it loving? Does it touch your heart? Does it feel like Truth? Is it accurate, wise, and trustworthy? Does it help you to make your own wise choices? Does it have your highest and best in mind? If so, trust it and have the courage to follow it!

I am writing a book about my personal spiritual journey, the challenges, the thrills, the ah-ha moments, and how I met some of these Guides and my interactions with them. Be sure to join my newsletter on my Home Page so you will be notified when it comes out.

Some of these Guides have said they will be trance channeling several books through me to help all of us with our spiritual awakening, personal growth, healing, and well-being. I can't wait to share them with you!

Below are photos of some more of the Spirit Guides who are working with me. They help me to grow spiritually, heal, and they help others with personal guidance and healing. I have met most of the Guides in the photos below during my meditations, dreams, and while blending my energy with those in Spirit.

Although I am sharing these images of Spirit Guides that I know and have been told are working with me, the main thing the Guides have said is to focus on their message. They have said that who they are is not important. Our logical, human mind likes to have some understanding and it can often deepen the trust in our relationship as we blend, speak, and heal with others. The message is what is important. Is it helpful? Does it have your highest and best interests in mind? Is it accurate and loving? Does it resonate in your heart? Does it encourage you to think for yourself? These are the things to consider.


The above photo is Oglala Sioux Chief Long Wolf of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota
He is my Main Spirit Guide and Gatekeeper.
He was born Sugmanitu Haska in South Dakota in about 1833 and died in 1892.

I saw him clairvoyantly in a meditation early in my spiritual development in about 2000.
When I asked for his name, Trance Channel Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan said he was Mohawk Chief Long Wolf and that he wore a full headdress which is how he appeared to me in my meditation.

Each time I have seen him clarivoyantly since then, he is wearing the full headdress so I know it is him.
According to Spirit Guide Jonathan, Chief Long Wolf and I spent one or two past lives together. We were close friends.

I learned that my Soul was Buffalo Bill in the lifetime Chief Long Wolf travelled with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show, although I have no conscious memory of it. I started to wonder if maybe my Soul might have been Buffalo Bill because of the close relationship Chief Long Wolf had towards me as my Main Spirit Guide and the fact that Trance Medium Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan said Chief Long Wolf and I had been close friends during the time of the Wild West shows and because I had quite a few Sioux Indian Chiefs on my Spirit Team helping me.

According to Google, "Show Indians" in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show were primarily Oglala Lakota Sioux Indians from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Elaine's Guide Jonathan said the reason I had a number of Indian Chiefs assisting me was because I had greatly helped the Indians in a past life and they wanted to help me now in this life. In several Private Readings, I asked Guide Jonathan if it was true that my Soul was Buffalo Bill in the lifetime when Chief Long Wolf and Buffalo Bill were close friends. Each time, without hesitation, Jonathan confirmed that it was true. I told Jonathan that I had no conscious memory of that lifetime. Jonathan said that we don't always remember our past lives, but it is still the truth.

I later had a private reading with Transphysical Phenomena Medium Mychael Shane while Mychael was in trance so I could speak with the Ascended Masters directly about my life. I wanted to ask a few questions, to find out what the Ascended Masters wanted to say to assist my personal growth, to learn more about my pre-birth Soul's Life Plan, to find out how I could best serve my Soul and Spirit, and to learn ways I could help others on my spiritual journey.

Mychael trance channeled St. Germain during the entire reading. During my private reading with Mychael Shane, I spoke with Ascended Master St. Germain directly as he spoke through Mychael while Mychael was in trance. One of the things I asked St. Germain was if it was true that Chief Long Wolf was my Main Spirit Guide. I also asked if it was true that my Soul was Buffalo Bill in a past life. In addition, I asked if it was true that Chief Long Wolf and I (when my Soul was Buffalo Bill) were close friends then because we both travelled in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show together. St. Germain said with confidence that it was all true.


In the photo is my Main Spirit Guide Chief Long Wolf, his wife who's name is "Wants", and their three children.
This photo was taken during their time travelling in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.

Along with Buffalo Bill Cody, Chief Long Wolf was the leading man of the Lakotas Indians who travelled in the show.
The Indians were treated better in the show than when they were living on a reservation full-time after the war.

According to centerofthewest website, "The role of Indian people was both essential and anomalous in the Wild West. At least in the big shows (Buffalo Bill's Wild West), they generally were treated and paid the same as other performers. They were able to travel with their families, and they earned a living not possible to them on their reservations. They were encouraged by Buffalo Bill and others to retain their language and rituals. They gained access to political and economic leaders, and their causes were sometimes argued in the published show programs. Yet they were stereotyped as mounted, war-bonneted warriors, the last impediment to civilization. Thus they had to re-fight a losing war nightly; and their hollow victory in the Little Big Horn enactments demonstrated over and over to their audiences the justification for American conquest."

According to royalparks.org.uk website, "It's said that he (Chief Long Wolf) was on the winning side at the infamous Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876, when General Custer's troops were beaten by the Sioux. His body was certainly covered in many scars from bullet wounds and sabre cuts. The Sioux were finally defeated by US military forces and, to avoid being mistreated in the aftermath, Long Wolf joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show. Renamed 'Lame Warrior' (due to his many bullet wounds and sabre cuts), he travelled around Europe and America with the Show, playing to huge crowds. His wife and children often travelled with him."

Chief Long Wolf died of pneumonia or pleurisy at age 59 in England during his travels with the Wild West shows. His close friend, Buffalo Bill Cody, paid for his plot in a prestigious position in the Great Circle of West Brompton Cemetery. His grave was marked with a wolf drawn by Chief Long Wolf per his request. 105 years later, his body was returned to his family and buried at their ancestral burial grounds on the Pine Ridge Reservation at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

As you know, there is no death for the Soul. Chief Long Wolf's Soul lives on and is eternal. When it is time for your Soul to make its transition, your Soul will live on as well! In the trance channeled readings and trance healings I provide, Chief Long Wolf continues to lovingly and wisely help us with our spiritual awakening, personal growth, and personal healing.


Mohawk Chief White Feather
Mohawk Chief of Kanesatake, one of the Seven Nations of Canada
He was born Joseph Onasakenrat ("White Feather") near Oka, Canada in about 1845 and died in 1881.

I saw Chief White Feather clairvoyantly in a meditation early in my spiritual development in about the year 2000. From the Spirit World, he works with many trance channels.

When I asked for his name, Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan said he was Mohawk Chief White Feather and mostly only wore 1 single white feather at the back of his head which is how he appeared to me when I first saw him in a meditation around 2000.


Sioux (Sihasapa) Chief Black Foot
He was born John Grass around 1837 in South Dakota and died in 1918.
He was also known as Charging Bear.

I heard Chief Black Foot's name clairaudiently on several different occasions in about 2022.
Spirit Guide Jonathan told me he was a Sioux Chief and that he was helping me and my clients.


Sioux Chief Running Bear
He was born in the 1800s.

I heard Chief Running Bear's name clairaudiently in about 2022.
Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan said he was a Sioux Chief. He is helping me and my clients.

I learned online that when the white man seized the land belonging to the Indians and killed the buffalo,
they made the Indians live on reservations and disrespectfully fed them horsemeat, beaver tail, and spoiled cabbage.

Chief Running Bear wisely said, "Nobody owns the land, the land owns us."


Sioux Chief Brave Hawk
He was with the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

I saw heard Chief Brave Hawk's name clairaudiently in about 2023.
Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan said he was a Sioux Chief. He is also helping me and my clients.


Sioux Chief Brave Hawk
In this photo, he is teaching high school students in Colorado Springs, Colorado dancing, Indian lore, sign language, and outdoor life.


Edgar Cayce
American Psychic, Clairvoyant, and the "Father of Holistic Medicine"
He was born in 1877 and died in 1945.

Edgar Cayce came to me in my dream on October 25, 2021 expressing his desire to help me learn alternative medicine. Edgar said to me, "Are you interested in alternative medicine?" I said, "Absolutely, but the problem with alternative medicine is in knowing what to believe. There are so many beliefs out there. There is confusion around all of that. I have trouble knowing what to believe and what is true or not."

Edgar said to me, "If you give me three days and three nights of your time and attention, I will teach you." I understood that to mean I would receive the knowledge or truth on alternative medicine and healing.

The second dream visitation was from Edgar Cayce's 4th unborn child on November 19, 2021 expressing Edgar's desire to write through me and add to his legacy. Edgar's unborn son said, "Since passing into Spirit, Edgar Cayce has learned the Truth about the Afterlife and the Universe." I understood this to mean that some of Edgar Cayce's views and opinions of the Afterlife and the Universe had changed from what he once thought and believed when he was living on Earth as Edgar Cayce. He had learned the real Truth about these. Then I woke up from the dream. Edgar wanted to be sure I realized he had grown in his understanding of things since being in the Spirit World and that his new information may sometimes contradict what he had said or advised when he was here on Earth previously, but to trust it and know it was still coming from him.

Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan confirmed that Edgar Cayce wants to write more of his legacy through me. Edgar wishes to help me and my clients. Edgar Cayce works with other mediums as well.


Harry Edwards
British Spiritual Healer
He was born in 1893 and died in 1976.

Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan has said Harry Edwards is working with me in helping my clients with Spiritual Healing. He works with many healers.


Madame Blavatsky
She was born Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in 1831 and died in 1891.
Born in the Ekaterinoslav Province of Southern Russian (now Dnipro, Ukraine).
She was a Mystic and Author who Co-founded the Theosophical Society

Madame Blavatsky and her unborn (miscarried) daughter name Anastasia sometimes speak for the group of Guides working with me.
Madame Blavatsky and Anastasia both have a slight accent that sounds somewhat Eastern European.
Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan said several times in my private readings with him that I was Madame Blavatsky's unborn (miscarried) sister in that life and Anastasia's aunt.

When I trance channeled in the early 2000s for private readings and small groups in my home, I believe Madame Blavatsky was the main spokesperson for the group of Spirit Guides that were helping me and my clients. Elaine Thorpe's Guide Jonathan confirmed this. She is still helping, but is more in the background now.

Often, when Guides speak through a trance channel, it will be a group or collective of Spirit Guides assisting in the delivery of guidance and healing. The voice may change in terms of how it sounds, but the group is often the same and at times individuals in the group may step forward or back a bit.


Ascended Master Jesus
Jesus first came to me in a powerful dream vistation in about 1998. He showered me with his unconditional love. I woke up sobbing because the Divine Love that he expressed was so powerful, healing, and beautiful. I have never known as deep a love as this before or since that dream. He helps all of us.


Ascended Master Mary
I have been told Mary is helping me personally and when I work with clients. She helps all of us.


Ascended Master Buddha
I have been told by Spirit Guide Jonathan (Elaine Thorpe) and by physical phenomena medium and trance channel Mychael Shane that Siddhartha Gautama (better known as the Buddha) is helping me. He helps all of us.


Ascended Master St. Germain
I have been connected with St. Germain since the very beginning of my life. He was part of the group I was channeling to my brother when I was 7 years old. I have heard his voice on two different occasions loudly in my head. The first time was a dream visitation when he gave me personal guidance and a hint of how I would be serving. The second time I heard him clairaudiently was his loud laughter in my head and I felt his Divine Presence. He helps all of us.


Ascended Master El Morya
I have seen Ascended Master El Morya several times clairvoyantly in my mind. I also frequently see his bright deep London blue light objectively with my eyes open about 10 feet away from me to my right when I am relaxing at home at night. I was told by Physical Medium and Spiritual Teacher Mychael Shane that he is working with me to help me and my clients with healing our wounds of the past, present, and potential future. Master El Morya helps all of us.


Ascended Master Lady Portia
Twin Flame of St. Germain
I was told by Physical Medium and Spiritual Teacher Mychael Shane that Lady Portia is working with me to help me and my clients. She helps all of us.


Ascended Master Kuthumi
I first saw clairvoyantly Master Kuthumi in my mind in about 2003. I have seen him several times in my mind during meditation since then. I was told by Mychael Shane that he is working with me and my clients. He helps all of us.


Ascended Master Hilarion
I was told by Spirit in several different readings by various trance channels that Master Hilarion is working with me and may write through me. He helps all of us.


Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael and other Angels
I have felt Archangel Michael's loving, protective energy at times in my life. He helps all of us. I was told by Mychael Shane Archangel Raphael also assists me. Elaine's Guide Jonathan has said many times that the Angels are helping me and my clients. The Angels help all of us.


One of the Principal Hindu Deities
I received communication from Vishnu saying he was one of my Guides in a dream I had in about 1998. He too helps all of us.


Jewish Prophet
I saw Moses clarivoyantly in a meditation in about 1998. He helps all of us.


Lao Tzu
Founder of Philosophical and Religious Taoism
I have seen and drawn Lao Tzu as he has appeared to me in several of my meditations starting around about 2000. He helps me and my clients. I can hear and feel his calm, loving, wise, supportive Presence as part of the reading when I trance channel sometimes. He helps all of us.


God of Medicine in Ancient Greek Religion and Mythology
I was made aware of Asclepius when I was in a guided meditation to meet one of my Healing Guides. I heard his name. I had never heard of him before. When I looked up Asclepius online, I learned that he did exist and was the Greek God of Medicine.


Saint Christopher
In about 2023, I was told Saint Christopher is helping me by a trance channel and Elaine's Guide Jonathan confirmed this. He helps all of us.


Ascended Master Babaji
I have heard the name Babaji several times in my mind clairaudiently starting around 2023. It was confirmed that Babaji is one of my Guides by Spirit Guide Jonathan trance channeled by Elaine Thorpe and Mychael Shane who is a physical phenomena medium and trance channel. Babaji helps all of us.


Ascended Master Maitreya
I have been told Maitreya is one of my Guides by Elaine Thorpe's Spirit Guide Jonathan and by physical phenomena medium and trance channel Mychael Shane. Maitreya is also known as the World Teacher, the Future Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, and Mi Le Fu. Lord Maitreya helps all of us.


I want to especially thank my husband of over 25 years for his love, support, humor, and sense of adventure on this journey we call life! I'm glad we chose each other to love, learn, heal, grow, play, travel, explore, laugh, and have fun together this lifetime! It hasn't always been easy to grow, heal, and learn about ourselves. We don't always see and do things similarly or think and feel the same way, but our relationship has been worth the work and greater self-awareness it often requires. I am thankful we are growing together and deepening our love for each other and for ourselves.







In 2010, my husband and I visited Turkey. It was a fabulous trip! We were sitting in Starbucks in Massachusetts trying to figure out where to go on vacation. My husband Mark asked me where I wanted to go and for some reason unknown to me, I blurted out Turkey. So, that's where we went. My husband had the help of a travel planner who had been there many times, but Mark also put in a lot of hard work preparing for our 16 day stay.

On a whim, Mark decided we should go on a hot air balloon ride that had us get up at 4:00 a.m. to see the sunrise as we flew over Cappadocia with other hot air balloon enthusiasts. At the time, I was feeling a little cranky about getting up so early. I need my sleep. I'm so glad we went. I had not seen this picture in 15 years. It reminds me to live life fully, as an adventure, and to appreciate each moment wherever we may be, whoever we may be with, and whatever we are doing.


The photo below is from the 2010 trip my husband and I made to Turkey.
We were outside Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.
This affectionate stray street kitty was begging me to hold it so I sat down in the grass and we cuddled!


We have no children, but we have had several furry kitties who we adore and consider our children.
This is our orange boy name Milo. He was a rescue kitty. Isn't he handsome!
He loves to sleep next to me. I just love that!




Just for fun, I want to share with you these photos of some really enjoyable, memorable moments in my life! I loved watching the TV show, The Partridge Family when I was a young teenager. I pretended to be Shirley Jones when I sang their songs with my friends. I wanted to be in a band and sing my heart out! Here I am with the late former teen idol David Cassidy in the photo above. Here I am with his step-mother the famous actress, movie star, and wonderful singer Shirley Jones in the photo below.



It's really special that eventually I got to meet the stars of one of my favorite childhood TV shows, The Partridge Family. Here I am with the Partridge Family cast at the Danny Bonaduce TV Show in Chicago.


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I hope you find peace and comfort by reading this article I wrote honoring my brother, his passing, and his signs from Heaven: DEDICATION TO MY BROTHER






Enjoy the video below of the little girl flying a kite. I feel like that little girl is me. I used to fly kites with my father and brother when we were young in a large field near our house.