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Over 25 Years of Service.


I am an international professional Channel, Psychic Coach, Evidential Medium, Energy Healer, and Meditation Guide in Cary, North Carolina, USA.



For over 25 years, Divine Spirit and I have helped thousands of people from around the world.

We are all leading each other back Home. Spirit, our Souls, and I help you on your journey of Spiritual Awakening.

We support your personal transformation so you may live in loving, joyous, peaceful, fulfilling partnership with yourself, others, life, and with Spirit.

My intention is to support you in having a deeply meaningful experience that greatly empowers you and enhances your life.

I respect all relationships, races, ages, nationalities, religions, orientations, and backgrounds.

Spirit and I look forward to speaking with you.

Enjoy reading about some of my early metaphysical experiences and spiritual journey below.



My first experiences with Spirit were as a young child without any training or knowledge of this field. I was always very sensitive psychically and mediumistically. Even as a child, I was often psychically aware of the thoughts, feelings, and suffering of others. I sometimes knew of things that would happen in the future. I received information beyond my five physical senses, received channeled guidance from Spirit, and I felt the presence of loved ones in Heaven and Guides in the Spirit World. At age 7, I began naturally conscious channeling loving guidance and supportive messages from Spirit Guides to my younger brother Greg.

I remember growing up that I was frequently able to read the thoughts and feelings of other people. I could easily blend my intuitive awareness or consciousness with other people's ego mind as well as their Soul. I somehow knew what they were thinking and feeling on a very deep level. Often, what they said and did contradicted what I knew they really thought and how they really felt. I sensed their unhappiness, anger, pain, suffering, fears, and deeper desires. I wanted to help relive their pain and assist them to be happy. If I spoke about the things I observed, I found people usually were not comfortable with what I observed and with what I shared about them so I learned to keep these observations to myself.

In my teenage years, I regularly spoke with loved ones in Heaven and Guides in the High Realms of Spirit. Some of the paintings and drawings I made were creatively influenced by those in the Spirit World and much better than my natural artistic abilities. I also frequently wrote beautiful poems and inspired, uplifting messages from Spirit that again were beyond my training and normal capabilities.

Shortly after my grandfather passed at age 13, my friend and I discovered a Ouija Board at her house. Almost every weekend, I would spend the night at her house. For the next 5 years and occasionally into our early twenties, we would say a prayer and use the Ouija Board to communicate with family members who had passed and with our Spirit Guides. Our intentions were pure and we had the innocence and curiosity of young children.

The planchette on the Ouija Board would often move rapidly as we each only lightly touched it with our two fingers. Over the five plus years, we asked questions about our personal lives, life in general, spirituality, and about our Guides. We truly received accurate, loving, empowering guidance from the Spirit Realm. Although I teach other ways of developing your spiritual abilities, this method did help me to grow as a Psychic, Evidential Medium, and Channel.

Psychic experiences occurred randomly and spontaneously throughout my life. At age 38, I chose to develop my psychic, mediumship, channeling, and healing abilities through personal growth, spiritual development with respected teachers, and over 25 years of intensive training in a variety of metaphysical subjects. I continue to study, learn, heal, and grow each day. I also now speak, write, facilitate, and teach classes online and in-person.

I have learned much after deeply studying healing, self-empowerment, relationships, living as our Soul in partnership with Spirit, and about creating love, joy, peace, personal power, prosperity, and health by connecting to the Divine within us. I have been working intimately with Spirit's teachings my whole life to help me experience significant, positive life changes and profound, deep healing. I continue to do so.

I am truly touched by the personal journeys people have shared with me and how the guidance they received in their readings has helped them to have a better understanding of themselves, others, situations, and life for their personal growth, spiritual development, healing, and awakening. Their gratitude for the love and wisdom of Spirit and the connections with loved ones in Heaven have helped them to make incredible shifts in moving forward on their path of enlightenment and in discovering and deepening the connection with their Soul and Spirit.

My intention is to support you in having a deeply meaningful experience that greatly empowers you and enhances your life.

Spirit and I look forward to helping you.



Many people often ask me how long I've been doing this. The answer is, my whole life. It's my life purpose, mission, and passion to learn how to be our most, how to live our best life, to find out how life supports us, understand life after physical death, and to connect with and follow guidance from our Soul, the Angels, and Spirit.

My earliest memory of communicating with Spirit is around age 7 when I consciously channeled Spirit to my younger brother Greg who was age 5 in our bedroom at night.

Many nights after dinner, my brother Greg and I would sit in the dark on the floor of our bedroom with the door closed in a wonderous, childlike, expectant way and wait for "Mr. Frog" (the name I gave to Spirit) to come. The way the street light illuminated our bedroom curtains created a shadow on the curtains that as a child I thought looked like a frog which is why I called Spirit "Mr. Frog".

As I stared at the frog shaped shadow on the curtain, I intuitively used it as a focal point and became lightly transfixed which means my state of consciousness would slightly alter. When I felt the Presence of Spirit, I would tell my brother that "Mr. Frog" was here.

My brother Greg would ask me, "Gayle, what is Mr. Frog saying?"

My young, open mind became gently and lovingly blended, inspired, influenced, overshadowed or one with Spirit. This allowed me to conscious channel messages from Spirit. At age 7, I would easily and naturally channel simple messages of love, guidance, and support to my brother and myself from Spirit.



My earliest memory of conscious channeling is around age 7 to my younger brother in our bedroom at night. Now, when I channel guidance and messages from Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, and our Souls during a Private Reading, I am deeply relaxed in an altered state of consciousness. My intuition is heightened and I am more impressionable for my Soul and Spirit to send me psychic information, guidance from Spirit, and personal messages from loved ones and pets in Heaven.

Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, and our Souls communicate through a high form of telepathy. They impress my Soul with psychic pictures, words, and feelings which I then communicate to you. During the reading, I describe what I psychically know, see, hear, feel, smell, and taste coming from Spirit.

I may consciously channel what I am hearing Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, and our Souls say word for word like dictation. Spirit may also bypass my thinking mind and speak to you directly as themselves as individual Spirits and specific loved ones in Heaven. It will likely still sound like me because your loved ones are using my voice if they speak to you, but the messages will be their words and have the essence of their Spiritual presence. Spirit may also lovingly speak directly to you through me as a group in one voice.

Whomever may be speaking, Spirit asks you to listen to their wise guidance and consider what they have to say, rather than focusing on who they are. They have said their teachings are what is important. Evaluate the wisdom based on whether it is loving, truthful, compassionate, patient, respectful, wise, empowers you, has your highest and best interests in mind, encourages you to use your Free Will to make your own decisions, and at times is even evidential in nature allowing you to trust in it's authenticity and to really know that it is coming from the High Realms of Spirit.

When the channeled guidance and messages from Spirit are evidential, they prove you are talking to high level, trustworthy, loving Guides, loved ones in Heaven, and our Souls by the evidential information provided that can be confirmed and validated. They may provide information about your loved ones in Heaven and your Soul's Pre-Birth Plan or destiny which shows knowledge of your past, present, and future. They know what your needs and concerns are, accurate specifics unavailable online about you and your life and those you love, what requires understanding and healing, and how best to help guide you for your Soul's growth and evolution.

As Spirit and our Souls speak directly to you through me when I am channeling, I often have a greater knowledge of you, your life, others, and situations which is beyond my normal awareness. My voice, way of speaking, and mannerisms may or may not change slightly as Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, and our Souls speak through me. Their words and ways of speaking are very wise, loving, empowering, comforting, compassionate, and healing.

I may hear what is said as Spirit speaks to you through me. I am often aware of my own thoughts as Spirit consciously channels. My waking awareness might drift off at times while Spirit is speaking to you. I may forget some or most of your conversation with Spirit as I come back to my normal awareness. I may remember some of what was said if Spirit feels I need to comment or pass on information. I forget most or all of what was said soon afterwards. You and your intimate conversation with Spirit are safe, sacred, and private.

If I speak in an even deeper altered state of consciousness than channeling which is called trance mediumship or trance speaking, I feel a sleepiness that overcomes me. I experience greater love, wisdom, patience, understanding, and compassion. With the presence of Spirit, I may sense some of the personality of the Guides, Angels, and loved ones in Heaven, along with a pressure change in my ears or around me. Sometimes I feel a warmer or cooler temperature change within and around me. I may see psychic images, changing colors, see inside your physical body, observe moving scenes like in a dream, or there maybe peaceful stillness without any visual images.

I do my best to surrender, let go, trust in Spirit, and allow the information to be given as purely, honestly, and clearly as possible without me influencing it. Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, our Souls, the information given, and I are not always perfect, right, or predictable as life itself is continually growing, changing, and evolving. There is only so much we can reveal. We cannot take away the lessons and learning your Soul chose to live. We may not answer a question if it seems appropriate. Timeframes are approximate. Things may unfold differently later. Readings are always an experiment. No promises are made.

You will get more out of the experience if you participate in the reading by honestly talking with Spirit and me about your thoughts, feelings, and concerns. At times, you may need to speak up and explain what Spirit and I are seeing, hearing, and feeling to help clarify the information given. Use your own inner wisdom to guide you. Accept the suggestions and information that feel right and true for you. Set aside anything that does not.

Guides and Angels in the High Realms of Spirit are available to all who ask for their help. Everyone can consciously, clearly channel or connect with their Soul and Divine Spirit's love, joy, peace, power, wisdom, prosperity, healing, and creativity through deep surrender, trust, listening, intention, focus, allowing, practice, time, dedication, persistence, patience, detachment, integrity, honesty, and objectivity.



I have great compassion, empathy, and understanding for the loss of your loved ones.

Sadly, my brother Greg took his life at age 45 on July 17, 2008. His two daughters were teenagers at the time.

As we all certainly know, life can be very difficult and, at times, seem overwhelming. Life's journey often has bumps in the road, hard knocks, and takes unexpected twists and turns. Eventually, divorce, depression, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, alcohol, and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE overcame my brother. Dressed in full military uniform, he took his life so that he would stop feeling the immense pain that he carried for years.

I have nothing but unconditional love and great compassion for my brother, his suffering, and the difficult choice he made. I don't condone his decision, nor do I condemn him for it. Naturally, I wish he had sought help and had chosen a different way and that things turned out differently, but it was not my choice to make.

We can't place our own expectations on what we believe others "should" have done according to our ways of thinking.

None of us were in his position or can say with certainty what we would have done had we been in his position. None of us know the depth of his pain, what he was thinking or the severity of his situation.

All we can do is have compassion for him and learn to accept his decision with understanding and love and find ways to heal.

After his passing, I found the inner peace I was seeking through the signs and dreams I received from my brother and Spirit, the readings I received from others, the guidance my Spirit Guides and loved ones in Heaven provided me, and the personal healing I received over the years.

Since my brother's passing, I have had several visitation dreams where my brother and I have visited one another in the Spirit World. We even touched hands in one very powerful dream visitation as our Souls joined together in the Spirit World. Sometimes I feel his presence and hear him say his name when he is with me during my waking hours. He has healed significantly on the other side. He regrets the pain he has caused us, but reminds us that at the time, he felt he had no other choice. He is much happier now and he is with our loved ones, friends, and beloved family dog in Heaven.

Years later, my brother told me he supports me and our family from Heaven. He said telepathically, "I was there in the beginning and I will be with you until the end." So beautiful. I cried as I felt his deep love for me and my family and I felt my love for him.



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