IMPORTANT - Do not send payments to anyone other than me via my official, secure website links on this personal website to keep things safe and secure. Make sure the website you are using is my official website and not a "sponsored" website which is a scam. I do not send requests asking for payment, money, or to request a session. Please disregard these if you receive them. I am unable to reimburse you for any fraud.

By paying for any services offered by Gayle Kirk or any venue hosting Gayle Kirk, you agree that you accept the information on the Prices Page of this website, including this disclaimer and terms of service, you agree to the No Refund Policy, and you understand, acknowledge, and willingly enter into and agree with the following:

Gayle Kirk and her representatives and employees do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, familial status, gender identity, physical or mental disability.

You are 18 years or older. Clients must be 18 years or older to book, receive, and/or purchase a reading, class, or service. If someone is under 18 years, an adult must accompany him or her. Please note at the time of booking if there will be a minor present. All programs, courses, workshops, events, classes, sessions, and readings are intended for individuals age 18 years and over and for entertainment purposes only.

Placing your name on a wait list (if there is one) for a session with Gayle does not guarantee you a session. The wait list for a session may be revoked at anytime. The only time a session can be guaranteed is when it is booked and paid for with a date and time assigned to you. Placing your name on a waiting list only means that we will do our best to notify you when sessions with Gayle become available again. We cannot guarantee that names will be selected in exact order in which they were placed on the wait list.

Sessions are scheduled in Eastern Time (ET).

If you have had a recent disappointing session with a reputable person who has had many positive reviews, please wait a few months before booking a session with Gayle Kirk.




All readings, sessions, classes, programs, workshops, events, and recordings are considered digital goods/services. There are no refunds, transfers, or exchanges. Prices may change at any time. No price adjustment will be made. All sessions, classes, programs, workshops, events, classes, and recordings must be completed as purchased and specified.

Mistakes on time zones or dates of a session appointment, class, event, or program will not receive a refund, no exceptions.

On occasion, we may need to change a session appointment and if so, we will contact you directly if this occurs.

Your reading time length is approximate and may vary slightly.

If you are less than 10 minutes late for your session or if you have technical difficulties, your session time will be reduced accordingly. Gayle will not extend the session. If you are not available to start the session after 10 minutes, the reading will be forfeited. There are no refunds, no exceptions.

To reschedule, CALL GAYLE at least 48 HOURS PRIOR to your appointment date. There is no rescheduling less than 48 hours prior for any reason, no exceptions, including personal disasters, world events, accidents, illnesses, conflicts, etc. You will be charged the full fee.

A paid session may be rescheduled within 30 days of the booked appointment or you my gift it to someone to use within that 30 day period. If you choose not to reschedule or gift a paid appointment within 30 days, the appointment will be forfeited. On rare occasions, Gayle may need to reschedule your session.

Please treat the session and Gayle Kirk with respect by giving her your full attention. Do not be doing other things while she/you are talking. It needs to be very quiet in the background during your session. Only one person is allowed to participate or to be present in each Private Reading or Private Session by telephone, in-person, Skype, Zoom, or other video service. There are no "shared" Private Readings or Private Sessions. Others may not "listen in". If other people are present, Gayle may get information and loved ones in Heaven for them which would take time and attention away from you and creates a distraction and confusion.

Please make sure it will be quiet in the background. Have someone watch your children if necessary. Please be in a room alone. Please do not use a Speaker Phone so she can hear you loud and clear. Sessions include a brief explanation of what to expect and a prayer at the start of the session followed by time to blend her energy with you and Spirit. If you have questions about the information or loved ones in Heaven, ask during the reading so you both can sort it out. Gayle usually forgets most or all of what was said soon afterwards. She cannot answer questions once the reading is over. You are welcome to schedule another session at a later date.




A Zoom recording is free and complimentary. There are no guarantees. Gayle does not promise the quality or receipt of a Zoom recording. If there are difficulties making or providing a Zoom recording, there are no refunds. Gayle recommends you take notes even if you are recording the meeting. Most people get more out of the experience hearing it again. The guidance provided has layers and depths of understanding. You will often find it very useful listening to the session later. Sometimes it is best to go with what you felt and the notes you took during the session, rather than analyzing it on a recording too much later.

By having a session with Gayle Kirk, you agree that all information in the session is for your personal and private use only and it will not be shared, published, or distributed in a public format in any way without Gayle Kirk's written permission.

All written, video and/or voice recording of any session, event, class, presentation, work, tutoring, advice, or opinion with/of Gayle Kirk is the sole property of Gayle Kirk. It may not be used, shared, published, or distributed for any public format or commercial purposes without Gayle Kirk's written permission no matter what Spirit, Guides, or loved ones in Heaven may say.

Gayle Kirk does not give her legal written permission to post, broadcast, edit, share, publish, or use the recording of any recorded, written, spoken, or live reading, session, channeling, writing, opinion, class, workshop, program, tutoring, or event, in part or in full, in any format, no matter what any channeled Spirits may say or loved ones in Heaven may say, for anything other than your personal, private use only, no exceptions. Gayle Kirk owns all the licensing rights to use intellectual property owned by Gayle Kirk.

Please have clear, unbroken reception and sufficient battery life for the reading. Disruptions or poor reception may result in early termination of your reading without refund or rescheduling.

Gayle Kirk does not guarantee that you will receive information or evidence that you want to hear. The Spirit World and those in Heaven control the information that they share with Gayle to provide to you. Gayle and Spirit will do their best to help you. Relax, have an open mind, loving heart, be patient, listen, participate, be respectful, work with them, have questions ready, and allow Spirit to guide the session. If you block your energy, put up walls, argue, only want to hear certain things, are distracted, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, have unreasonable expectations, are afraid to hear, or resist listening, it will detract from the help you receive. Think of those in Heaven and invite them to come. Lovingly tell them you wish to clear things up if there is a need for healing, understanding, and forgiveness.

Gayle Kirk has the right to end the session without refund at any time if the client is not psychologically responding positively to the reading or if the client is disrespectful, argumentative, confrontational, or show any signs of drinking or recreational drugs during the session or misrepresents themselves during the session. Gayle Kirk reserves the right not to offer appointments to certain individuals. Only in this situation will a partial refund be returned to the purchaser for unused time.

You agree to be 100% responsible for any action taken based on your interpretation of the insights presented. You are paying for Gayle Kirk's time and energy, not for the information or outcome of the session. No claims or promises are made. Each session is an experiment with you and Spirit. Gayle Kirk does not claim 100% accuracy because no one has or is meant to have all the answers all of the time. God, Spirit, your Soul, the Angels, and/or the Universe has a Divine Plan that is not always revealed to us.

Gayle Kirk does not heal. Gayle Kirk may help you to connect with the Divine Love, Healing, and Intelligence of the God-force within you so you may help yourself to Self-heal. There are no guarantees implied or stated.

You agree to waive all liabilities. Gayle Kirk, her spouse, her family, her friends, her assistants, and her employees are not liable nor responsible for any circumstances that may arise from any of the services, readings, sessions, classes, events, workshops, presentations, and programs she provides you with. This includes personal injury, loss of income, professional or personal decisions made, and stress, emotional or otherwise on the client, the client's family, the client's friends, and other family members.

Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, and Gayle provide guidance and support to make your own wise choices. Information from Spirit and Gayle is based on their perspectives. What you do with that is up to you and 100% your responsibility. They do not tell you what to do or how to live. They may share potentials for the future based on how things look as of now. They do not foretell death or dis-ease. Everyone has Free Will. Things happen in Divine Order and Divine Timing according to your choices, actions, allowing, and what your Soul chose for you prior to birth.

Spirit and Gayle cannot take away lessons and learning your Soul chose to live. They may not answer a question if it seems appropriate. Timeframes are approximate and things may unfold differently than discussed. Spirit, the Guides, your loved ones in Heaven, and Gayle are not all-knowing. Divine Spirit, those in Heaven, and Gayle share their views based on our Soul's evolution and experiences. Go within your heart for your truth. Do what is right for you.

Divine Healing is a complimentary therapy. It is not a medical process. Any physical healing that may occur is non-invasive. There is no blood, pain, or embarrassment. Spirit and Gayle do not manipulate, administer drugs, diagnose, prescribe, or advise whether to have an operation. Spirit and Gayle will not tell you what to do. Spirit and Gayle do not touch sensitive areas. They do not use cutting tools or other physical instruments. Divine Healing is energetic in nature. It is also known as Trance Healing, Spiritual Healing, and Energy Healing. Follow your medical professional's advice. Do not stop prescribed medications.

You are helped according to God's Divine Will and your Soul's Pre-birth Life Plan. There are no obstacles for your Soul and our Creator. No promises are made. Each session is an experiment. Your Soul, God, Divine Spirit, and Angels are the healers. Gayle Kirk is the healing facilitator. People who receive Divine Healing often feel uplifted, find relief, improve, or they may stay the same. Divine Healing outcomes are not promised, implied, or guaranteed. All people and situations are unique. Our Creator, Divine Spirit, the Angels, and Gayle Kirk have helped many people. They would be honored to assist you.

Spirit and Gayle Kirk do not practice medicine, diagnose, advise, cure, heal, treat disease or any other condition, or prescribe medication. Any information is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment purposes. Gayle Kirk's sessions are not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical problem or psychological condition. This work is complementary to allopathic medicine.

Please seek the advice of your doctor, therapist, or veterinarian. Continue any medical or counseling treatments and medicines prescribed for you. Any work or consultations are not intended to replace any medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatments. Do not suspend or change your medical treatments or prescriptions without first talking with your health care professional.

Sessions are a guideline which may help you better reflect upon yourself, where you have been, where you are now, and where you may be headed. The Guides, Angels, loved ones in Heaven, and Gayle respect your right and responsibility to make your own choices. They will not tell you what you should do. They help you to connect with your inner guidance to make your own wise decisions.

Gayle Kirk, the Guides, Spirit, Angels, and Loved Ones in Heaven do not provide predictions, prophecy, fortune-telling, promises, or guaranteed accuracy on the future or information shared. You release Gayle Kirk 100% from any and all legal responsibility from your participation in a reading, session, class, book, recording, workshop, healing, event, presentation, or program with her. Be discerning. Always believe and do what feels right deep within you no matter what others say. You are 100% responsible for any action taken based on your interpretation of the insights presented in a reading, session, class, book, recording, workshop, healing, event, presentation, or program with Gayle Kirk.

Gayle Kirk cannot guarantee that a specific soul will come through with a message. All sessions are considered "Experiments" and Gayle Kirk is not able to pick and choose which souls come through. Gayle does not promise to answer all your questions if she is unable or if she feels it is unwise for her to do so or guarantee a connection with a particular person or animal in Spirit or guarantee a specific result. Per State Law, Gayle is providing the following statement: A Psychic Mediumship Divine (Trance) Channeled Reading/Session/Healing/Consultation with Gayle Kirk is meant solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement. It is not intended to give advice or for the purposes of fortune telling or predictions.

Information should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. You should always seek the appropriate licensed professional counsel. If anything regarding health comes up, check with your doctor or veterinarian as well. If health problems and financial or legal concerns are discussed, any information that arises should not be considered medical, financial, or legal advice. Please consult your doctor, financial advisor, or attorney. Gayle Kirk's work is spiritually based. She does not make any promises, warranties, or guarantees about the results of her work, readings, spiritual healing, energy healing, or insights. The sessions help many people, but like any modality it does not work for everyone.

Any and all healing is Self-healing with the Creator. Gayle Kirk works as a channel to assist you in healing yourself with the love, energy, and support of Spirit. Gayle Kirk is not a medical doctor, health care professional, or licensed therapist. Gayle Kirk does not practice medicine. Spiritual healing, channeling, energy healing, readings, sessions, messages from Heaven, guidance from Spirit, and intuitive insights are complementary therapies. Spirit and Gayle Kirk do not practice medicine, diagnose, advise, cure, heal, treat disease or any other condition, or prescribe medication. Any information is not to be used for diagnosis or treatment purposes. Gayle Kirk's sessions are not a substitute for conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any medical problem or psychological condition.

This work is complementary to allopathic medicine. Please seek the advice of your doctor, therapist, or veterinarian. Continue any medical or counseling treatments and medicines prescribed for you. Any work or consultations are not intended to replace any medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatments. Do not suspend or change your medical treatments or prescriptions without first talking with your health care professional. This website and all of the contents and information on it are for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnosis, cure, treat, or rehabilitate individuals. Any information is only to address potential underlying spiritual concerns that may affect well-being.

Gayle Kirk may work as a channel to assist Spirit in helping people to Self-heal by allowing them to correct imbalances in their subtle energy field which may allow the client to balance their energy themselves with the assistance of God, the Creator, and Spirit. Gayle Kirk may be a channel for Divine Energy at a distance remotely or in-person with the support and guidance of Spirit to assist, but she makes no promises or claims of any kind. Each person is unique and each experience is unique. Let got of needing a particular outcome. At times, changes may or may not immediately visible and may or may not be noticeable later. The needed change may be a shift of your awareness and perception in order to achieve greater peace of mind and well-being. If you have no reaction to the healing during the session, you may or may not realize positive changes in the following days.

All sessions are not and cannot be substituted for payment made for any other purchase than the one paid for. All pricing and service content offered is subject to change at any time without notice or compensation financially or otherwise. Gayle Kirk will not go over the time you have purchased and will end the session on time. Please be respectful of the time that you paid for. Free minutes or extensions will not be given unless you pay for extended time, if time is available. Private Readings may not be extended.

Spirit, loved ones in Heaven, the Guides, and Gayle Kirk have helped many people. They would be honored to assist you. Consider what they have to say, but always be discerning no matter who is speaking. Think, feel, and act for yourself in the ways that are the highest and best for you. Do not give away your personal power to others, authorities, institutions, places, and things. You have the Free Will right and responsibility to co-create your life. Learn to connect with your Soul and deepen the awareness of God within you for the love, joy, peace, wisdom, abundance, health, clarity, direction, and all that you seek.

We may modify any program, course, workshop, class, or event and its description, content, structure, or schedule at our discretion. Those students, attendees, and participants who are enrolled will be informed of any changes if possible. If Gayle or a designated instructor/facilitator is unable to host the event/course due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, an alternative tutor and/or date may be given if possible or a partial or full refund provided at Gayle Kirk or the venue's discretion.

We reserve the right to withdraw or deny participation from any course or program from anyone we deem to not have the suitable experience, mental health, or respectful behavior. If we deem applicable, a pro-rata payment refund will be issued, less an administrative fee and credit card charges. We expect all students, attendees, and participants to be respectful. We will not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or disruptive behavior or verbal dialogue.

Students, attendees, and participants must respect the privacy of all members. They agree not to share any information or content discussed during the program, events, workshops, and classes online and in-person. Gayle Kirk or the designated course leader may remove anyone that does not comply with these terms without refund, no exceptions.

Students have access to course materials and resources only for the duration of the class. They may not share course materials or providing access to non-enrolled individuals. All course, event, and program materials, including videos and documents, are protected under copyright. Reproduction or distribution without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Gayle Kirk assumes no liability for lost, damaged, or stolen items, including those of a personal nature. Personal arrangements, including, but not limited to, transportation to and from events, accommodation, and food, and travel insurance are 100% the participant's personal responsibility and risk.

By attending any programs or events with Gayle Kirk, whether online or in-person, you assume all risks related to your participation. You release for yourself, your heirs, and your executor any claim against Gayle Kirk, her heirs, her executor, her employees, and her agents from liability resulting from injury or accidents occurring during any course, workshop or event with Gayle Kirk. Gayle Kirk reserves the right to cancel a program, event, or course prior according to minimum participation requirements, natural disasters, including, but not limited to situations and people out of her control. Participants will be notified of other program dates they may transfer to or receive a full or partial refund as determined by Gayle Kirk.

Gayle Kirk is not be responsible for any costs incurred due to potential cancellations. We recommend travel insurance for your travel, flights, rental cars, and accommodations. In cases where Gayle Kirk is a guest speaker, presenter, leader, or teacher, the courses, workshops, programs, and events through other providers and venues, all inquiries regarding bookings, attendance, terms, and conditions must be made to the third-party organizer of the event. Gayle Kirk is responsible not for the administration and production of these courses and events. Gayle Kirk is not liable for any third-party refunds or claims for tickets purchased through a third-party seller or venue online or in-person.

Gayle Kirk has approval or right of refusal to use photographs, videos, writings, or recordings taken during any program or class used for promotional materials. All audio, written, and videos of and/or by Gayle Kirk are the property of Gayle Kirk and are protected by United States and international copyright laws.

Gayle Kirk offers irrevocable digital goods in the form of ebooks, recordings, online seminars, and digital downloads. Refunds are not issued after purchase and the product download link is sent. An automatic email will be sent to you with a download link. If you have issues downloading, please email us. If you lose the file, you will be able to log back in and download again on www.GayleKirk.com. When you purchase a digital download, you agree not to edit, resell, distribute, record, or upload to any other website, the internet, person, or social media. It is for your own personal use only.

Courses are non-transferable and must be completed as purchased as specified. Readings and course descriptions, dates, times, and places may change. You must verify any changes on www.GayleKirk.com or by visiting official listings. Tickets and appointments for readings, sessions, services, goods, classes, webinars, presentations, products, and events may be sold at lower or discounted prices after your purchase. No price adjustment will be made. If there are unforeseen circumstances beyond our control and the course or event is rescheduled or the venue is closed for any reason, you will be updated via email as soon as information is available. In the unlikely event of a cancellation for which there is no rescheduled date, a refund may be issued at the option of management. If your tickets are through an outside agent or promoter other than Gayle Kirk, please refer to their policies.

Gayle Kirk is not responsible for any items which are lost by any mail carrier or courier. Replacements, partial refunds, or full refunds may be given at the discretion of management for physical items purchased through the www.GayleKirk.com website. Products on this website are provided "as is" and "as available". Gayle Kirk makes no representations, claims, or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the operation of Gayle Kirk's services, products, or the information, content, materials, and products, including downloaded files, through www.GayleKirk.com.

You agree not to email or message any personal and confidential information to any of the email addresses or submission forms on www.GayleKirk.com other than asking general questions about products or events or for technical support to avoid potential misunderstanding or disputes. Due to the large number of emails we receive, your emails may not be read directly by Gayle Kirk. They are sometimes handled by staff or other representatives and sometimes due to volume may be archived or unopened. We therefore ask you to respect this policy.

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Gayle Kirk reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. You are responsible for any posted changes and accept these changes by participating in a reading, group, class, talk, or webinar with her whether or not you have reviewed these changes.

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