I am grateful to have received over 444 beautiful, honest testimonials from my clients since I began my business in 1998.

"I have had many readings with Gayle over the years.

She has helped me with my personal issues as well as my professional ones and has always provided me with guidance and insight to address certain problems known and unknown.

I value her time with me and I appreciate her empathy, warmth, and compassion. I highly recommend Gayle to anyone." - E.R.
"Thank you so much Gayle Kirk. It was so wonderful to have my 2nd session after 18 years since I had my first reading with you.

You are truly a blessing. I was so happy. This meant so much to me.

I'll be happy to let my friends and anyone that need closure in there life. Thank you so much and have a blessed day." - R.D.
"WOW! What an amazing experience it was to have a reading with Gayle.

She's so calm, caring, and clear about her intentions on helping out with the gifts she been given.

The atmosphere in the room she's in gave me peace before the reading. It gave me a safe space to be ready for what was coming.

The reading was calm and clear. I got a message from a loved one and my Guides. I could feel a peace from within at the end of the reading that has stayed with me.

I would recommend Gayle to everyone." - A.E.A-M.
"Talking to Gayle is always calming, insightful, and a huge reminder of the peace that is available if only we let it happen.

Thank you, Gayle Kirk" - S.P-T.
"Gayle was spot on and helped me bring closure to a couple of relationships by passing on some acknowledgements from my now deceased mother as well as a dog I had helped a few years ago. It was so nice to hear!

Remember, even if you feel alone here on earth, there are many spirit guides/souls who are supporting and facilitating blessings, abundance, and prosperity from the spirit realm so never lose hope!

Gayle brought clarity/peace to me about my future in light of current events. The Real Deal!!" - M.T.
"I was extremely wowed by Gayle's accuracy and conciseness. What a beautiful reading! I was blessed to have connected with those I wanted to hear from.

I look forward to another reading with her in the near future." - L.B.
"Gayle Kirk was a very pleasant person to speak with. She was very informative and quite intuitive with her psychic abilities.

She gave me all the answers to the questions I was seeking help with figuring out. I'm sure you will enjoy a reading with her." - D.E.
"I just had a reading, a talk with Gayle Kirk. I was reminded of what I've been thinking about in many areas of my life.

I found it moving, educational, and I'm inspired. Until next time. Thank you." - S.P.
"I recently left an abusive relationship, changed jobs, and moved into my own place. Was I crazy to do all of this at once? It felt right, but was it?

I needed direction, reassurance, and some validation, all of which I received from my reading with Gayle. Mom came through and it was wonderful! I knew it was her!!

I feel so relieved and happy that I am on the right path and also appreciate the advice from spirit.

What an enriching experience! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing Gayle!! Thank you, Gayle!!" - S.A.
"Gayle is insightful and astounding. Her reading brought comfort and direction to me.

She has a powerful gentleness about her. I'm looking forward to our next session!" - D.L.
"Gayle's reading was insightful and intuitive. I would recommend her." - J.H.
"Gayle Kirk is a kind, compassionate, gifted psychic.

It was my first ever medium/psychic reading and I was lucky enough to be connected with my departed daughter through Gayle.

I feel touched by Gayle's wise words and reminders about our soul's path.

I feel comforted to know my daughter is well and with me now and forever." - V.E.
"My reading with Gayle was both loving and life affirming. I was especially pleased to hear of some past lives that are relevant to this lifetime now.

I now feel more equipped to deal with the circumstances surrounding my son which until now weighed heavily on my heart. Thank you, Gayle and your guides." - D.K.
"I was very impressed with my reading from Gayle.

It was accurate and quite beneficial. Plus, she was also able to answer all of my questions." - P.C.
"Gayle was warm and kind during my reading. I was speechless at how on point she was.

There was not one thing she said that did not make sense." - S.F.
"I had the pleasure of having a remote healing session from Gayle.

I felt the energy as a flow of loving peace and harmony all around me. It was subtle and yet, I knew something was happening for sure.

I am very sensitive and feel such things right away. You may or may not feel the energy or process during or afterwards, depending upon how you are wired.

Gayle is a lovely person who allows healing energy to come through her from higher sources. She has her own healing gifts as well." - S.H.
"Today I had a very emotional reading. It's amazing to hear spirit tell you things so clearly and straight forward. Thank you, Gayle." - S.P-T.
"Gayle was clear, concise, and amazingly accurate with details that can only come from an authentic spiritual connection.

I found Gayle after having years of readings from an experienced teacher and I brought a strong sense of what to expect from channeling.

She did not disappoint and for anyone reading this, rest assured you will get what you need from time spent with her." - Anonymous
"I watched the recording of our session. Thank you so much.

I feel one hundred percent better!!!

I will talk with you again. Much love." - S.A.
"Gayle Kirk is the Real Deal.

I have never experienced a session as powerful and meaningful as the one that Gayle conducted.

Her ability to access spirit guides to inform my future path was invaluable.

I have worked with psychics/mediums in the past and found Gayle to be in a league of her own." - J.R.
"Gayle is a very skilled medium.

The energy that came through was so loving; the words rang true for me deep within.

There wasn't anything said that wasn't true. I recognized family who came in, right away.

I've had many readings in my lifetime, not a spring chicken, and this was well worth it. I got exactly what I needed; issues were addressed before I asked. Wish the session were longer, so meaningful and delightful.

The connection put my direction back on track; loving energy aligned me. Thanks!" - S.B.
"I have had several sessions with Gayle and each session has been a confirmation of the authenticity of her psychic gifts.

Recently I had a "trance channeled" reading with her which exceeded my greatest expectations.

The wise, kindly Ascended Master who speaks through her zeroed in on my issues immediately and accurately with little input from me and supplied me with the most helpful insights, not only from the highest soul perspective, but also in terms of concrete, practical advice. Wow!" - F.M.
"I just had a trance channeled meeting with Gayle. She was very clear regarding the trance state she would go into during our time.

She was able to reach my departed family while also giving accurate insight into my personal concerns surrounding them.

This was a pleasant, calm and reassuring reading." - K.A.
"My reading with Gayle went exceptionally well. She channeled my reading through supportive, loving, and gentle guides.

Several of my loved ones from heaven also arrived, which was incredibly meaningful to me.

I appreciate Gayle's gift of channeling and the guide's wisdom, nudges, and direction." - T.S.
"I had a reading with Gayle this morning and she was able to capture what some of my questions were without having to ask them.

I thought she was able to clarify my confusion on some issues. She was very pleasant to talk with.

I recommend her if you are seeking some answers in your life ." - S.H.
"I came across Gayle's website and was impressed by her desire for continued spiritual growth and development. My reading with her was filled with a handful of evidence-based insights.

She pointed to an area of life that I have kept under lock and key for a very long time. She even brought forth messages from my aunt who had crossed over a few years prior.

Gayle has a way of probing, but not prying and does so with a genuine desire to guide the truth seeker and to assist in the healing process." - S.C.
"Gayle is great! This was a life-changing reading and worth every penny.

I had a list of questions that I wrote beforehand, but when spirit came through, they answered 95% of my questions without my even needing to look at what I had written.

I was feeling so troubled about things going on in my life, and the reading gave me a lot of clarity and peace about what I need to do going forward." - J.M.
"I'm so happy I found Gayle!

The reading was incredible and brought comfort and great advice. What a wonderful gift to be given!" - T.T.
"Gayle is great! This was a life-changing reading and worth every penny.

I had a list of questions that I wrote beforehand, but when spirit came through, they answered 95% of my questions without my even needing to look at what I had written.

I was feeling so troubled about things going on in my life and the reading gave me a lot of clarity and peace about what I need to do going forward." - J.M.
"It had been many years since I had a reading from anyone, but I suddenly wanted to get a reading with Gayle.

I had 3 questions in mind about family members and she hit each one which was set within a very unique context.

I was blown away with her ability to pinpoint the very essence of my question and to answer it in such a beautiful and practical way.

Last night I got a call from that family member who confirmed with 100% accuracy what Gayle told me she'd say. Amazing!!!" - P.G.
I was drawn to have a reading by Gayle. She is an authentic channel.

Her skills in identifying my deceased loved ones with accuracy brought comfort and validation they are still watching over us.

The guidance was just what I needed to hear to validate my intuition and bring clarity.

Gayle is compassionate and takes her gift seriously. I highly recommend her! - P.C.
"I had a reading with Gayle and I truly cannot put into words how great the experience was!

I highly recommend a reading with Gayle for anyone who may be struggling with direction in life, the loss of a loved one, or even for reassurance that you are on the right path.

Truly the best!" - J.N.
"I was feeling terrible because I had to put my sweet little dog down. I remembered Gayle Kirk from Facebook and her positive posts.

I called her for a reading and found her to be very warm and friendly.

Gayle made me feel much better knowing my pooch was safe with family and having a good time.

She was very accurate and I highly recommend her for a reading." - J.M.
"Happy to include a testimonial for you Gayle. We've worked together spiritually so often, which has been a great advantage to me with the wonderful inspirational messages I've received through you from Spirit.

You're always on point with wisdom and insight that steers me towards becoming my best self and fulfilling my it in matters of the heart or my own personal inner growth.

You're amazing. Much gratitude." - R.M.
"Gayle was very kind and helpful. The first thing she said made me a believer in her abilites.

So many things that came through were spot on. I would recommend her 100 per-cent. A" - J.S.
"I enjoyed my session with Gayle today. She gave me some very useful guidance to deal with a difficult relationship issue.

Her resource page on her website is full of great information on how to deal with this life. I will be calling her again for sure!" - M.J.
"Gayle was awesome.

She connected me with loved ones and she knew things that only my loved ones and myself would know. She is awesome." - J.S.
"I just completed a reading with Gayle Kirk and I was truly impressed.

I think she did a great job and gave me guidance to improve my life and re-write some of my future if I will take and follow her advice which I hope to try and do.

It's been a long, hard road with narcissists in my life and trying to conquer, not keeping them, and allowing them to tell me how to live. These narcissists have brought and will bring me more pain and I will truly learn how to deal with them & the situations." - E.A.
"Gayle was kind, compassionate, and able to provide details about my loved one who passed in a non-threatening and encouraging way.

She was my first medium experience and I'm pleased to have found her.

I would recommend her to anyone seeking to connect with someone who has passed." - S.M.
"My reading with Gayle was amazing!

Gayle tuned in immediately to the issues, brought through messages, and was spot on regarding my life circumstances.

She provided me with the clarity and insight that I needed and gave me a different perspective/lens to see things through.

Thank you Gayle for sharing your gifts and your wisdom!" - N.N.
"Gayle, I will always remember how uplifted and inspired I felt after my 1st reading with you.

I was grieving my mum's passing a year before and she came through to you to send me love and assurance she was fine.

Meeting you and having this life changing reading further secured me on my spiritual path to this day. So grateful to you!" - P.T.
"Gayle is such a sweet person to talk to and all her predictions have always come true.

This was my fourth time talking to her and she has always been right.

I trust with my biggest concerns in life. Thank you!" - Anonymous
"Gayle is the Real Deal!

I have been going to her for several times over the years to help me with channeled psychic guidance and to also connect with loved ones in Spirit. She has an immense talent and has helped me so very much.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gayle and her gifts to help you through life's bumps and to become your Higher Self." - V.L.
"I have had several sessions with Gayle over the past several years (the last one just one week ago) and have been grateful for every one.

Her gifts are genuine, in fact, truly extraordinary, not only in communicating with Spirit and departed ones, but also in giving clear, on-target information and advice.

She is also a warm, welcoming, comforting presence. Highly recommended to all!" - F.M.
"Gayle is spot on.

I have had readings before, but Gayle pegged my personality to the wall- my strengths, my weaknesses, and helpful suggestions for connecting with my inner self more clearly to bring about the change I am and have been trying to manifest.

I felt stuck but she opened my perspective to view my current situation differently and whamo there was the answer staring me in the face.

She is a wonderful gentle and kind soul who will guide you to your answer." - C.C.
"I had another reading recently with Gayle Kirk. I am still absolutely amazed and how right on target her reading was again.

As a medium, I am sure she is contact with my passed loved ones. There is no possible way to know the things about my life she spoke about.

She also seemed to know exactly what my issues are in life and gave guidance. I highly recommend!" - M.H.
"Gayle Kirk is absolutely fantastic and her skills are undoubtedly the most fine tuned I have found in a medium!

I used her once before in the past and decided to have another reading to see how far I have come in my personal healing journey.

I can't thank her enough for sharing her gifts to the world! I came for healing and help understanding a difficult phase in my journey and she always shines a light in a direction through connecting with my guides and angels!!" - R.H.
"Gayle is an authentic medium!

Her reading for me was insightful and specific to my life situation/s.

I especially appreciated her orientation to the work - to help people in their healing process.

If you are looking for someone with the true gift and who is trustworthy - do not hesitate to utilize her services. :)" - A.P.
"I had a reading with Gayle for the 1st time and it was intense!

My father who is still here, but has dementia came though with so much information being in-between this life and his next journey that I believe even Gayle was amazed!

I was able to share his message with my Mom and I think Dad did that to ease her pain when it's time for him to cross over. That's a beautiful gift of love!

I also got peace when my dog came through with beautiful messages. We'll be together again! I know that now." - S.H.
"Gayle, you are absolutely amazing. I love how soft spoken, positive, and encouraging you are. You made me feel very at peace and I needed that more than anything!

You have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and gave me the validations that I needed.

There are no words to describe how happy and thankful I truly am. I cannot thank you enough. I loved my reading. I loved you and I would love to do it again!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. IT MEANS THE WORLD AND MORE TO ME!!!" - R.O.
"Gayle is the best!! She really sees through to the heart of matters that mean the most to you personally and is spot on in basically all that she sees.

She knew exactly what I am currently going through in my life and reassured me with the guidance & support of my loved ones on the other side that I will be able to make the decision that is best for me... and just hearing that, in my heart, I know that everything is going to be ok - as above & so below.

Gayle Kirk is Amazing!!!" - F.G.
"I don't know where to begin except thank you from the bottom of my heart! I had the most beautiful reading and words cannot express my gratitude and love!

She helped me understand and accept true love for myself and to be very honest, I was struggling with that within myself.

With my guides leading, we came up with resources to help better understand the struggles that I was faced with.

I have used psychics before, but my very honest opinion is that Gayle is the brightest! Thank you." - R.H.
"I had a same day reading. It was amazing.

She was spot on and knew things she had no way of knowing. This reading was exactly what I needed.

I received messages and information from loved ones that has truly impacted me in a profound way.

I feel so much better. I also received guidance to help me go forward in my relationships with close loved ones." - J.H.
"What a blessing the session that I shared with Gayle was. I am so much more at peace in my heart and soul.

The reading was so much more than I envisioned - I could feel it in my soul that my loved one was helping me to heal in ways that could only have come from her. There were things that truly, truly could have only come from the heart of her spirit.

I feel so blessed that I found Gayle and opened my mind to receiving the blessing of contact through her. Love is the greatest of all." - C.S.
"Gayle was amazing. I was so comforted by the communication and messages I so desperately needed from my loved one on the other side.

Gayle truly has a gift and is very nurturing in the process and really making that connection.

I am truly blessed that found her - amazing!" - L.A.
"I wanted clarity of my direction in my life and career and to explore the stuck feeling I've been having for a long time.

This was my first reading ever and it felt like a loving, non judgemental, positive conversation with someone you feel comfortable with to be open.

I learned some new things about myself. I was validated with who I am at my core and felt seen and heard. I felt grounded and peaceful which feels great!!

Gayle gave me confidence to move forward. Thank you!" - A.R.
"I recently had a reading with Gayle and it was wonderful.

I could really feel the presence of my Dad come forward and recurved valuable insight from both him and the other guides who were there." - L.C.
"My experience was definitely enlightening.

I'm was looking for guidance about what to do in my marriage and having Gayle connect with my great grandmother who told me that I deserve better and that I needed to follow my gut feeling to make the right choices about my marriage.

Hearing that was truly inspiring and it has given me strength to gather my thoughts to take the next steps.

Gayle definitely helped me through this difficult process in my life." - A.H.
"Gayle did a family reading for my mother and I. Gayle connected with my father, grandparents, and family dog and brought healing messages from loved ones.

Gayle is extremely compassionate, sharing wisdom and guidance to the lessons each of us is here to learn.

This is the second time I have used Gayle and it is truly an honor to work with such a gifted and joyous soul." - T.V.
"Gayle was compassionate, positive, and gave me details about my loved ones that proved her connection to Spirit.

I recommend anyone seeking messages from the other side or psychic guidance book a reading!" - S.M.
"Gayle was so wonderful!

The time went by super fast. Everything that Gayle brought through for me was spot on and gave me amazing insight for the areas I was hoping to address.

I highly recommend." - K.R.
"I was drawn to have a reading by Gayle. She is an authentic channel.

Her skills in identifying my deceased loved ones with accuracy brought comfort and validation they are still watching over us.

The guidance was just what I needed to hear to validate my intuition and bring clarity. Gayle is compassionate and takes her gift seriously.

I highly recommend her!" - P.C.
"Gayle is the real deal!

I have been going to her for several times over the years to help me with life coaching and to also connect with loved ones in spirit.

She has an immense talent and has helped me so very much.

I wholeheartedly recommend Gayle and her gifts to help you through life's bumps and to become your higher self." - V.L.
"Gayle Kirk was amazing!

This was my first reading with her. She was over 90% accurate. It would be impossible that she could possibly know facts of my life that only a couple people in my life know. She helped me answer some important questions for my life.

She is very gifted and is the real deal!! I plan on contacting her again in the future." - S.H.
"Gayle exceeded my expectations.

The answers I knew to be true were confirmed with my loved one.

I needed this to begin healing. Thank you." - L.W.
"Gayle is the real deal.

She helped me connect not just with my mother, but father and grandmother parents as well.

She told me clear and precisely what my guides were telling and then also gave her own advice as well. She told me lot of things that only my parents would have known." - P.M.
"My reading with Gayle was an eye-opening and encouraging experience.

Gayle was wonderful and naturally able to connect with my brother in such a strong way that left no doubt in my mind that he is where I've always hoped him to be.

She also brought forward messages from my grandparents and my beloved cat Buddy. When doing my numerology, she couldn't have been more correct about my personality and who I was born to be!

I look forward to having another reading in the future!" - S.S.
"This was my first session. I was so surprised by how accurate Gayle was.

I feel a bit more at peace after connecting with my brother. Thank you!" - L.W.
"My reading with Gayle this week was so very helpful to me. I connected with my father which was very special.

I have been lost lately so to speak and felt more grounded after my reading. I am getting back on track as to why I am here. The big picture is coming back into focus." - S.W.
"I was very surprised first to find Mrs. Kirk with all of the positive reviews and get the a reading the same day and fast she respond and the appointment was set few hours later and got and amazing reading with several aspects and an understanding my journey and my love one which was so much healing I got I will recommend a reading with Mrs Kirk. Thank you so much God Bless you." - L.S.
"Hello! I spent an hour with Gayle today on the phone. I had a psychic guidance session, including channeling of relevant loved ones from the other side.

I am still processing everything, but can honestly say that it was exactly what I was looking for. I am humbled by the experience I had.

For anyone wondering if the full hour is worth the money, it was definitely worth the money.

I recommend Gayle without reserve and intend to continue working with her in the future myself. Best wishes!" - T.F.
"I have had a couple of readings with Gayle over the years and one just recently. She was a huge help!

Gayle is a pleasure to work with, very professional, compassionate, honest, and is a truly gifted intuitive.

She not only tuned right in to my situation she provided me with some very practical advice to complement her intuitive guidance.

Highly recommended!" - L.A.
"This was my first reading ever. Gayle was warm and reassuring as well as educational.

I was able through Gayle to reach many loved ones.

I feel much peace after my reading. Gayle also taught me some relaxation techniques, which I found to be very helpful.

Highly recommend Gayle." - C.W.
"I've worked with Gayle for close to 18 years and have found that sessions with her are transformative in ways that amaze me.

She is caring, compassionate, and zeros in on exactly what I needed to hear from Spirit.

Gayle also recommends fabulous resources in the form of books and meditations that allow you to continue your self-development after a session is over.

I highly recommend her and think that her commitment to leading you to your truth is a true Godsend." - E.H.
"My session with Gayle was very revealing with concerns I was dealing with.

I received very credible support from two family members who had passed. Gayle accurately described facts about my mom and knew she was sleeping most of the time in a nursing home.

Finally, Gayle identified the emotional trauma that's been blocking me from my life's work to bring it to the next level.

All in all, a very productive session." - P.H.
"I first encountered Gayle many years ago when she was first starting out and was immediately impressed with her gifts, they are truly genuine, as I have had several occasions to experience personally.

I had my fourth session with Gayle recently for psychic life/spiritual counseling: I didn't have to speak much or ask many questions because automatically everything she said was amazingly on target with respect to the questions I had for her.

It was a truly uplifting enlightening & healing encounter." - F.M.
"This experience was absolutely incredible!

You knew things you couldn't have possibly known on your own.

Thank you for connecting my sister and I to our loved ones. You have an amazing gift, and we will be recommending you to our family." - S.T.
"Gayle was able to connect to my loved ones immediately.

I appreciated her insight and guidance. It was a good reading." - H.H.
"I LOVED my reading with Gayle Kirk.

Right away, she accurately verified that she was in communication with my late mother the personal message she relayed to me was very special for me to know.

The spiritual guidance and inspiration I received is something I will long remember.

I highly recommend a reading with Gayle." - E.K." - ..
"One of the best sessions I've had since I started over 20 years ago.

She is direct and honest, compassionate and highly skilled. Excellent insights and guidance.

Most helpful in allowing me to see my purpose and life's work for this next period.

Extremely helpful and very gifted, with connections with loved ones that come from knowing and links to Spirit.

She is one of the best I've consulted and I strongly recommend you try her.

Many thanks, Gayle. You're a treasure!" - A.E.
"My call with Gayle was amazing.

I have been struggling since my beloved Sadie (15 chocolate lab) passed away. She was able to connect to Sadie within minutes of our call.

She knew things specific about Sadie that didn't tell her.

Before I was able to ask if I should get a new dog (was going to see a litter if she she had said yes), Gayle asked me if I was thinking about getting a new dog and we agreed the spirits too that it was too soon. I really needed to hear that. Thank you." - P.L.
"My reading with Gayle today was very helpful and will be healing.

I wanted to connect with my grandma who I really love and miss, but my father came through first and most, and actually is most important to my life right now. I am thankful for Gayle's work!" - F.B.
"I am simply blown away by the accuracy and validation that Gayle gives with her readings!

I was a bit skeptical, but am a believer after my reading.

Simply no way that she knew ahead of time of things that came through.

I now have comfort and am at peace after my reading. Thank you Gayle!!!" - H.E.
"This was my first reading with a psychic medium and I was able to connect to my Mom right away.

She validated it was her with very clear memories and specifics that I knew I was hearing from her.

Gayle is gifted and the real deal.

If you are looking to connect or seek any guidance I would definitely recommend calling her to set up a session." - S.D.
"I had a very thoughtful and reassuring reading with Gayle today to know that I am on the right path with my most concerning issues and to be more aware of areas where I need to focus.

It was wonderful to know that I am surrounded by my loved ones who have passed and her descriptions were spot on.

Thank you, Gayle, for a wonderful reading." - D.G.
"I was totally amazed at Gayle's accuracy.

Gayle has such a gift not only as a medium, but also as a kind,compassionate,and sensitive person.

I felt really comforted and much at peace since her reading.

Losing a child unexpectedly was so difficult.

Gayle gave me a sense of peace. I would highly recommend Gayle to everyone! She is spot on! Thank you Gayle." - R.J.
"I recently had a session with Gayle Kirk. I was very pleased and impressed with the information that Gayle shared with me.

I was able to connect with not one, but two of my deceased dogs. This was helpful to ease my mind about one of them.

She also connected with my Mom and my sister, which was wonderful!

She was able to give me some life guidance on a few different topics that I have been concerned about. I will be reaching out to Gayle again in the future." - M.O.
"Gayle has been the only channel I have gone to 6+ years. I feel lucky to have found her!

She has a wonderful, warm, calming energy and has blown my mind with the details she has provided from connections she made with spirit.

Her guidance has always left me uplifted and excited to live my best life!

I'd recommend her to anyone!! I used to see her in-person, but now have a session over the phone 1-2x a year." - L.A.
"Gayle gave an exceptional and very accurate reading.

She is gifted in many ways. She not only provided details of loved one who had passed that only I knew, she gave hope, guidance, kindness, and compassion in my grief.

If a five star rating was available I would have to give a 10.

Was so impressed with her reading!! Thank-You Gayle." - R.J.
"I was amazed and so comforted by the information Gayle received from my grandmother.

It gave me perspective and a sense of validation.

I am so glad I followed my instincts and scheduled a call." - S.G.
"Gayle was incredibly good.

One of the best readings I have ever had." - S.W.
"I had an amazing reading with Gayle today.

Her accuracy validated important details that only our family knew.

She was able to connect with my child who our family misses desperately.

It was an astoundingly emotional moment when I knew that my child is doing well in Heaven.

Both my wife and I had tears of comfort and peace with such great healing that Gayle had brought us.

Gayle also provided much insight and guidance for me and my family. Thank you Gayle! Look forward to speaking with you again." - A.P.
"Gayle was warming, friendly, and inviting. She made our large group feel at ease.

We all laughed and cried when different spirits came through.

She took time to read those who wanted to be read. No one felt rushed. Great experience and wonderful night!" - A.A.
"I had a wonderful reading with Gayle yesterday, my third one!

Loving, accurate, with some humor mixed in. My Mum and Dad came through with wonderful loving messages for me and my sibs.

Also much needed support and answers to important life and spiritual questions.

As I've always felt and sensed in receiving readings from Gayle, she is loving, genuine, warm, humorous and the real deal!

Much happiness and peace as a result of our connection yesterday. Gratefulness and thanks to you Gayle." - P.T.
"My reading with Gayle was so amazing!

She is so gifted and I truly felt like she was spot on with everything I needed guidance on.

It felt great to finally be at ease with some things that had really been troubling me.

Thank you so much Gayle! You really have the sweetest soul." - S.P.
"I had a reading with Gayle Kirk and she was right on the ball about the details of my parents' passings.

She was able to offer much insight into the directions I should take in my life. Truly a wonderful experience!" - A.M.
"Right to the point; knew what she knew and pointed me in the right direction." - P.H.
"Had my first reading with Gayle yesterday to connect with departed loved ones. She described both of their situations and conditions at end of life extremely accurately.

The messages from each were just what the personalities of each that I had known would say and value in importance when I knew them and I found it interesting how much of the human side carries over beyond death.

She also was spot on on the issues and some concerns they may have wanted to address. She has a true gift." - K.N.
"Gayle is really something special.

I am at a point in my life where I have to make a big important decision. I knew that Gayle could provide guidance from spirit and also from loved ones who have passed.

I was not disappointed. Through Gayle, I received direction, clarity and insight so that I could get myself "unstuck" and make a decision confidently. Gayle's insights from spirit were invaluable, and her read in my situation was spot on.

I highly recommend Gayle's spiritual guidance and insight." - V.L.
"Hi Gayle, All of my readings with you have been great, but today's was extra special...very informative, helpful and just extraordinary!

Thank you so much God Bless." - T.W.
"Gayle is definitely one of the best psychics that I have ever talked to.

She is honest, straight to the point and connects so well with my issue. She is fantastic!!!" - Anonymous
"My reading with you was fantastic and resonated with so many things currently happening in my life!

I was beyond impressed and looking forward to our next reading. Thank you!" - Anonymous
"I had an incredible Psychic Reading and Numerology with Gayle. Before the reading, Gayle informed me that sometimes people from the other side come through and if she feels it is strongly enough, she will allow it if it's okay with me. I told her to use her judgment as I have the utmost faith in Gayle from a previous reading.

Within minutes of the reading, Messages from Heaven came through that changed my life forever and will lead to self empowerment! Thank you, Gayle!" - S.R.
"Wow! Gayle is amazing.

In the session, she was spot on with who I am and what was going on around me.

The session gave me clarity on my situation and I feel is going to really help me!

I can't wait to do the Numerology next month for my son and I!

Thank you Gayle! There are no words that can describe the amazing experience I had and how much it helped!" - I.M.
"Gayle is truly gifted in both channeling guidance and contacting loved ones who have passed on.

I've had 2 sessions with her and even though I called from Singapore, she is able to provide advice that is amazingly accurate!

It gave me clarity and direction to the issues that were close to my heart. She also connected with my loved one who passed on 2 years ago, which helped me to find closure and peace.

Her knowledge on Numerology is amazing. Thank you so much Gayle for sharing your gift!" - M.C.
"The Guides come across in session without the filters that a friend or a relative or a trusted person has.

There's no added stuff. This is just your pure intention being delivered to you untainted in a loving and caring way so there's no baggage. It's really pure and informative.

Spirit comes across as being knowledgeable in every area and so specifically attuned and honed to you in that moment.

What you're experiencing, there couldn't be a better adviser.

There could not be a better, more perfect, or crystal laser-focused adviser for you." - W.
"I had a very great experience with Gayle.

I came into the session very anxious about certain aspects of my life. Gayle gave me very clear messages from spirit about my concerns, and some things pertaining to my family that I hadn't mentioned.

She combined this with insightful numerology that has helped me greatly in shaping my career path into one I am happy with.

I am so grateful for her advice, and will definitely come back!" - M.J.
"Very accurate and insight to all aspects of my questions.

Confirmation of many subjects I had already evaluated correctly.

Always enjoyable with her. Will call back." - J.P.
"Had a session today. Was completely amazed and touched.

Will definitely be having another session with her." - C.S.
"Thank you Gayle for an incredible session.

Gayle has an incredible gift.

I feel blessed to have had such a gifted person, who not only was spot on with her session, bring me relief from utter despair of losing a child.

Gayle is a kind sole, compassionate and patient.

My experience was wonderful and I would recommend anyone grieving a loss contact Gayle for a session. Thank You Gayle!" - R.J.
"She gave me helpful advice and validated some issues for me.

Very kind and understanding as I am in a tricky situation and she was able to offer some direction with a situation that is out of my control. She knew what I was thinking and feeling. I will call her again most definitely." - Anonymous
"So amazingly accurate and must try." - Anonymous
"Gayle is real deal.

Helpful with the guidance she receives and believe me there is no way she could explain or describe the things she does unless she was truly connecting with spirit." - L.C.
"I've had two sessions with Gayle and I was very pleased with both.

Gayle was able to connect with several of my loved ones right away.

She was also able to connect with my spirit guides and convey timely and accurate information/insight." - J.R.
"I just got through having a session with Gayle and I feel she is "spot on" with her gift of picking up on my loved ones -

Grandmother, Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother; and the Big surprise was that she picked up on a baby, who was my sister's and was two at the time she passed.

He also passed with her in the auto accident.

It was joyful and comforting to hear from them and to share these lovely feelings.

I highly recommend her.

Gayle is accurate, kind, spiritual, and compassionate." - C.B.
"I had my first session with Gayle yesterday. She was able to connect me with 5 relatives that had passed.

Intimate details and mannerisms verified for me that these were my family members. I was comforted knowing that they are with me always.

The insight into my personal life was helpful in making some difficult choices. Thank you, Gayle." - S.M.
"I had a phone session with Gayle this afternoon. She is extremely professional and very kind.

The time flew by with Gayle filling almost every minute with information about my loved one on the other side.

She was spot on...on so many things...there was literally only one phrase that I did not immediately connect with.

Words cannot express the peace that has come over me knowing that my loved one is happy, joyous and free. Thank you again, Gayle." - K.F.
"I have had several sessions with Gayle and have always been happy I did.

She has been specific and right on target with multiple things no one could know about me.

I always feel as if I have connected with my loved ones.

Would definitely recommend her!" - M.H.
"Please do not hesitate to contact Gayle for a session!

I had a Messages from Heaven session done. Her accuracy is astounding!

Gayle, is comforting, kind and patient. I'm very pleased and content with my session. I look forward to speaking with Gayle again in the future." - C.W.
"I found the session with Gayle to be comforting and helpful here. She is a very kind and compassionate person and answered my questions in detail.

I feel certain that she was able to connect with my loved ones as well.

She truly has a unique gift from God!" - F.S.
"My session with Gayle recently was calming and comforting. She is very caring, very very intuitive, and quite possibly a "bridge".

I would strongly recommend. I will call again." - R.K.
"Gayle provided me with Divine Wisdom channeled from Spirit. I was very nervous and she immediately tapped into easing my fear and making my experience one I could grow from.

Clear and concise, very "warm" experience, I recommend her to all seeking clarity in their lives." - A.K.
"This was my first session with Gayle. She provided me with insight, guidance and reassurance.

The information offered me clarity about myself and life. A very positive experience." - A.S.
"Gayle immediately relayed information from my mother and brother on the other side.

All of the messages from Spirit, guides and loved ones, were deep in meaning and VERY accurate.

I woke up the next morning feeling whole again and purposeful.

Gayle is the perfect messenger for our guides, Spirit and loved ones from the other side.

Her warmth, caring and wise perception and interpretation of my life and loved ones truly impacted me in a profound way.

I will talk to her again! Thank you Gayle!!" - S.M.
"Gayle, thank you for a great experience. I have never had a phone session before and I was amazed at your accuracy and helpfulness.

You have a very soothing manner when talking to people and I am so glad to have chosen you to speak to.

I truly felt your heart in every word.

I hope to speak with you again in the future.

You are the 'real deal.' Regards." - L.I.
"Although I have always been skeptical about sessions, I have also always believed that there are truly gifted intuitives out there. The hard part is finding one.

Gayle Kirk is one of the truly gifted.

My session with Gayle was unlike any other I have experienced.

I felt an immediate connection with her, as she is extremely warm and compassionate, and she enables you to feel completely safe and relaxed in her presence...

During my session, Gayle provided guidance from Spirit Guides with details that she could not have intuited on her own.

It was at once chilling and healing and answered many questions that I have carried in my heart for years...

Thank you, Gayle, for sharing your gift with me and for helping me to see what I was not able to see before."
"Thank you so much, Gayle.

I'm still blown away by my session.

Thank you so much for extending your gifts to the world.

I look forward to talking to you again." - T.C.
"Gayle's marvelous!

Her abilities, a gift from God. Her insights spot on.

Without any prompting, she answered my specific questions before I could ask!!

She had a direct line to my family members on the other side, knowing intimate details only I would know.

Regardless of your life situation, Gayle's messages are uplifting and encouraging.

My issues were 'dark', but she made me feel empowered and inspired to address my life issues.

She's worth every penny.

Don't hesitate. Give her a call!!" - M.G.
"Gayle, you helped me tremendously after my brother passed.

I highly recommend Gayle to anyone looking for new perspective, healing or intuitive insight about a situation.

She has invaluable gifts." - A.F.
"Gayle is amazing.

I had my second session with Gayle recently and was once again blown away by her abilities.

She started the session discussing something that she shouldn't have known about!

She then went into her session and gave detailed information about things happening or getting ready to happen in my life...with nothing more than a few "yes" & "ah huh" responses from me.

She was so easy to talk to and was very sensitive when passing along information that was difficult to hear.

She's great!" - M.M.
"This was my first session and it was a great experience!

Gayle is blessed with an amazing gift.

She helped me connect with the one and only person whose spirit I prayed would come through. It was emotionally comforting and satisfying to hear from my grandmother in-law.

I had a few questions on a piece of paper faced down and Gayle brought up pretty much everything accurately before we even went over anything I had written down which DEFINITLEY leads me to believe she is the real deal!!!!" - L.G.
"I attend church regularly and had always feared that doing work with a "psychic" was somehow contrary to what I had been taught.

Instead, I found the session experience to be a deepening of a truth that already existed in my heart - to know, to access, to understand a calling, a longing, an understanding of a higher power both within and outside of myself.

In other words, to hear from God-- and not in some sort of witchcraft/voodoo way, but in a way that made me feel like I had the answers all along and Gayle just illuminated them so they could be revealed.

In a trance channeled session, Gayle channels voices from Guides who want to pave a pathway for our future guided by light and love.

She is grounded, wise, kind, and wants nothing more than to heal our aching souls." - M.N.
"I was amazed by the experience with Gayle.

I have had some real doubts about whether the experience of connecting with a loved one or spirit guide was real, but Gayle immediately tuned into the big issue that was going on in my life and relayed information that was accurate and detailed.

She also provided great insight into why I was experiencing the challenges going on in my life and helpful suggestions to assist me in working with these. And she did this in a compassionate manner." -K .S.
"Great session! Right on with issues and personalities of loved ones.

Would highly recommend a session and will do so again." - C.E.
"Gayle really knew what was going on in my life.

The session was so insightful and left me with a feeling of being empowered.

I am amazed at Gayle's abilities and look forward to all the good things which are coming. She even saw me moving with boxes around which was so on target.

Gayle hit the nail on the head with not only my situation but also what I am to do. I had a sense of what I needed and she gave me just that to affirm. Highly recommend and will definitely look to her again." - L.M.
"I had my session with Gayle today and she was very accurate.

I came away from the session today with a sense of peace and happiness that I have not had in a long time.

I feel I can finally move forward with my life and be happy. I cannot thank her enough." - B.B.
"I had my first session today with Gayle. She connected with my Mom, Dad, Grandmother, Sister-in-law & best friend from high school.

She was able to tell me things & explain things that were very meaningful to me.

She touched on things that were impossible for her to know without having this amazing gift.

I am so thankful to have experienced this as I know I can grow more spiritual & heal myself with the clarification & acknowledgement she was able to deliver to me.

I highly recommend Gayle!" - W.H.
"I recently had a session with Gayle Kirk and Gayle's abilities are truly amazing.

Talking with Gayle was like talking with an old friend. She connected with Spirit in such a clear way and all of the messages that came through were relevant and accurate.

I'm happy that I had a chance to talk with this gifted lady and that I had an opportunity to connect with my loved ones in Spirit.

Thank you for a wonderful and validating session, Gayle." - K.T.
"Gayle was fantastic!

This was my first session and she was so specific with everything going on around me.

There is absolutely no way she could've known all that level of detail.

It was truly an amazing experience and I can't thank her enough!" - C.M.
"I was completely lost on which direction to take my life, except it was going downhill fast. I debated whether I would find the answers I needed, as well as if this was the "real deal."

After meeting with Gayle, I have never been so clear in my life's plan and can honestly say she expanded my spiritual growth and saved my sanity.

When I left, after an entire session of crying, I had a huge smile on my face. Something I have not done in a very long time." - M.L.
"Hello, Gayle. I had a session with you a year ago. You had told me a number of actions to do to help with my problems. At that time, I didn't feel comfortable following through with what you had advised me to do and so I did not follow your advice.

Consequently, I spent a year emotionally suffering, reading self-help books, going to a therapist, and then finally, I picked up the typed transcript of my session with you (a typed transcript that I had prepared from the verbal transcript you had emailed me after my reading), and there I reread what you had advised me to do.

After suffering for a year, I finally followed your poignant advice, I did what you had advised me to do, and I'm writing to tell you that I already feel I have moved to a more emotionally healthier and peaceful state of mind.

I sincerely thank you with so much appreciation and respect for you regarding what you had advised me to do in my session with you.

Your advice is working; it has helped me so much. Thank you." - P.T.
"Gayle was wonderful -- I connected with my parents and life partner instantly and felt so comforted. Thank you!" - J.B.
"Gayle, all I can say is she was spot on. She knew exactly what was going on.

I have been to many people in my lifetime. I can honestly say that she is one of the top 3.

I am a big believer in Gayle.

No doubt about her. If you want to know the truth, get a reading from her. My Best, Vicky" - V.K.
"I recently had a session with Gayle. She left me speechless.

It is not humanly possible for Gayle to know what she told me. I have never met this woman in my life.

Gayle was so amazing.

I left the session whole and complete. Gayle made me feel very comfortable and open.


It was refreshing to see a person of her caliber. I feel so much more at peace thanks to Gayle." - S.S.
"Gayle is the real deal.

She knew why I came to see her and had the answers I was looking for.

I strongly recommend her as she is a very gifted individual!!!

Again, thank you so much for your time and reading Gayle." - M.M.
"Dear Gayle, thank you for the session which we had yesterday on Aug 2015. You were able to help me connect with my boyfriend who passed 8 months ago with the help of my family members on the other side.

The messages which you received from him and relayed to me have helped me to gain great inner peace and comfort after struggling for so many months with his passing.

You were also very insightful regarding the questions I had about my life situations and difficulties. I cannot thank you enough." - M.C.
"My family and myself went to see Gayle after losing my father. Everything that she said was accurate and heartfelt.

I haven't felt that close to my father in a long time and it was a fantastic experience that my whole family needed.

We will be making another appointment because she was the best medium I have been to." - J.Z.
"I just had a session with Gayle and I am still astonished and shocked.

She is amazing and knew and said things that hardly anyone knew.

She hit the nail on the head with loved ones and helped me a lot to understand things and help me move on and not let the past keep me down. It was like a miracle.

I don't know what else to say except call her.

She is the real deal and you won't be disappointed. I am thankful that I called her." - E.B.
"I have gone to Gayle twice now to receive some guidance and both times have been amazing.

When it comes to connecting with spirit guides, I have never felt so emotional and thankful to have Gayle as a medium." - A.P.
"Gayle - just wanted to thank you for a wonderful session today!

It was so comforting to hear that spirit had answers to my questions before I even asked.

Thank you so much for giving me clarity with my career. It was really helpful.

I really appreciated your kindness and humor.

Thank you so very much for a fantastic reading! I can't wait to speak with you again!" - M.N.
"Before the session, my concern was if Gayle can channel my departed relatives and if she can interpret the cultural differences correctly during such session.

I had no doubt that Gayle channeled my Russian grandmother with all her idiosyncrasies and even her gestures.

It felt great to be able to get some questions answered!!! Thank you, Gayle, you have a very special gift! I shall do this again." - M.S.
"Gayle is a real blessing. I had a wonderful reading with her.

She was accurate, informative, and caring. She hit on pressing areas in my life immediately and validated constantly with her messages/information.

She connected with those loved ones that had passed that I'd hoped to along with one dearly missed pet that I still grieve for.

I walked away with insight and advice on my life as well as great comfort in hearing from my loved ones. It was very emotional and healing for me." - S.M.
"My experience with Gayle was amazing.

I am going through a very difficult time and without sharing any details with Gayle, she was spot on regarding what is going on.

After speaking with her, I was able to come to a sense of peace and acceptance. I truly believe she has a gift and a very caring personality- the combination of both is something that is hard to come by. Thank you for the experience, Gayle!" - M.G.
"My reading with Gayle was very much anticipated. I previously read her website and prepared myself. I've had readings with other Psychic/Medium/Intuitives before, in life, everyone is different and has their own personality/approach.

Gayle touched me, I felt we connected. Yes, she knows and is in contact with Spirit.

She comes from a place of love and compassion. Gayle will answer your questions in a truthful and respectful fashion.

I wanted our session to continue! Until next time! Many thanks!" - M.M.
"Gayle is amazing! I have had 3 opportunities to speak with her and she has helped me so much with my family. She really helps me and my family and I appreaciate her kindness and knowledge.

I had a recent conversation with her and she brought in Numerology. I was very impressed by its importance and how it plays a role in my everyday life.

I highly recommend Gayle. She is amazing and has brought a lot of peace and understanding into my life and how I affect others. Best wishes Always" - J.P.
"I had a reading with Gayle today. It was amazing the specific details she was able to pickup from my loved ones that have crossed over.

I know that my loved ones were coming through to her.

She is the real deal.

I wish I could talk to her everyday. I didn't want our time together to end. I found peace and great comfort from the messages I received. God bless you Gayle and thank you so much for sharing your gift with me." - D.O.
"Gayle was amazing!!!

She is such a warm and caring person and that comes through during her reading.

I had many "OMG" moments during my reading because of the accuracy in her information, and she knew nothing about us and didn't want to.

The images she received from our loved ones and the messages she gave were so spot on.

It was such a beautiful, healing, and loving experience. I will definitely see Gayle again." - W.B.
"I want to discuss my psychic/medium phone meeting with Gayle Kirk. She really nailed it.

She explained the process with me and proceeded to connect with my husband and my mother. Gayle spoke of specifics that no one could have possibly known otherwise, which is hard evidence of her rare gift.

I was amazed with her accuracy!!

It was a great comfort in affirming that our loved ones are really here with us. Without hesitation I would highly recommend her.

Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed!!!" - J.D.
"My experience with Gayle was wonderful. Her gentle way and her accuracy were phenomenal.

She connected with my Mom and Dad and was right on the money.

It was amazing!

I felt and still do feel such peace after this experience. One thing I would suggest to anyone participating is this with Gayle is BUY THE CD! It is more than well worth it. You can never remember one third of what she says and I took notes. I would strongly suggest it! Thank you, Gayle God Bless." - C.B.
"Gayle is wonderful - easy to connect with. Quick and straightforward. Very accurate.

She is the real deal!!" - K.B.
"As someone who has grown up very spiritually aware, I am also acutely aware of when someone is unqualified as a psychic medium and grasping at straws.

Gayle could be no further from that. She instantly connected with my passed loved one, identifying even the specific characteristics that ultimately took my mother's life and though one might think it is easy to "pass off" a generic description of a "motherly type", Gayle was able to with true accuracy identify her unique characteristics. A++" - K.W.
"Gayle is a kind and compassionate conduit of spiritual messages as well as general life guidance issues.

She was able to instantly connect with a beloved grandmother on the other side and deliver details during the call that were spot on about a china set that had been passed on to me.

It was truly amazing.

Gayle was also able to connect with our much loved dog Danny and his message helped us heal as as a family. Again, Gayle was able to deliver specific details about his life and his passing." - E.W.
"I want to thank Gayle for the special reading I had the other day. With her love and humor, she gave me the opportunity to "meet" my dad - and grandmothers again.

It was truly special and gave me peace in my heart.

It was also very comforting and helpful the support I was given through the way she could see my life situation and that gave me encouragement into the future.

The reading was so natural and relaxed and it gave me the power I need for my light to keep shining" - A.M.
"My reading with Gayle was as if I was in the wonderful company of my deceased loved ones once again.

This was my first session with Gayle, but it certainly won't be my last!" - D.H.
"I had a very nice and insightful reading with Gayle. I asked for a channeled reading, even though my father has passed on. Immediately, she picked him up and was spot on with everything.

Even though she didn't focus on his messages and kept it quick as I asked for another type of reading, I still loved that she connected with him!

In the reading she called out times of my past that have made me who I am today and still shape my future.

She gave me very valuable advice!

Strongly recommend!" - K.B.
"My first reading and found it to be a very pleasant experience.

Gayle was able to clearly identify 3 distinct departed love ones and I felt real love, caring and compassion for her skills and interpretation at conveying a clear message.

Her spirit guide also gave me a valuable message for myself which will help guide me in my life. Thanks so much." - K.G.
"I was SO SKEPTICAL of an over the phone reading!! I took the chance and called Gayle.

I am sooooo happy I did! She was immediately on point when connecting with my loved ones.

I have such a sense of relief after talking with her.

She absolutely knew things that validated for me, the fact that she is absolutely the real deal.

I am so thankful I called. I will absolutely be calling her again." - M.H.
"Gayle is so gifted and I really enjoyed my reading with her.

She connected me with my loved ones and provided an excellent numerology reading as well which gave me direction and guidance. Thank you Gayle!" - C.B.
"Wow! What a wonderful experience I had today with Gayle.

I was amazed during the reading with her that she was able to help me to make a connection with my dad, who died when I was nine, who gave me loving reassurance that he is here with me.

He also gave her facts that only he could have known.

Gayle also gave me a psychic reading and literally answered my questions that I had written down before I asked her!!!

She is wonderful!! I HIGHLY recommend!" - J.R.
"I had an amazing reading today.

Not only did Gayle come they with the loved ones I wanted a message from, she gave me the answers and guidance I was seeking.

Two words, "SPOT ON"!

I feel like a made a connection with her not only as an advisor but a friend too. Thank you." - S.S.
"I felt inspired to get a reading from Gayle, due to the fact that I needed some clarity on a situation regarding my mother. As per her suggestion I wrote out 3 to 5 questions to ask.

She actually answered every one of them during the reading itself. I love the connection we had, it felt more like I was talking to an old friend.

If you are feeling guided to get a reading, Just do It! You will not be disappointed.

Thank You, Gayle, for sharing your Gift!" - N.B.
"I had a wonderful reading with Gayle yesterday.

My grandmother and uncle came through and the information shared was really helpful and very accurate.

Gayle is very caring when she brings information across.

I highly recommend her." - J.L.
"Gayle received messages from the very three people I had hoped she would contact. The information she conveyed was specific, accurate, enlightening, and comforting.

I definitely will call Gayle again." - V.M.
"Gayle is truly amazing.

My father died tragically 16 years ago and Gayle knew exactly what had happened and helped me heal from her words and direction.

In just 1 session, she helped me process and move forward with my life and pain more than the 15 years of therapy ever did.

Today, she said things that she could not possible know about.

It was astounding and made me feel at peace once again.

She is incredible." - L.M.
"Gayle was so accurate she connected with my mother, father, grandmother, and little dog who have passed on and gave me many accurate details about each one of them.

She is very kind and easy to talk too.

Gayle also helped me with personal problems and answered all of the questions I had for her.

I highly recommend Gayle.

If you are looking for a very accurate, uplifting reading, do not hesitate to call Gayle" - S.G.
"She knew things nobody would know. I was shocked!

Now I have a message to pass to my mother...

Unbelievable..." - M.S.
"I just had a reading with Gayle. It was excellent and well worth every penny.

She is very comfortable to talk too and the information she provided was, in my opinion, 99.9% accurate.

She brought the people through that I wanted to hear from and also provided a psychic reading after.

I was able to agree with everything she told me about my family and I was happy to hear about the psychic information.

I will definitely call her again." - T.D.
"I was skeptical at first, but willing to try a reading.

First time in my life to try this sort of thing.

Gayle was warm, friendly and easy to talk to. I loved her spirituality and humilty.

My parents and brother have both passed, leaving my sister and I as the last of our family. Gayle immediately introduced my mom and the my brother who has been dead for 50 years! Then she identified my dad.

What shocked me was she spoke of my living sister. She had identified my entire family.

Some of the details she disclosed were known only to me, convincing me beyond all doubt that this was real.

The messages were positive and encouraging and on point.

I am glad I took the chance despite my reservations." - N.B.
"Gayle was wonderful and very accurate!" - J.E.
"The reading with Gayle was super powerful and insightful.

Everything she said matched up with my own hunches. I know Spirit was speaking through her, bringing clarity to my "guy" situation which allowed me to confidently move forward without fear, but rather relief.

I am so glad I spoke with her when I did... she is an honest, loving, divinely guided woman who is truly gifted in bringing light to what is obscure and hidden.

I will absolutely be talking with her again! THANK YOU!" - M.R.
"I had a phone reading with Gayle that was truly great.

I have had many different types of readings by others, but Gayle's personality combined with her astounding accuracy was absolutely great.

I plan to use her in the future for any questions I have or loved ones I want to contact. Thank you Gayle!" - M.S.
"I am fortunate and blessed to have recently had a reading (my first) with Gayle. Her gentle, caring, and sensitive manner put me right at ease.

She clearly connected with my loved one and his personality and love radiated through. This was affirming and uplifting. I received guidance to some questions that makes sense and resonates with my core.

My only frustration is that I come from a large family and did not schedule enough time...thankfully I can schedule another visit down the road! :)" - K.M.
"My sister and I had a reading with Gayle and were pleasantly surprised. She connected with family members that we were hoping to hear from and brought some closure to a touchy subject.

She's the real deal! We will be back!" - J.K.
"Thank you Gayle for a amazing reading.

I was able to get resolution from my mom who has passed on.

She was able to give me insight on my person relationship and my career.

She was able to give me specific details about my life with out me giving her any information.

She was wonderful and I felt very relaxed and peaceful after my reading. She was able to answer my specific questions and was right on.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs spiritual guidance and life coaching." - E.H.
"I reading enjoyed my reading with Gayle, she is quick to connect, accurate, and honest." - A.K.
"My reading was truly an amazing experience!

Gayle's ability to communicate with those who have passed allows us to receive comfort, closure, and wisdom from our loved ones. I was blessed with the opportunity to have several family members present and how joyous that was.

My sincere gratitude to Gayle and the special way she handles the sessions which makes for such a calming experience. I highly recommend Gayle and her God-given ability to pass along to us peace from our loved ones." - R.O.
"Gayle was warm and easy to talk to. She covered a lot in my session and she made me feel better about my recent life changes. With little information she had me pegged pretty well. I would definitely recommend her to friends. " - L.M.
"I had a wonderful session with Gayle including both the messages from heaven and life coaching. The messages from heaven was lively (as my loved ones were in life) touching and healing. She had many great facts from my loved ones, some of which I recognized immediately and others that I am still processing and understanding.

The psychic life coaching was spot on with Gayle very quickly seeing my life purpose as well as my struggles and challenges. All in all a great experience! Thank you Gayle!" - J.G.
"My experience with Gayle was very calming and enlightening. She is a great communicator, both with myself and the spirits she was reaching. Her life advice was very helpful, and she was able to recommend good resources for further reading.

I had very specific questions and Gayle was great about answering them and giving me some clarity in my life. I would recommend Gayle to anyone seeking professional psychic and medium services." - C.J.
"I had my first phone reading with Gayle recently, and was very impressed with her psychic ability to know key issues I was going through in detail! Gayle was able to help me understand why I was going through these struggles, and how they are meant to help me grow.

She described certain people and events in my life without me ever revealing information. Gayle was exactly what I needed to help me get back on the right track...thanks to her intuitive guidance and clarity! I'm very pleased!" - C.W.
"Gayle is amazing. I have had several readings over the years, but Gayle was amazing.

She was able to tell me why I was calling and even answered my questions without me offering more than a few "yes/no" responses. Just amazing.

The reading offered me clarity and peace. I highly recommend Gayle." - M.B.
"I researched several psychic/mediums before I decided to work with Gayle for the first time. I am going through the most difficult time in my 39 years of life and the past two years have been devastating. I needed guidance and someone I could trust. I needed that push to keep me going strong and positive no matter what position I felt like.

I was and am 100% satisfied with Gayle and I recommend her to anyone for honest and sincere guidance. I will call upon her again as I go thru this trial" - J.P.
"Gayle IS the real deal.

I had a life coaching session and I was pleasantly surprised that 2 of my loved ones came through from the other side. It was unexpected, but what a treat! The life coaching was very good and answered my questions.

I went from filled with anxiety to peaceful and happy by the end of our session. And it has stayed with me for several days. I am very grateful for our session and plan to talk with her again. Thank you Gayle." - P.M.
"This was my second visit to Gayle, she is amazing. There is no doubt she connected with my Mother. She gave amazing details. It was a very healing reading and would recommend Gayle to anyone. " - C.C.
"I recently completed my participation in a Trance Channeling Group hosted by Gayle Kirk and I can honestly say it was one of the most lovely and inspiring spiritual group experiences I have ever had.

Gayle is completely grounded, kind, and brought her sense of humor and deep compassion to every member of our group, which served to nurture a trusting and intimate atmosphere.

The Guides with whom Gayle works are insightful, intuitive, wise, and endlessly loving. I felt a true sense of how beloved each person in our group really is and how eager the Guides are to help us on our journey to awareness and grace.

My questions were answered in a specific way as well as in a way that led me to think about my approach to my life more broadly. Each channeled message inspired me to be more flexible and forgiving toward myself and others and offered clear ways I can pursue the life I want.

It was a wonderful opportunity to share my life journey with other like-minded people and we all felt more connected and aligned after our time with Gayle and the Guides. I would definitely recommend Gayle to anyone interested in experiencing a Trance Channeled Reading. In addition to incredible insight and guidance, you will have a lot of FUN!!!" - P.N.
"When I listened to the Group Trance Channeling Sessions, I became quite relaxed and peaceful listening to the Spirit Guides' words and voice.

So interesting to hear your voice and the Guides' voices "blend" as you spoke for them. I got a good visualization of you channeling in my mind's eye.

The Spirit Guides sound so very wise and compassionate in both of the recordings that I listened to. The questions from the participants I could certainly relate to.

So wish to do this myself!

I am enjoying being able to "listen in" right now. Looking forward to hearing more, Gayle.

It is helping me in my spiritual practice too.

You are sharing something very meaningful with all of us.

Be well and happy! Hugs to you." - P.T.
"Greetings Gayle - I too want to thank you for your time, energy and expertise. It was a deep pleasure working with you and supporting the other members of this Channeling Skype Group - both in body and without!

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to tune in all together that allowed the energy of Spirit to join us in a perceptive way. The voice of Wisdom is simple, straight forward and clear.

Thank you for being such a clear and true Channel of Light and Wisdom. Many blessings on your continued growth in this work and the support that you will offer to so many. Sat nam" - K.E.
"In some ways, I think a Trance Channeled Reading is way more powerful than a Psychic Reading or an astrological reading even though I love getting those as well because it's so wise. It's so simple and pure and wise.

The energy of the intuitive or the psychic or the person giving the reading - you don't have that person's worldview. I mean I'm sure you do sort of. I'm sure on some level the Guides use the vocabulary that Gayle knows and they have to speak in a voice that Gayle knows, but it feels so objective. I find it invigorating. Talk about an affirmation of faith.

I had Psychic Life Coaching with you Gayle that was super productive and we had a great connection and I've used that. I feel like that reading is in place in my life. It was great. I would never take it back, but there's something about a Trance Channeled Reading where you're just like, my Beloved want's me to lie down when my back hurts. That's so awesome, not just that this cool lady in Boston named Gayle wants me to do it. My Beloved, all my Team, my forever Team wants me to do it. It feels more expansive, not just like a regular psychic reading. It's beyond time and space." - P.
"I recently did a Channeled Telephone Reading, plus a Numerology with Gayle.

I really wasn't expecting a whole lot from the Numerology session, but it was unbelievably spot on!

The channeling was also great. The Spirits answered my questions kindly and thoroughly and even brought up issues with me that they felt they should address.

I definitely recommend a reading with Gayle; very trustworthy and loving." - C.P.
"I was not sure what to expect but it was just what I needed. I was in a place that I needed to know what was the divine plan. I have had some rough times lately and it was if I was unable to hear my own thoughts and voice and my spiritual guide.

She was able to tell me things that made since and help me focus my mind to make those necessary decisions. I am so happy I spoke with her. She is pleasant caring and positive. If you are searching for clarity do not hesitate call. " - C.P.
"I recently had an in person session with Gayle. Although i was a bit nervous before hand, upon meeting her, her loving and kind demeanor put me at ease. Her intuitions about my personality and goals were spot on. Gayle was a great help and i enjoyed my experience." - B.F.
"This was my first reading with a medium. Gayle is the 'Real Deal' no doubt!

She revealed only want I and my late husband would know about his life. She gave me peace and comfort knowing our loves are with us always and will be with them when we cross over. One message was so profound that it gave me hope,happiness and peace. It was amazing! Thank you Gayle for soothing my heart." - V.H.
"My experience with Gayle was great. She began the reading as she said she would and immediately focused on the area of need that I was inquiring about. It seemed to just scream at her that I really was searching for help or clarification.

I would strongly recommend Gayle as she really seemed to help me. I will definitely talk to her again in the future as well." - L.C.
"This was my first phone call reading with Gayle, she was amazing! There is no doubt she connected with my Father. She gave amazing details regarding my Dad and passed along messages to share with my family.

It was a very healing reading and would highly recommend Gayle to anyone." - E.S.
"The time flew by as gayle received information from both people I hoped to contact as well as a couple of surprise visitors. " - P.C.
"I had the pleasure of doing a skype session with Gayle along with my 2 teenage daughters. The main reason for the session was to connect with my mom in heaven which was very successful.

Gayle told us many things about my mom that without a doubt we knew my mom's spirit was present with us. Gayle also did numerology with my teenagers to point out their gifts, talents, and life purposes.

I never imagined the time spent with Gayle would be so valuable to our lives." - C.N.
"Gayle is very down to earth and delivers her reading in a way that is not intimidating.

The information she brings through is helpful and practical. Visits with loved ones on the other side are not frightening or traumatizing, even if difficult matters are discussed.

Gayle's positive attitude and helpful, supportive manner make each reading a pleasure." - J.F.
"It was very intersting to say the least. She was very nice and i learned a lot of things that I needed to hear. She is the REAL DEAL! will be returning. Thanks Gayle!" - J.B.
"I've scheduled readings with Gayle on two different occasions, and each time I felt at peace from the truly marvelous connections she provided.

If you are at all curious about the spirit realm, or need guidance with life purpose, do not hesitate to call her. The time you spend with Gayle will be a profound experience." - B.R.
"Thank you, Gayle. I had just the reading I hoped for. I got clarity on all the matters I really wanted help with.

What was most amazing about my first reading was that you were able to give me information that was extremely helpful but anticipated. For the rest of the reading, you expertly covered the matters that I had on my wish list and brought up many details that no one could have possibly been able to provide you beforehand. Thank you! " - N.L.
"I was so pleased to hear from loved ones during my reading with Gayle. I appreciate her method of practice and her kind spirit.

I was immediately connected with my loved ones and it has helped me to know that they are doing well in their new home. She even connected to some past animals!! She mentioned a rainbow card and it meant nothing to me, but when I asked my sister she said it was sitting on her night stand in the room my deceased mother stayed in...

Amazing! Thank you Gayle!" - R.W.
"Incredible! I had a phone reading with Gayle today, she was right on the money with everything.

Gayle touched on things about me that she could not have guessed or known, she is a truly gifted intuitive medium. She described my father who is on the other side so accurately it gave me chills. Thank you Gayle for helping me to see clearly what I need to do next.

I will be speaking to you again, and I'm sure you'll see me on one of your classes." - R.M.
"It was amazing, and on the money. We had a family reading and Gayle concentrated on my husband as he was the one with most of the questions.

I was amazed how accurate and precise she was. I am certain I will arrange a time with again to look into my means of life Thank you " - M.P.
"I really enjoyed my reading. I came into the session having no idea how to approach various aspects of my life, and left with a clear mind and feeling very peaceful. One of my family members also came through which was great. I will definitely be back!" - J.M.
"After my session with I was filled with was what I was looking for! Gayle was able to point me the direction for healing and purpose! I have great love for her" - J.S.
"I spoke with Gayle and she gave me accurate information that proved she was connecting with my loved ones. She knew things and spoke in a way that they would only know and speak. I got a lot of clarity and felt relief after speaking with Gayle.

I believe she is honest and gifted. She told me exactly what I needed to hear at the time I needed to hear it most. " - L.C.
"I enjoyed my reading. I felt that it helped me reconfirm what I already knew and provided me with validation from my love ones in spirit." - E.B.
"What a positive and uplifting experience.

I felt safe and cared for as Gayle shared messages and insights for me.

In addition to connection with loved ones and guidance for life path questions, I was able to address an old and deep wound I've never had the courage to speak up about in traditional counseling settings.

The beauty of it was not needing to explain in detail, yet the healing lifted a great weight.

I feel 20 lbs lighter and am filled with Gratitude." - S.A.
"This is my second reading with Gayle. Not only does she connect with your spirit guides to help in finding answers to your questions, she is also very compassionate.

She really is the real deal.

Midway through the reading, she said that one of the spirits was there. She started to spell his name...MAR. I instantly knew who it was, it was my best friend Marvin who passed away a few years ago.

Not that I ever thought she wasn't the real deal, but this sealed the deal for me!" - V.R.
"Meeting with Gayle was like catching up with an old friend. Her reflections and comments were right on point and accurately reflected those family members who spoke with her.

Gayle was honest and caring in her approach and made sure I understood the points she was trying to make.

I found her suggestions for personal growth very helpful and they affirmed what I was already sensing about myself and my life.

I would happily meet with Gayle again." - Y.M.
"I just finished a reading with Gayle and am very happy I did.

She was very accurate about the details of a loved one who has crossed over.

The experience has been very comforting and healing with messages from the loved one.

Gayle was very caring and personable. It was an amazing experience!" - G.K.
"I think my reading went very well even though I didn't get answers to specific questions due to privacy. However, Gayle gave me something far greater and long lasting.

She gave me the knowledge to help myself so I don't need the answers to those questions.

I thought it was wonderful that my reading was used to send a very special message to my husband from his mother. It was heartfelt news for him. He needed to hear what she said. Thanks, Gayle." - T.G.
"Gayle has helped me through a very difficult time in my life for the past 5 years.

She is amazing and ACCURATE!

Gayle helps me with clarity and direction.

Everything that she said about my situation has unbelievably come true.

I feel strengthened with strong purpose after our communication. Thank you, Gayle!" - J.P.
"Hi. I just wanted to post a comment for Gayle. I had never met her before having a session with her and all I can say is, she is amazing.

Her accuracy as to the details of my situation was spot on.

My time with her was incredibly healing and special and I recommend her to anyone who may be experiencing grief or needing some accurate and compassionate guidance.

She is awesome." - C.B.
"My reading with Gayle was EXCEPTIONAL!!!

I'm so glad I had a chance to talk with her and receive the wonderful advice provided.

Gayle mentioned many things that only I would know of.

She truly is the real deal and I look forward to another reading with her. Thank you again, Gayle!" - K.C.
"Gayle is definitely and trust me: I have talked to many psychics throughout the years. She was the sweetest, most accurate, and honest I have ever talked to and I NEVER EXAGGERATE, especially since trusting and talking to a psychic is too personal and serious.

I have already recommended her to my best friends and my family.

THANK YOU so much Gayle and I will talk to you again in the near future." - J.E.
"Gayle was very helpful to connect to my husband. He wanted to give me a message about his death and he was able to do that through her.

He was also able to answer questions that I had through her. Even his personality came out and I was able to laugh like I did when he was alive.

It was a great sense of peace in being able to talk to him again." - M.Z.
"Hi Gayle. It was a pleasure to write a review. Unfortunately, I couldn't fit it all in 500 words, but I wrote what I could.

The time you gave me in that hour truly changed my life from the moment I left.

I would like to sign up for your Spiritual Development Class as well as ask when you will have another Psychic Development Class.

I hope you receive all the same kindness you have shown others. Blessed be." - R.L.
"My Mother and I recently had a reading with Gayle and it was absolutely incredible!

I have never had a reading before and was amazed by the messages Gayle was able to pass on to us.

We were able to get in touch with a lot of loved family and friends who have passed away.

It was a life changing experience and we can't say Thank You enough to Gayle! We will most certainly be back for another reading!" - J.M.
"I had a very nice experience with Gayle.

Everything she said about my past was 100% accurate which gives me faith that everything she told me about my near future will become my reality soon.

I will definitely go back and see her again." - R.P.
"After contemplating for 15 years about having a reading, I finally scheduled one with Gayle. It was breathtaking!

She immediately connected to the spirits I was hoping to reach and described them perfectly.

The energy and love I felt is still with me, days after the reading. Gayle was "on" about things nobody else would know about and has left me with a sense of calmness.

I highly recommend Gayle. Her professionalism and knowledge are over the top!" - L.M.
"Thanks so much Gayle for giving me such a wonderful reading and guidance through questions I have had in life.

I have had multiple readings from Gayle and each one has been great. Thanks so much." - N.N.
"Gayle is a warm, grounded, and gifted intuitive.

She provided me with wonderful guidance and insight matched with practical suggestions and compassion.

From the first moment of speaking with Gayle, I was comfortable with her and felt at ease.

I could tell that she cared deeply about her work and has the highest intention of providing a wonderful service to her clients.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Gayle." - P.N.
"Excellent reading - great insight into situation.

Really enjoyed reading- very accurate and insightful." - J.P.
"After experiencing what I went through this past year, I realize how essential your work is to helping those separated from their loved ones.

I also realized today after our reading, how important it is to carry on here even though I am now without the only two people that ever helped me to feel grounded on this earth and as if I belong here. At least I am now assured that they are still with me.

I was so thrilled to hear from my partner as he was my rock. Hearing from my mother was incredibly healing. I loved her more than anything, but the guilt after her death was disabling to me. That burden has been lifted now that I know she "gets" me and is okay with my need to be me.

By the way, when I got to the barn today, my horse was there waiting for me and there was a softness about her that I had never seen before! I think even she is feeling healed thanks to you and Spirit! That was a real bonus today. I am going to work on getting her a companion to bond with like Spirit recommended.

Anyway, I will try to compose a testimonial that will be helpful for you, although honestly Gayle, it is very hard to put into words the importance of the work that you do. I am so very appreciative that you do this. Much Love to You." - A.B.
"When I walked in to the Messages from Heaven Group Program in Wellesley, I was so skeptical.

Gayle read my daughters and myself and hit on everything.

Not one thing she said wasn't true and no one would know.

I left wanting to meet with her personally. Thank you. I had the best night and Gayle was right on.

She said things to me and my daughters that only my husband would of known.

Gayle described him eerily exactly like he was.

She gave the girls a peace since his passing was only 5 months ago." - C.J.
"Eased my soul and heart by this reading...Thank you so much!!!" - M.M.
"Gayle did a great job.

She came up with names and details there is no way she could have known.

Very impressive!" - K.O.
"Gayle was fantastic. She was right on target with my loved ones whom have passed on. She was warm, loving and compassionate.

She knew things no one else could possibly know.

I highly recommend Gayle. She is truly gifted.

She made me feel more at peace after my visit." - L.P.
"I thought the channeling was very beautiful and I could have talked to the Guides all day. I think it's a beautiful dialogue. It's one that you want to relish and enjoy...

I always kind of feel a channeled reading is like speaking to a trusted friend or adviser...Here you are pouring out your heart and feelings to this safe little cocoon that you're in and getting this wisdom back...I think it's quite beautiful.

On some levels, it's very powerful for us to remember that we always have this adviser that we can go to. We can go to it in our own thoughts, in our own dreams, in our own connection with Spirit, and in our own meditations. Having another channel to remind us of that helps.

Often times people are scared to come to it (Spirit) themselves. They say, 'Oh, I'm not special. I can't talk with Spirit. I need someone else to translate for me.' So they come to people like you to give them that and then when they get in the rhythm of that acceptance, then it's easier for them to hear their own thoughts in the shower or meditating or brushing their teeth. They're like, 'Oh, I should do this today. Okay.' You start to get the messages for yourself more clearly." - K.
"Gayle is fantastic!

She was direct, to the point, and full of wisdom and common sense. She easily assessed my situation and was very accurate.

She certainly has a gift!

Her intuitive insight was very helpful for a few situations I needed help with. She's wonderful." - D.M.
"I just had a reading with Gayle. She told me things I needed to hear and that was really cool.

She insisted on positivity and service as the goals of her reading and the goals for my life and that was moving.

She gave me excellent guidance. She also gave me some confusing things, but I have a sense that it will become clear over time because so much of what she said was so accurate." - R.M.
"I really thought Gayle gave me a very deep, introspective insightful view into something about my pets that had been on my mind and heart for a very long time.

It was accurate and personal. I was impressed and the singing bowls were an added experience that made me feel very at ease and complete.

I'm very happy with the experience." L.D.
"I love the energy shift when you're going into trance channel.

It is so soothing, lovely, cozy, and lulling - the energy that comes in. It just feels so welcoming and precious. It really does. It's heartwarming and precious. It reminds me of being in a rocking chair with my grandmother when I was a little girl and being totally enveloped in her. It felt really great." - W.
"Gayle was wonderful enough to do a reading for me on short notice and I could not be more appreciative to her for that.

I was a mess and needed some guidance desperately. She was warm, supportive, and spot on.

She helped me get back on track and ease my worries.

I would highly recommend Gayle and will definitely be contacting her again.

Many, many thanks, Gayle." - D.R.
"Gayle is warm and caring person with a very special gift.

I lost my bestfriend/my soulmate three months ago.

Gayle was able to speak to my sweetheart and the messages she passed on to me from my sweetheart were very accurate. Thank you, Gayle. Until we talk again." - M.S.
"I made myself a promise today after my session with Gayle and that is to check in with her every six months or so and more often if I feel the need.

With love and guidance so readily available, there is just no reason to struggle or suffer.

The messages from my loved ones were confirmed by guidance from Spirit, lifting a burden I have been carrying for most of my life.

Thanks to Gayle's tremendous gift, I feel empowered again.

God bless you, Gayle. May the Universe always be kind to you." - P.T.
"If your looking to connect to a loved one you have found your Medium.

She was very good at validating who and how my loved ones passed on.

If you need closure or just guidance don't look any further.

Thank you for a wonderful experience." - J.C.
"My first experience with Group Channeling was with Gayle last month. When she began channeling Spirit and the Guides addressed me, it was as if the Guides knew me even though she did not.

The wisdom that emerged from the session was so applicable to me. When I drove home, I felt renewed motivation about life in general and a deeper understanding of myself and my life purpose.

I participated in two hour-long group sessions and one month later I am still processing everything that came out of the session.

I especially loved the group setting because all six women in the group bonded and continued the conversation after the channeling was finished. Also, it was fascinating to see how each person's reading from Spirit had parallels in our own life. It was just beautiful! And so much fun." - S.K.
"Gayle was nice enough to do a short notice reading. She helped me connect with my son who recently passed away.

This really helped ease my sorrow of his passing.

I definitely know my son was there speaking to me and letting me know that he is ok. Thanks, Gayle." - K.L.
"I recently finished a session with Gayle. She immediately connected with my father who passed quite some time ago. I have always wanted to know if he was at peace. It's comforting to know he's around.

I have no doubt that she was channeling him.

I called for spiritual guidance on a few areas of my life. I found Gayle's insights to be quite relevant and I feel more confident that I am going in the right direction." - C.B.
"I had a reading with Gayle today and I have to say it was inspiring.

I have been looking to connect with someone who really has a gift of psychic ability and after being fooled many times, I finally found the real deal in Gayle.

Thanks Gayle for your insight and guidance. You put some past issues to rest and provided closure for me.

Everything Gayle said in our session rang true and was accurate without giving hardly any information.

Try her. You will love her as I do!" - G.M.
"I had my first reading with Gayle and she was amazing.

Without me saying a word, she started with the first issue I called about and then moved into the second.

She is very talented at what she does." - M.A.
"Gayle is a gifted Medium.

I met with her for a phone reading and was overjoyed with my close family and friends she was able to connect to during the reading, that had passed on to the other side.

The overall reading was emotionally uplifting for me and gave me peace knowing that their spirits still knew and cared about my well-being on earth." - A.E.
"I met with Gayle Kirk a little while back and wasn't sure what to expect, but went with an open mind.

What she shared with me was amazing and very correct in many ways, especially with my brother.

She knew of his passing and his special cross that was meant for his daughter. She knew of certain circumstances why he was taken from us here on earth.

She brought closure for me and was able to pass a message from him to give to his daughter.

I plan on going back to see her to resolve other issues." - L.P.
"Metaphorically speaking, Gayle's advice was like being wrapped in a warm & cozy blanket. She conveyed the wisdom of my elders with a soft and gentle sensitivity.

She knew things about me and my life that no one else would know...her gift is genuine!!

Don't bother with a psychotherapist. One session with Gayle will give you all the answers & direction you are seeking." - D.H.
"My reading was speechless.

I was so blessed to speak and hear from my sweetheart who I miss more than I can ever express.

Thanks, Gayle. I can't wait to talk again." - M.S.
Hi Gayle, I want to thank you again for my fantastic session on 3/27. I did manage to pass my cousin's message on to her mother (and her sister was listening in) on Monday so I hope she will find it helpful.

I've listened to my CD 3 times already and it just seems more amazing on each listen.

I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Best wishes & stay well." - L.S.
"Gayle Kirk gave The Sippican Woman's Club in Marion, MA a wonderful jump start to our club year with her program MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN.

She presented a program which kept everyone's interest and delivered messages in a sensitive and compassionate manner while still maintaining momentum and energy for all to appreciate.

Gayle demonstrated her professionalism from the very outset of my initial contact in making arrangements to schedule her program as well as during her presentation and follow up. Thank you Gayle." - Deborah Bush
"Gayle is welcoming like an old friend. I was nervous prior to my reading, but as we spoke and especially after we prayed together, I was at ease.

I'm grateful for my reading; it was accurate and touched on questions buried so deeply, I was actually surprised to hear the answers.

I listened to my CD 3-4 times afterward and realized with joy that there were layers in the meaning of what Spirit communicated through Gayle; I find this profound.

Soul searching? Find Gayle. I know I'll see her again!" - S.J.
"My reading with Gayle was very accurate and informative. She was able to zero in on issues and questions I had with very little (and often no) information from me.

She also connected clearly with loved ones who had passed over. Her reading style is warm and supportive and I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her.

I have had many readings with different people over the years and my reading with Gayle was definitely one of the best I have ever had.

I highly recommend a reading with Gayle." - L.P.
"I just had a reading with Gayle Kirk and that reading validated for me Gayle's authenticity as a very gifted and skilled psychic.

Gayle readily validated many facts about my life. She brought clarity to a number of troubling situations in my life. Gayle offered astute advice that resonated as being the best advice to follow and the reading was inspiring, filling me with a healing and hope-filled energy. I am so grateful to her." - P.A.
"My reading with Gayle was fantastic!

I heard from/about the person I was hoping to contact and had a lot of "Wow" moments.

We even did a brief numerology session was very informative and right on the mark.

It was an incredible experience and I will definitely be calling Gayle again." - L.S.
"Wonderful, enriching reading with Gayle. I was amazed how accurate she was with no information.

She was able to contact my brother, talk about his state of being, and knew all of the details of his personality.

This provided much peace of mind to me. Gayle is also a complete pleasure to speak with.

I highly recommend her services." - B.K.
"Gayle was great!

It was an awesome experience and I felt like I really connected to my loved ones through her.

She is an amazing individual and you won't be disappointed." - J.L.
"I had my first reading with Gayle today. Gayle was very loving, supportive and she makes me feel very at ease.

Even though the reading was conducted over an audio Skype call (with me in Malaysia), it went very smoothly and I am so happy to have connected with my loved ones.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who yearns to hear from their departed loved ones and who needs divine guidance." - L.W.
"My meeting with Gayle was incredibly profound and healing. Her accuracy as to the details of my situation were spot on.

She is an incredibly gifted medium, compassionate human being and very professional.

I am now certain that my loved ones are still here with me and although I miss them terribly, this knowledge has given me incredible peace. If you are at all wondering if you should go ahead with an appointment, I sincerely urge you just to do it. I am so glad that I did." - A.B.
"Gayle was a beautiful, calming presence as I arrived, as I was a bundle of energy and nerves as I have never had a visit such as this with a psychic/medium prior. It was uncanny how Gayle channeled some of my family members who passed over, and trust me, there was NO prior knowledge whatsoever.

She brought things to light only someone who know or had knowledge of my passed loved ones could. She connected with my spirit guides and provided me a wonderful reading.

I recommend her w/o hesitation." - M.A.
"Wow is all I can say! My reading with Gayle was fantastic.

I had hoped for some guidance regarding a potential romance & the message came thru loud & clear!

I also got to connect with my grandfather thru Gayle & the message he relayed was EXACTLY what I had asked spirit to show.

There was no way anyone could have known!

I will definitely come back for another reading in a few months. Excellent :-)" - J.M.
"This was my first Psychic Reading and it was a great experience!

Gayle was wonderful enough to do a reading for me on short notice. She was right on point with everything she saw and she left me with all the information and tools I need to move forward in my life, my relationship and my career.

I needed some guidance. She was warm, supportive, and spot on. She helped me get back on track and ease my worries.

I would highly recommend Gayle and will definitely be contacting her again." - M.H.
"I had a reading with Gayle last Friday. She is amazing.

There was only one thing out of a host of information that didn't ring a bell. She nailed everything.

I cannot recommend her enough. She was kind and compassionate. I am excited to get the recording so that I can be amazed again. She gave me a great deal of peace." - D.O.
"I recently had a reading with Gayle and also a Tibetan bell healing session. The healing session was enjoyable and relaxing.

Gayle has a very common sense approach to her readings. If you are looking for a psychic/medium to give you direct answers to questions, Gayle is not the person you want to see. She has more of a spiritual approach, which is very different and wasn't quite what I was expecting.

The healing session is very nice and enjoyable. I recommend it!" - J.B.
"I got a 25 min Psychic Life Coaching reading with Gayle. This may not SEEM like a lot, but it IS when you're in the hands of a master!

I liked and trusted her instantly. She cuts right to the core, trims the fat and tells it like it is with sincere compassion.

She was right on point with everything she saw and she left me with all the information and tools I need to move forward in my life, my relationship and my career. Gayle, you're wonderful and I know we will speak again! :)" - M.B.
"I had a very satisfying reading with her. From the moment we started taking, I felt an instant connection that made the experience so much more spiritual.

The reading itself was very enlightening and was very helpful.

The guidance I received from the spirit guides through her have definitely made a positive impact on me and my future." - L.
"Gayle is wonderful - easy to connect with.

Quick and straightforward.

Very accurate.

She is the real deal!!" - K.
"I had a great reading with Gayle.

This was the first reading and she was very accurate with what she said regarding what was going on around me." - R.W.
"Gayle was wonderful and very accurate!" - J.
"Very intuitive. Her very first statement hit upon my main issue for calling in.

Compassionate and sensitive woman, amazingly accurate reading." - G.S.
"Pretty accurate whats going on in my situation.

Needed to hear the truth and she told me...lets see if positivity comes thru for me in the new year. Keeping fingers crossed!" - L.S.
"Last week I had the privilege of having had a reading by Gayle Kirk. Before the reading even started she was awesome. She was so kind and gave me a reading only 1 hour after I called since I was in crisis mode due to a dying friend and an honored family member.

Gayle was able to mention things that only I knew, things that resonated with me, that I never mentioned, and things that happened to me that only I knew.

She said things that were far from random, but specific to my crisis which I wish to keep somewhat personal.

But again, had I not had this done, I am afraid I would have frankly still been a mess. She gave me the comfort I needed during a crisis and I knew and know that there will be a place waiting for us when we go as well.

I was reassured that though my friend is gone, I still will not walk alone. It's incredible, but I am very sure of it.

You must get a reading with Gayle.

There are no words to describe it. Thank you, Gayle. *hugs*" - R.R.
"Wow! I had a reading today with Gayle and was truly amazed!

I was able to hear from my parents that have crossed over with very specific details about things going on in my life.

Gayle is loving, honest, and sincere!

I look forward to having future readings with Gayle." - K.K.
"Gayle is a warm, compassionate, caring, and very insightful.

I would recommend her to anyone seeking life guidance or messages from heaven." - D.S.
"Gayle is fantastic!

She was direct, to the point, and full of wisdom and common sense. She easily assessed my situation and was very accurate.

She certainly has a gift!

Her intuitive insight was very helpful for a few situations I needed help with. She's wonderful." - D.M.
"I just received my second reading from Gayle and it was just as amazing as the first.

She gave me a connection to my loved ones that I had wanted for so long.

As well as a connection with those who have passed, I gained insight to what is going on in my life today.

She is very warm, understanding and makes you feel so comfortable. I am thankful I had an experience with her." - N.N.
"Gayle, your Group Channeling Sessions were completely fulfilling in every facet.

The guidance and wisdom from the Spirit Guides helped to part some of the mental clouding that had been hampering my progress for some time. The loving, heartfelt messages provided much needed clarity surrounding pending question marks in my life.

I got many things out of the weekly get-togethers, but one thing really resonated with me on the second Wednesday we got together. The Guides said something to me that I was already feeling on a deep, intuitive level and I felt like it was just the message that I needed to hear. It was about being time for this bird (meaning me) to fly. That has stuck with me ever since, as I've thought about it every day.

I also found it beneficial to connect spiritually with others in the group as their positive energy helped to create an atmosphere conducive with healing and growth.

The meditation practices were also highly medicinal. They helped me bind closer to Spirit and served as a nice reminder that I need to incorporate more meditation into my everyday routine.

Thank you for being the tour guide of this wonderful journey. Thanks again for everything." - T.B.
"My reading at a Messages from Heaven event was all that I hoped for and more than I expected.

On the eve of what would have been my son's 40th birthday, he came and answered the questions that had troubled me for the 11 months since his unexpected and sudden passing.

The entire experience left me with a greater sense of peace, knowing he was still reachable even though I could not hear him myself.

I thank Gayle and her wonderful gift for making that all possible. I know he will always be near. Thank you, Gayle." - C.
"I just had my 2nd reading from Gayle. Again, she blew me away in her accuracy about deceased family members and what they had to say to me.

She also did Numerology on my son and my husband and it was very insightful and surprisingly so accurate.

She then answered specific questions that I had and really helped me understand certain life paths or decisions that I needed help clarifying and deciding on. It was beyond amazing...AGAIN.

This woman is the real thing. She is amazing." - E.B.
"This was my first interaction with a medium. I must say I was completely shocked with the accuracy and relevance of the reading.

Gayle was right on. Not one thing that she said was off or did not make sense to me.

Her gift is real. The messages I received were without a doubt from my mom and Gayle delivered them perfectly!

She also did a numerology reading for me and it was truly telling and eye-opening, helping put things in a much clearer perspective." - M.G.
"I recently had my fourth reading with Gayle. She is a very loving and compassionate person.

Gayle genuinely wants to make a positive difference for you. As always she was very healing, uplifting, and brought me great peace.

She is very accurate when validating loved ones, things about me, and my life. Gayle is very gifted possessing great wisdom and connected to Spirit.

I love that she does prayer and meditation prior to a reading. In doing so one can feel the flow of the Divine come through her." - K.F.
"My reading with Gayle was truly amazing.

Gayle is a compassionate and caring person with an amazing gift.

I went to Gayle for guidance from her and as well as my grandparents from the Other Side. She was quick, to the point, helpful, and made me a believer.

I am at a turning point in my life and her guidance and what she helped me experience will stay with me forever.

I hope to meet with her again later down the road and tell her thank you for pointing me in the right direction." - T.K.
"I just wanted to thank you once again for your help during my reading. I had time to digest everything since and reviewed the CD recording of the session a couple times.

To me there is no doubt the Heavens or Spirit was working through you.

What was shared was indeed for my greater purpose. It was in no way for entertainment purposes or to appease me with what I wanted to hear. All that was shared was authentic as I sense this in my very core.

I have started to use the very tools you and the Heavens shared with me. I will look into the resources you also shared to help me with that.

I will also look into the resources you provided in ways to help calm myself and tap into the Heavens/God/Spirit as I have had in the past.

I will look to God for that peace and security I have looked for in others that only He can give. I will not try to heavy my load by taking on others burdens or get into their business unless asked.

I have learned a lot from our reading on how I have brought on a lot of the leakage to my energy :)

Thanks again and especially for doing my reading on your birthday! I hope you had a special rest of the day on that day :)" - K.F.
"I participated in a Small Group Reading with Gayle hoping to connect with loved ones. Gayle immediately connected with our friend and brother with no prior information whatsoever.

Her accuracy was chilling, spot on.

She answered open ended questions and provided a sense of resolve. She offered guidance from Spirit to some very personal issues.

Gayle's warmth and kindness puts you instantly at ease and she has a wonderful sense of humor also.

I hold her in the highest regard and Thank you!" - M.S.
"I was very impressed with Gayle after my first reading; after my recent second reading, I'm even more impressed.

Four of my family came through immediately, with Gayle passing along specific details that were completely accurate.

The rest of the session was devoted to psychic guidance; she brought up all the topics I was considering even before I could. She's been of significant help, giving guidance but not direction.

Gayle is truly a compassionate, intelligent and gifted psychic medium." - A.S.
"I met with Gayle today to have her help me figure out what to do during this particular cross road in my life - lost my job, and boyfriend in same week and felt overwhelmed with what to do next.

I was blown away by the numerology information she shared with me and how accurately it reflects my personality, challenges, strength and weaknesses.

I especially appreciate her forthright presentation of information - no editing or filtering, just guidance from a place of love. Thank you, Gayle." - J.S.
"Gayle was so calming and warm. She knew so much about other people in my life which really was astonishing. It was like she had grown up with me and those close to me she knew us that well.

I'd highly recommend visiting Gayle as she gave me a new view of how things were in my life for the better." - G.C.
"Went to reach out to my mom and connected with her immediately. Gayle was very accurate in her details.

She also described a deceased sister and her description of her was right-on. She described her perfectly.

In addition, a brother-in-law came through and the details surrounding his death were accurate and she was able to clarify unanswered questions surrounding his death.

Most importantly I was given messages from loved ones to pass onto family members. Thanks." - C.F.
"My session with Gayle was a Christmas gift from my daughter; what an emotional and uplifting experience it was.

Gayle connected with many departed loved ones, including my husband, mother, and grandmother all of whom she described perfectly.

She mentioned 4 specific names and several details which confirmed her validity.

I came away comforted, encouraged, and surrounded by the love of all who spoke to me. Plus, Gayle's personal suggestions and advice will help me in the future." - P.C.
"I had a wonderful reading with Gayle.

I really enjoyed talking with her. She is real, honest, and compassionate.

I felt she had a wonderful connection with Spirit and told me not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but gave me a clear understanding of my situation and what I need to do. Thank you Gayle!!" - K.M.
"Being intuitive myself, I am very selective when I seek information from another to assist me to see my life situations with truth and clarity. Gayle did just that and more.

During the reading, my father paid a visit and Gayle was able to communicate for him. I had no doubt that it was him from what she was able to share with me.

Also, Gayle graciously reminded me of my own gifts that have been dormant and coaxed me to focus on them. I am appreciative and grateful for her guidance." - S.A.
"I am very privileged to have been able to spend time with Gayle. We were able to connect with my loved ones in spirit and I was also very pleased to receive guidance from spirit on life issues that I had been struggling with.

Gayle is not only the 'real deal' as far as her psychic abilities, but she is a talented and significant life coach using spirit to help navigate through my earthly obstacles and challenges.

I highly recommend Gayle for connecting with spirit and for psychic guidance." - V.L.
"I have met with Gayle twice. Both times she has had a tremendous ability to connect with people who have passed on.

Her insight and knowledge of what these people were communicating to me were so very spot on.

She connected with my mom and a best friend I lost over fifteen years ago who I felt were talking directly to me. There is no way she could have told me these messages unless she was really communicating with them.

She is warm, caring, honest, and for sure the 'real deal'.

It is always an amazing experience." - F.P.
"I had a reading with Gayle ~ 6 yrs ago. Her ability to connect to Spirit is AMAZING.

I had questions for her & connected to loved ones. Everything was very accurate & on point.

I learned a lot about me and my highest good. Those lessons helped me a great deal. I recently have been going through some things & began to feel lost again.

W/O hesitation, I contacted Gayle. Just as before, Spirit came thru her & was spot on b4 I asked any questions.

Gayle is so comforting, loving & the REAL DEAL!" - E.O.
"I am in absolute awe of Gayle's talent and what happened in our session. I communicated with my mother through Gayle and got the answer I had been looking for concerning her passing.

The manner in which my mother spoke as described by Gayle was identical to the way she spoke when she was alive. My mother-in-law was with me and was also able to communicate with her husband. Again, his delivery was unmistakable.

It was incredibly reassuring to hear from them both, to know that they are okay." - K.B.
"I'm 26 and met with Gayle for my first medium experience which was unbelievable!

I left feeling rejuvenated! I met her in hope to communicate with my friend and to grow spiritually.

She was able to accurately describe my friend (and cousins) deaths and also referred to my cousin by his exact name, without hesitation.

She truly has capabilities to make you a believer in the "Other Side"!" - L.A.
"I felt Gayle was very accurate, sincere, and genuine. (She was also very punctual, which I appreciated very much.)

Her uncanny ability to contact members of my family on the other side were very comforting to me. I was very pleased with her honest approach to the prepared questions I had to ask her and how just hearing the tone of her voice put me at ease.

I would highly recommend Gayle." - V.S.
"In a 45 minute reading, Gayle managed to engage diverse spiritual sources including contact with my deceased family. Her directness in answering my questions was much appreciated.

She gave me what I hoped would appear, namely a direction which I might follow in the near future. Wise in her insights, she provided a framework for a difficult decision which initially brought me to her.

I highly recommend this caring, loving person as a spiritual guide." - R.T.
"Had a phone reading today with Gayle and she was amazingly accurate!

She knew exactly why I was calling before I even asked my question. Apparently, she received a very helpful image about me and my life right before we spoke.

I received the guidance that I had been looking for and needing." - J.H.
"I loved my reading.

At first I was confused as to what I was hearing even though some things made since but not all. After I hung up, like a bolt of lightening everything hit me as far as names and messages that were told to me.

I am still amazed and I am looking forward to doing another session.

Just make sure you have an open mind and some things may not make sense until after your session but if you are not sure, make sure you say so this way Ms. Kirk can help clarify things for you." - R.B.
"I met Gayle for a reading this weekend. I felt extremely comfortable with Gayle and was immediately able to connect with my loved one.

She was patient with me allowing me to get all my questions answered. She also gave me some life guidance which I found to be very useful." - A.G.
"I had my first reading with Gayle and wow so straight forward and compassionate, my questions answered and then some.

A real treasure I look forward to meeting again!

I left with such a renewed confidence absolutely uplifting thank you again!" - T.W.
"This is my second reading with Gayle and I highly recommend her. She helped me connect with a my next door neighbors who both recently passed, and it made me feel good to know they are still the same people I knew and loved.

My grandfather also came through who I wasn't particularly seeking, but he had some wonderful advice that I needed to hear, and was seeking from the reading. It makes me think of him in a different light which makes me feel happy and loved." - L.B.
"I had a reading with Gayle yesterday. She was able to tell me things about my employer and a relationship that was helpful.

I recommend her if you are looking for direction." - N.S.
"I attended a group session with Gayle last week. I was thrilled when my mother and grandmother "came out" during the session.

Everything Gayle said was accurate and right on the money!

I am so happy to have heard from them! Thank you, Gayle!!" - A.M.
"Gayle was great.

She was definitely able to connect with people I had been wanting to hear from.

She also gave me insight on things and the timing of things happening in my life that I had not considered and it made great sense.

Very well worth it. Time/money well spent." - A.P.
"Gayle is a warm,friendly, and self-effacing person. She was able to 'get down to business' almost immediately.

She was able to provide some very valuable perspective about a business I'm starting, sometimes answering my questions for me before I was even able to finish asking them.

Things she really truly could have no way of knowing.

She also had a few random facts that were peripheral, but still impressive that she new. I walked out thinking in new ways, which is what I sought. Awesome!" - J.L.
"My reading with Gayle yesterday was really satisfying. She was kind and caring.

Leaving her I had Peace in my mind knowing that my daughter is in a good place with her loved ones.

I'd recommend Gayle as a trustworthy and legitimate medium.

She's the real deal." - A.G.
"I had a reading with Gayle this past weekend. I left there feeling or should I say knowing fully that my parents are always with me, esp. my mom.

She's kind, gifted, and gave me insight into something that's always been in the back of my mind.

Thank you for your honesty, your kindness and the gift you gave both of us that day." - B.E.
"My sister-in-law and I had a reading with Gayle. Gayle connected with some of my family members and I was thrilled to know they are all together in spirit.

It was a remarkable experience and I hope to see Gayle again soon." - M.G.
"Gayle is very easy to talk with. She is very caring and supportive.

Her insights and connections with Spirit were very rewarding, affirming and remarkably specific.

I'm glad I found her and will definitely be calling her again." - K.M.
"Gayle's reading for me was clear and communicative. She conveyed to me a nice hello from deceased relatives and told me what she was experiencing.

She answered my questions with a combination of her spiritual knowledge, plus her reading of my energy (including the energy of past relationships).

Her comments were most helpful to me in 'connecting the dots' of various aspects of my life." - J.E.
"I submitted my testimonial. It was difficult to chop it down to 500 words. I really felt so blessed to have met you and had that reading. It has given me such a sense of peace now. I wish all the best for you.

Gayle, first of all, thank you for the amazing connection with my son who passed away a month ago at age 35. A dear friend gave me this reading as a gift.

Apparently, my son knew I was coming and his energy was so strong he interrupted my friends reading because he wanted to talk to his Mom.

He said many things to make sure I knew it was him. There was no question we were communicating with my son. I had all my questions answered about his passing and left with an amazing feeling of peace knowing he wasn't alone.

His father met him. He is with my mom. They were taking care of each other and he is feeling bathed in love.

I have shared the CD of the reading with those close to him so they can also feel the sense of peace I now have. Everyone that has heard it has no doubt we are hearing from my son. His personality came through loud and clear.

Gayle, thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you for sharing your gift. Thank you for the sense of peace you gave me." - C.R.
"A few months ago, I was at a crossroad facing a big dilemma and I saw Gayle for a reading trying to get answers.

Gayle provided guidance and comfort. She surprised me with details about my problem and my loved ones.

Her advice was valuable and I am doing well.

I will not hesitate to see Gayle again and I will recommend her to my family and friends." - M.M.
"Yesterday was my second visit to Gayle for a reading. She was phenomenal in her accuracy as she communicated with my loved ones in heaven.

I now know my Mum has adjusted very well in her transition to spirit and the connection I felt to her was almost tangible.

There are not enough words to describe how healing and loving Gayle's gift is.

She is very genuine and full of loving spirit. Your life will truly be enriched by Gayle's gift." - P.T.
"It's amazing!

In my reading, Gayle knew right away who I wanted to connect with.

My family has long held that my brother's passing was a result of over medication, but the experts never admitted it.

Without any prompting, Gayle validated our suspicions and details surrounding his death.

There is no way she could have done this by guessing.

There are too many other details that she got exactly right. Gayle helped us find that closure.

She truly is the real deal." - H.P.
"Within the first minute, Gayle knew me.

I had an over-the-phone reading, so I wasn't sure what to expect, yet she blew me away with her immediate insight and accuracy.

Her spirit is gentle and warm, like a longtime friend.

After my reading with her I felt uplifted, energized, and for the first time in who knows how long, I felt confident in the direction I'm headed.

Thank you, Gayle!!" - K.A.
"Gayle is truly gifted and such a lovely person!

I felt comfortable and relaxed with her in my reading as if we had spoken many times before.

Because of a long illness, I felt disconnected from God and unsure of my direction. I desperately needed to view my situation from a higher spiritual perspective. Gayle provided that for me with messages from Spirit and gentle encouragement.

The messages I received from my loved ones felt true and correct and gave me peace.

Thank you, Gayle!" - P.T.
"I just love talking to Gayle! Right from the start of my reading she gave me a message that transcended with me.

Her insight is very helpful and I always look to Gayle for advice and guidance.

If you are looking to reconnect with loved ones who have passed or guidance on any issue, Gayle is the one to speak with. Her insight is invaluable and her advice welcoming.

She is truly gifted and a natural at what she does." - G.B.
"I had a very informative and relaxing reading with Gayle in which she was able to connect with those who had passed on and was also able to give me guidance and coaching regarding life issues.

Because I had used her suggestion by asking specific questions and giving a brief history of what was going on, we were both able to focus on the areas that I had the most concerns about.

I have had readings before and can attest that Gayle is highly gifted, as well as compassionate and brings a caring energy to the session." - M.P.
"My phone reading with Gayle was my first ever. A friend recommended her and I'm so glad that I spent the time with her. She made me comfortable and like I was with a friend.

She connected immediately and knew details about my mom and dad. Gayle validated many of my beliefs and gave me great guidance for future decisions.

I felt reassured and grateful to have had the opportunity to make the connection." - K.H.
"I had a wonderful reading with Gayle that put me back on the right path regarding my career.

She helped to calm and clear mental conflict I had been dealing with and clarified the guidance of my intuition.

I even got a hug and hello from several of my loved ones on the other side. Thanks, Gayle!" - S.G.
"I just had my very first phone reading with Gayle and was quite happily amazed; she was right on the money with me!!

She was very concise, calming, and was able to clarify a situation I was having with a difficult broken relationship.

She helped me get my bearings again, gave me some very sound guidance, and started me on the road to feeling good about who I really am again.

I feel that she is very sincere and accurate and I'm very thankful for finding her!" - L.G.
"My reading at a Messages From Heaven Event was all that I hoped for and more than I expected.

On the eve of what would have been my son's 40th birthday, he came and answered the questions that had troubled me for the 11 months since his unexpected and sudden passing.

The entire experience left me with a greater sense of peace, knowing he was still reachable even though I could not hear him myself.

I thank Gayle and her wonderful gift for making that all possible. I know he will always be near.

Thank you, Gayle." - K.B.
"I had the pleasure of having a reading with my sister. Gayle helped us to connect with our mother. Some of the things Gayle referenced in our lives were so amazingly spot on.

She is the real deal.

To know that our loved ones who have passed are able to connect with us through someone as gifted as Gayle is so comforting. I'm so glad to have had that opportunity." - H.M.
"When Gayle proceeded to deliver the messages Spirit intended me to hear, I was amazed.

Without any prompting, Gayle focused in on the major events presently occurring in my life and gave most sage advice, and on health matters as well.

As a result, I see the road more clearly and have a better plan to work with Spirit, and am generally, wonderfully uplifted in my heart.

I recommend Gayle Kirk most highly and with great enthusiasm!" - J.B.
"I had a reading with Gayle a few weeks back. I was desperate for answers as a close individual to me recently passed away and I needed closure. I've experienced mediums in the past and I wasn't too impressed. I know many people don't believe in mediums.

Gayle made me a BELIEVER. She gave me clues and symbols that made sense to me in just 30 mins.

The reading brought a sense of peace. I still have a journey ahead of me with the healing process. I will leave the rest in God's hands." - S.D.H.
"Thank you so very much for your time and heart today in our reading.

You were most compassionate and kind to my broken heart.

I have missed my brother terribly and had so many questions about his passing.

You helped me so profoundly find him and connect with him once again and find answers that I knew I must have so that I know we both can have peace and understanding.

I have been guided by an Angel." - V.R.
"Talking to Gayle is like talking to a friend you have known for years. She is warm, comforting, and very down-to-earth.

Gayle's reading was extremely accurate, insightful, and very uplifting.

Thank you, Gayle, for a wonderful reading and your guidance.

You are truly gifted." - H.V.
"I went to my first reading with Gayle yesterday and had expected to leave it feeling very sad. Instead, it gave me many answers, leaving me feeling much more at peace with all the loss I've had in recent years & provided many laughs about people & situations from the past.

Gayle was dead on with the people, their personalities, situations, inside jokes, etc. & even with concern relating to living family members.

Gayle is comforting, compassionate & immediately feels like a friend. Thank you." - N.R.
"Having seen Gayle several times, I can attest that she is a gifted, warm and grounded healer with a great sense of humor.

The readings from Gayle, contacting both loved ones passed on and psychic guidance from Spirit Guides, have been accurate. Each reading has left me feeling comforted, insightful and most definitely self-empowered.

Gayle's healing/energy work have left me feeling centered, calm and full of life affirming, empowering energy.

Gayle is the best!!!" - D.C.
"Wow, what an awesome experience.

I miss my family so much and you connected me to them in my reading and also helped me realize that my biological father actually did care and wanted me to know that.

The way you described what my Uncle and my Mom were doing while playing cards made me have a sense of relief. I know he is at peace and that makes me happy.

I also know that soon I will be able to do what I want with my life and that is helping the animals and the children.

God Bless you Gayle for being you." - P.F.
"Gayle's energy is warm, welcoming, and comforting. I have had the pleasure of receiving two readings from her and both experiences were life changing for me!

All of the guidance and advice I've received through Gayle's skilled abilities have proven to be impressively accurate and appropriate.

My life has been enriched on numerous levels and I can't seem to think of a way to express how much I appreciate that!

I recommend her without reservation." - G.M.C.
"I recently had a reading with Gayle really hoping to connect with my dog who passed away a couple of years ago. Sure enough, my dog was the first and strongest spirit to come through.

My dog validated it was her by showing Gayle she had pain in one of her legs. My dog also said that she was my baby (so true).

Then Gayle told me that my dog was sending me a heart. I asked her if that was a common thing and Gayle said, 'No.' I told Gayle that right after my dog had passed, I had a heart necklace made as a remembrance to my baby and I was wearing it during the reading.

That reassured me even more that it really was her coming through. Thank you Gayle!" - E.D.
"My mother and I met with Gayle for a reading hoping to contact loved ones who have passed. With love and humor, Gayle brought through my grandmother, grandfather, father, uncle, and even my cat.

After many years of questioning, I was able to get closure and to reconnect with people who I loved and continue to love so deeply.

There are no words to express the gratitude I feel or the hopefulness that she has instilled in us both." - K.R.
"I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you, not only for the information you passed along to my mom and me in our reading, but also for the loving and sensitive way you expressed that information.

This was a life-changing experience for me and will enable me to move forward in more ways than one.

I look forward to crossing paths with you again in the not so distant future." - K.R.
"I met Gayle recently to see if she could connect with some of my loved ones. Gayle made a connection with the persons I wanted to connect with and got so many details about them exactly right.

She was very accurate, warm, and fun. The whole experience was great for me and I felt so much better after that.

I warmly recommend Gayle for a reading." - S.K.
"I highly recommend Gayle Kirk as your only medium or intuitive!

She uses her gifts in an angelic and honest way. Gayle truly offers Heavenly communications which flow through her to you. She genuinely cares and strives to make your experience with her a positive one.

My readings with Gayle have been uplifting, peaceful, and healing. She helped me experience very moving contact with my dad who passed. The reading was very accurate, loving, and sacred. I will always be grateful for the peace Gayle brought me.

Gayle also provided psychic guidance and coaching from Spirit as to my present life concerns. Her feedback and suggestions brought me much needed comfort and direction.

I know Gayle Kirk is the 'Real Deal'. You can trust her!" - K.F.
"Gayle is a kind, generous, and lovely person, blessed with an amazing gift.

In my reading, she connected me to someone I love very much who had recently departed. I have read that the recently departed are often unable to communicate well, if at all, yet Gayle was able to relay in great detail things that only I and this person knew (names, events, gestures).

She was able to relay the relief of this person who had suffered in life and so has given me tremendous comfort and solace.

I am forever grateful." - T.C.
"I had a reading with Gayle tonight and she was extremely caring and insightful.

She read me like a book and gave me great guidance on how to start making changes. I can't wait to have another reading with her to dive into other issues.

You are amazing!!!" - C.G.
"During my Self-Empowerment Session, I experienced deep relaxation, peace, vivid imagery, and great comfort. Both times, I was brought to tears by the powerful sensations of love and acceptance I experienced within myself...Gayle is very kind, soothing, reassuring, and down-to-earth (i.e. if you met her at the market, you'd never know she is a psychic medium.)

I felt an instant rapport with her and find her likable and trustworthy.

Finally, I feel that my sessions have borne great fruit in my life. In both cases, I have experienced important shifts of perspective after my sessions, ones that have deepened my love for my family, God and fellow man, and myself. I have been able to make changes in my life which had previously eluded me!

I highly recommend these sessions." - H.K.
"In my reading it was unbelievable how Gayle knew small details about my loved ones...things that I haven't even thought about since they had passed!

Not only can Gayle pick up on messages from the other side, but she is spot on when talking about people's personalities! I was blown away by how accurate her descriptions are.

She is truly gifted and makes you feel 100% at ease.

I will definitely go back for another reading! Thanks for everything, Gayle. You are amazing!!! :)" - E.L.
"My wife and I had a reading as a couple. I was interested primarily in guidance while my wife was looking to connect to a passed loved one.

Gayle exceeded our expectations!

From the moment she opened her door, she felt like a friend. During our meeting, neither of us had any doubt that she was connecting to our loved ones; the guidance she gave to us both, too, showed understandings beyond the here-and-now.

Gayle IS the real thing--we will definitely be using her services again." - A.S.
"My brother and I had a reading with Gayle a short time ago. It was a life altering experience for us.

Through Gayle's warmth, wit, and deep compassion, she connected with our Mum who we very much wanted to hear from, many other relatives, and two close friends.

Gayle was spot on with her descriptions of our loved ones with personal information about them she couldn't possibly have known.

Gayle is genuine!

We are so happy to have met you. I feel greater clarity now. Loving thanks to you, Gayle!" - P.T.
"Although I have always been skeptical about readings, I have also always believed that there are truly gifted intuitives out there. The hard part is finding one.

Gayle Kirk is one of the truly gifted.

My reading with Gayle was unlike any other I have experienced.

I felt an immediate connection with her, as she is extremely warm and compassionate, and enables you to feel completely safe and relaxed in her presence. Those of us who seek counsel from these gifted spiritual people are often burning with questions when we arrive, hoping for any ring of truth in what is said during our reading.

During my session, Gayle channeled Spirit Guides that made me feel as though my ancestors were speaking to me directly with details that she could not have intuited on her own. It was at once chilling and healing and answered many questions that I have carried in my heart for years.

There is no doubt in my mind that she also connected with my family in Spirit as well. She helped me to realize that the circle of energy surrounding me in Spirit is much wider and more loving than I ever could have known.

Thank you, Gayle, for sharing your gift with me and for helping me to see what I was not able to see before." - D.N.
"This was my second reading with Gayle.

She was accurate in every detail as she described deceased loved ones - even those I was not expecting to "meet."

I had been somewhat skeptical, but am now convinced that there is another life after this one. This realization is changing how I see things.

Gayle is not only talented, but an excellent communicator." - I.L.
"My wife and I were still digesting our reading with you well into the evening, so I only just now posted my testimonial. The English teacher in me always keeps me from being gushy, but I hope that my enthusiasm came through.

Thank you so much! We both not only felt connected to Spirit through you, but we also felt very comfortable with you yourself.

In all aspects, our meeting exceeded expectations.

In the past few years, I've dealt with some serious emotional/psychological challenges. I've begun (in a limping sort of way) to develop a spiritual discipline centered around meditation & prayer, but also the acceptance of how close the world of Spirit is to our corporeal one.

I'm learning to trust my 'intuitions' as more than just preferences, prejudices, or biases; but rather as communications with...well, maybe I'll figure that out some day. I began feeling a desire to find a psychic over a year ago and have spent that time in (modest) reading and research. There were a couple of false starts & unrewarding experiences, but last month I felt the pull again.

I looked at quite a few area psychics & mediums online, but I found myself continually drawn back to your site. It seemed obvious, after a while, that the pull was real. Now I'm left with no doubt.

I'll definitely be in touch, probably after school begins, for another meeting. Thank you, again." - A.S.
"Gayle Kirk is truly unlike any intuitive I have ever had a reading with!!

I felt as though I were sitting with a relative who new my family personally as she brought up specific names, events, details only I would know about with the dear loved ones who came to speak to me during my reading.

My father and mother came through so clearly and I felt so blessed and peaceful when I left the reading.

Gayle is a gifted, pure human being and I felt honored to have a reading with her. You'll be pleased!" - E.C.
"Gayle has enormous talents and a huge reservoir of compassion and kindness. She's also very articulate and can communicate what she sees and feels in a way that makes it easy to take it in. She has a great and gentle sense of humor.

If you're in a wobbly place, she's the steady hand that can still your shaking so you can see the path ahead more clearly.

I loved being in the place of peace that Gayle brought me to in my reading and I feel really grateful to her for helping me to get there." - E.M.
"I was so impressed and comforted during my reading with Gayle.

She has a remarkable talent and a gift that not only lets me connect with loved ones who have passed, but that helps me through guidance from Spirit.

I have been so buoyed by my reading that my outlook on my career has improved and I feel more at peace with the passing of close family members.

I know that I will see them again!" - V.L.
"Thank you so much for making my first experience of this kind a moving and positive one.

It was heartwarming to hear from my father who spoke so eloquently and lovingly about our family and my mother in particular in my reading.

It was also gratifying to hear from another family member who wished to alleviate the pain his dad is in.

I look forward to passing the important messages along and to being comforted again at a future session." - C.L.
"Meeting with Gayle was my first experience with an intuitive. I was very nervous prior to our reading; however, Gayle made me feel comfortable right away.

Immediately, without any prompting from me, she touched on two areas of my life that I have spent countless hours thinking/worrying about.

Her guidance gave me both clarity and peace in these areas, as well as others.

I will absolutely revisit Gayle in the future!" - D.S.
"I have had a couple of readings with others in the past; however, with Gayle Kirk, I truly felt connected to my deceased loved ones and the messages they had for me.

She was 100% right on target and I appreciate her generous heart in relaying those messages." - D.E.
I met with Gayle for a reading after I had been in a terrible accident just 12 hours earlier. I was determined to keep my appointment!

It was very comforting to hear that my Dad was my guardian angel and guided me to safety. That was my first experience with a medium and it was very comforting.

Gayle is a very compassionate, caring individual who puts you at ease right away and helps you to see things more clearly." - D.B.
"Do you have a big dream for your life?

Recently, I had lunch with a new friend, Gayle Kirk, who is a very gifted Intuitive.

Although I wasn't there for a reading, at one point in our conversation she felt compelled to share a vision with me of what she saw possible in my future. She had my full attention as she described in great detail the very vision I have had for myself for a long time.

I was very excited about this unexpected turn of events because she basically took my fantasy and brought it into the realm of possibility. She made it real!

Three or four times she stopped, pointed at me, and said, 'Do you want it? Because I can see you having it, if you want it. Do you want it?'

I knew I was being asked this powerful question because, in the past, I have manifested two similar situations that I didn't want! I convinced myself that I wanted them because I bought into someone else's idea of what my dream should be, instead of listening to my own heart.

Now I'm being told that my lifelong vision really can come true. How exciting! But, this time will be different.

This time I'm going to make sure that the dream I live is my own.

Whose dream are you living? Let your spirit soar!" - P.R.
"Gayle, thank you so much for the reading I had a couple of months ago. You connected with my parents, particularly my mom who had passed away only 1 week before (to the day). You even had the little throat-clearing thing that she had for the past 2 years!

The reading was right on target and just what I needed as I was not there when she passed.

Hearing that she had no pain and was back with my dad --- the love of her life--- was such a comfort!

I will be calling again soon. Again, thank you. I KNOW YOU HAVE THE GIFT!" - M.A.
"I never even thought of going to a medium. As soon as I spoke with Gayle on the phone, I could tell she was very caring and compassionate. I had my reading done yesterday; it was AMAZING!

I have been devastated with the loss of my husband and for her to contact him really lifted my spirits!

Hearing from my mom, dad, and others were an added bonus. Gayle was right on right down to their little waves, my husband's wit, and his deep voice.

I am sooo glad I did it!!!" - T.G.
"I first considered a SELF-EMPOWERMENT SESSION to bring myself back in alignment and to restore my sense of purpose in my work...Gayle created a safe, warm environment where we could work together and where I could express myself freely and honestly without fear or embarrassment...Having never experienced this, I was somewhat unsure of what to expect.

Gayle led me through a process of letting go of the fearful energies through visualization and helped me get to the deepest level of meditation I had ever been to. I could actually feel the energy around me and through me at work in my body...She used her channeled healing abilities to infuse me with new energy and perspective.

I had a wonderfully enlightening and healing meditation filled with new images and sensations that I had never before encountered. I had often read about such experiences and through Gayle, I was also a witness to this deeper truth and I am thankful to her for that.

Since our meeting, I have enjoyed more peace in my life and a deeper connection to the people around me. I would highly recommend Gayle as a gifted healer and channel to anyone seeking a caring, friendly, and compassionate person to help you in what can seem like unfamiliar territory." - M.M.
"Our 2nd reading with Gayle to reconnect with our son was also very healing.

No doubt she had connected with him again. His wit and love came through so strong. She said he excitedly came to her 2 days prior to our appointment telling her his Mom & Dad were coming.

She told us in great detail about our son and family members. Gayle described a coming event marking his 1st Angel-versary we'd told no one about.


She gave us peace of mind knowing our son is happy and doing great things on the other side and is still connected to us proving to us there is life beyond our earthly limitations.

Gayle is truly gifted! Thank You." - K.G.
"Gayle was easy to talk with, very sincere, kind, and honest in my reading.

She was "spot on" with my family, friends, and several situations I am dealing with. I didn't even need to ask. She directed the conversation where it needed to go.

I would highly recommend her and will call her again." - L.L.
"Gayle was amazing.

It was the most spiritual reading I have ever received.

Right away I felt a comfort with Gayle like she and I had been long time friends. Her reading immediately hit "home." She passed information on from a loved one - information that I knew deep down inside, but needed to hear from another source.

Gayle has an amazing way about her. I look forward to connecting with her again in the future." - K.L.
"Gayle was very kind and thoughtful in her visions and thoughts that came forward to her in my reading.

I felt confident in her predictions and the messages coming to her.

She has a warm and loving approach which makes receiving the information easy to understand. Well worth the money. Thanks Gayle!" - L.L.
"Gayle, I cannot thank you enough for our reading today.

I have always wanted to believe that there were really people out there that had the abilities you possess.

You gave me information about my former husband that was so real I know it had to be him! The details of how you described him were amazing.

You even knew he died in a car accident and you were able to describe the details of it.

I can never thank you enough for helping me!" - S.B.
"It was such a pleasant and welcome surprise to connect with my grandparents in a reading.

I was very close with my grandmother and felt her presence for quite a while after her death, but felt like she'd gone away...moved on lately. So sweet that you pick up on the ring I wear of hers! It was really sweet to know she's with my grandfather and that he's lovingly watching over me.

Gayle's reading was very clear and delivered with a great amount of compassion." - J.H.
"Gayle made me feel comfortable and at peace with myself after my reading. She's really amazing.

I could not believe all the details she was saying about my cousin that passed away a few months ago. She described him as if she met him before.

I will keep in touch with her for another extraodinary reading. Thank you, Gayle. You're the best!" - A.M.
"Our reading was an amazing, life altering experience for me.

My wife was very pleased to hear from her father and cat :).

Since our meeting with Gayle, I have a new outlook on life.

She is the real deal and we hope to see her again in a few months.

As time wrapped up, she quoted my father in-law, 'Ok. Time to round the troops up.'

AMAZING!" - J.S. & N.S.
Gayle came to CURVES in Watertown, MA to do readings on several of our members with her program, "MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN".

She was outstanding! She was on the mark with everyone she read.

We are still "abuzz" since she was here. We would have Gayle again in a heartbeat. Thanks Gayle for helping so many of our members." - M.S.
"My SELF-EMPOWERMENT SESSION with Gayle has been one of the best things I have done for my spiritual, emotional, and physical nurturing this year.

I was undergoing a major transition in my life and was seeking greater serenity and balance in my body, heart, and soul as well as wisdom from above...At first I didn't know what quite to expect and I felt a little ill at ease. But, within moments of simply meeting Gayle, I felt completely at home and safe and relaxed in her warm, friendly, soothing presence and inviting healing space.

The whole process from beginning to end was a calm, reassuring experience of healing, enlightenment, and confirmation.

The feedback in the reading from the channeled masters resonated fully with what I know about myself while offering new insights and guidance that made complete sense to me. I had no doubt that I was indeed in the presence of enlightened spirits from "the Other Side."

The session was equally healing and soothing to me. I especially appreciated the multi-dimensional approach that Gayle takes: music, aromatherapy, laying-on-of-hands, energy work, affirmations, etc. I had the experience of really getting in touch with both my physical body and the ethereal being that I am and that we all are.

Our concluding conversation session helped me to understand better what I had experienced and I left feeling uplifted and strengthened for the journey ahead." - F.M.
"As soon my reading started, Gayle picked up immediately on a sudden and tragic situation. She recounted many details and helped me pass on a message to the family.

She was very compassionate to the situation and without judgement.

Gayle also provided several names throughout my reading.

Gayle is a good channel in helping connect with loved ones who have passed on." - T.Q.
"Gayle has a TRUE GIFT.

I contacted her for a reading for guidance regarding my relationship with my husband. I came with my specific questions of course, but her focus was to connect with my guides and bring through specific information that THEY wanted me to KNOW. It was absolutely NOT what I wanted to hear at the time, but in hindsight was 100% accurate and just what I needed to begin to move forward in my life. Thank you Gayle!" - L.D.
"Hi Gayle! I loved listening to the archived show of your interview on The Phoenix Hour Radio Show and was amazed by the readings you did for the online listeners. Congratulations on the expansion of your work!

By the way, the reading you did for me in February brought about the career change you foresaw and it happened the following month. I listened over and over to our taped session and found it soothing to know that the move was for my soul development. I'm in between jobs at the moment, but I'm much clearer that the remainder of my career needs to nourish my soul.

Thanks for providing peace and guidance! Warmest regards," - G.A.
"WOW is the first thing I want to say!! I was a bit nervous when I made my appointment for a reading, but after a few seconds, I was at ease.

Gayle has a manner that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

I was amazed at her gifts.

She was able to give me details about people that have passed. She also helped me in personal matters that made things more clear that gave me peace inside." - L.K.
"I had the pleasure of meeting Gayle with my family for a reading.

She was not only warm and compassionate, but also truly amazing.

She knew exactly what areas each individual needed psychic guidance on without being told.

She also connected with people from the Other Side that we were hoping to hear from and had a profound impact on our healing process. Gayle has a true gift and a great spirit.

I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.

I can't wait to visit with her again." - L.C.
"I had a wonderful reading with Gayle this morning. My Mom, Dad, Grandparents, friend, and my dog came through. Mom did all the talking and related things about my childhood which were 100% accurate.

My Aunt Elaine just passed 4 days ago. Gayle knew her name and said she was getting use to her new home.

I recommend Gayle to all who want to make contact with their loved ones who have passed." - L.J.
"Gayle connected with my Dad and my husband in a meaningful, gentle, and verifiable way during our reading. It was a comfort to know they are doing well and to have some closure around my husband's sudden death.

If you are missing loved ones who have passed on, I encourage you to meet with Gayle." - K.M.
"I have been to three mediums for readings in my life. One was awful. One was interesting, but not very good and one was just wonderful. The last one was the recent reading I had with Gayle Kirk.

I was privileged to be part of a reading. Gayle knew nothing about us, including our own names, and yet we all felt that she was extremely accurate and perceptive.

We gained a great deal from the experience and would be happy to have readings again in the future with her.

In addition, Gayle was professional, calm, and pleasant. She put us at ease immediately, which helped a lot.

All in all, she had excellent energy and observations. I recommend her highly." - R.K.
"What a glorious day I had on May 26th. I had a reading with Gayle Kirk. It was more than I could have hoped for! The peace I have long searched for I finally found in connecting with my beloved mother and dad.

The information that Gayle shared with me during my reading left no doubt that she truly had reached my parents.

Knowing my parents are happy and at peace was perhaps the best gift I have ever received on this earth. Gayle's gentleness taking me to where they now reside and being reunited was remarkable - a journey one should travel to visit loved ones that have passed over. God has blessed this gifted woman for us.

Gayle's love for others is so strong it empowers her to connect to those that have been most important in our lives." - E.P.
"Gayle has such a calm and warm personality that instantly puts you at ease. I was so pleased with my reading and was so excited that my mother came through so strongly. Every detail Gayle gave about her was accurate.

I can't wait to go back for a second reading :) " - E.L.
"I approached my reading with Gayle with the same amount of healthy skepticism I lend to all things considered paranormal. After my reading, I was stunned at the accuracy of most of what she had to say and found out only later that some of what did not resonate with me turned out to be true. With several loved ones and acquaintances on the Other Side, I discovered Gayle had a wealth of information to pass on to me which she did quickly and efficiently, but also with much humor and compassion.

For example, she was spot on about my son, the circumstances of his passing, his personality, preferences, way of thinking and quirks that only he and I would know about. One thing she mentioned even I did not know about him until after the reading--where his favorite navy blue khakis were! She mentioned specifics, such as gifts he had given me, a particular picture on the fireplace mantle, the fact that we had remodeled a particular space, and other information about his room and clothing that only I and other very close family and friends would know.

She also brought my father through and reminded me of something about him that I had forgotten--his intense interest in astronomy. She also confirmed that it was him through other characteristics and leanings that were signatures of my father's life and personality.

She helped me remember a childhood friend whose mother in Heaven gave a message to me. Gayle also gave me a message from another woman in Spirit whose daughter is still here. The mother just wanted to say "hi" to her daughter by passing a message onto her through me. I almost cried when she also brought up an old childhood friend -- one of our dogs -- by describing him in detail and saying how much he still sent his love.

I could list Gayle's accuracies for a few paragraphs, but this testimonial is to highlight the most important points of the reading and to thank Gayle for her excellent work as a medium. She is superb. You will not regret having a reading with her.

She reminds me of John Edward with her fast talk, compassion, sensitivity, humor, confidence, strength, and accuracy. I recommend her highly." - V.T.
"What a wonderful reading my friends and I had! Gayle had plenty of messages for everyone with information she couldn't have possibly known about! I found Gayle to be very professional, thorough, serious, and polite in everything she does. After the reading, Gayle answered any questions we might have had.

As I said before, we all were thoroughly delighted with her work!" - C.S.
"I found my reading with Gayle to be quite remarkable. She is very matter-of-fact and articulate.

The information she gave me about people close to me who had passed on was accurate in every detail.

The two who meant most to me - my mother and father - came in immediately and she described their personalities to a T. She accurately described both the physical appearance and the personality of a third person." - I.L.
"The Self-Empowerment Session is a great introduction to energy work...My only lament is that I wished it lasted longer!...

Gayle is a "wounded healer" who actually "walks her talk". Because of her deep commitment to her own health and well-being, her wisdom is truly embodied." - J.K.
"I was intrigued with Gayle before I even picked up the phone to call her for a reading. Echo Bodine, one of the premier psychic mediums in the country, had listed Gayle in the reference section of her website as a rare and gifted talent. Since she was right in my back yard, I felt I needed to check her out for myself.

The first thing I noticed when I met Gayle in person is that she's not what you'd consider your stereotypical intuitive and there were no cards of any kind. In fact, it was like sitting down with a caring counselor or therapist. Gayle comes off as a highly intelligent woman, both cordial and professional in demeanor. She immediately put me at ease.

Her rare gifts became apparent within moments. Even though my appointment was for a reading, Gayle also let me know that my deceased grandparents were in our presence and even knew my grandmother's first name! The message she relayed to me through my grandparents was a critical one and it allowed me to focus on a serious family situation that long had been ignored.

Gayle also helped me to understand the hidden factors behind a failed love relationship and allowed me to comprehend it on a deeper psychological level. The clarity and enlightenment that I walked away with was amazing. With all the countless discussions I had with friends and family over the situation, it was Gayle's reading that ultimately allowed me to put mental closure to such a troubling event. In fact, I actually walked away feeling very positive about the entire thing.

Aside from attaining deep enlightenment - both spiritual and emotional - I found that my session with Gayle provided a long-term healing effect. It changed the way I view the world around me.

Whenever I am feeling a little down or confused, I pop in the cassette tape of our session and I instantly feel better. Thanks, Gayle!" - T.B.
"I had an amazing reading with Gayle yesterday.

The loved one I was hoping to connect with came through immediately! Gayle also offered some very helpful spiritual advice, which I plan on following up on.

Gayle is such a kind, warm, and comforting person.

She is the real deal!!" - C.G.
"Gayle, thank you very much for the time that you spent with all of us during your program, "Messages From Heaven". For me, it was a very pleasant and interesting experience as well as very thought provoking. Since I returned home that evening, I have shared that experience with my husband, my parents, and my sister. I have also given a lot of thought to the personal messages that you shared with me and my interpretation of those messages. It was very thoughtful of you to ask that each of us take notes for one another.

Will you be offering this opportunity again in the spring? I would like to have my mother and sister experience your program if it is to be offered again. I feel that it might be beneficial for my mother to meet with you "one on one" as well. At this point, she is examining what she should do with the rest of her life. Would you be able to give her some psychic guidance?

Thank you again for making "connections" for many of us during the program. It helped me to open my mind and my heart. I would also like to say that I am very sorry about the loss of your brother." - K.H.
"Gayle gave us a reading and everyone was very pleased with the results.

Each one of us heard things that Gayle could NEVER have known. I had a friend, who had recently passed over, come through to let me know she was fine and to give her children a message from her. They were thrilled to get their mother's message from Heaven when I passed it on to them.

It was just a great day with Gayle. She is so exciting, friendly, and makes everyone feel at ease.

Thanks for all you do, Gayle. The world is a better place because of you! Hugs." - C.S.
"I really thought about what you said to me in my on-air reading when you were a guest on ParaX Radio. I wanted to tell you how on the money you were. I have had a considerable lifting of the darkness around me. You said to let you know how things were going and I just wanted you to know things are better...not the best yet, but I know they are going in the right direction with your wise guidance! Thank you!

I am also writing to you about one of the other girls you did a reading on the radio for. Her name was Mel and she had the friend that committed suicide. She has told me that you have given her more closure than anyone else up to this point. She is really hoping to be able to get another reading with you. Her grief was so, so deep. I spent a couple of hours after the show email chatting with her. She really wants closure. Well, I hope you are having a blessed Christmas." - G.S.
"My fiance took me to a group program called, "Messages From Heaven" for my birthday even though he does not believe in these things. Gayle picked up that a friend of his had died the week before. Gayle was also able to describe his friend both physically and his general attitude. One of the things Gayle said was that his friend in Heaven was a big womanizer. She also said his friend had no regrets about the way he lived and that he was even arrogant and boastful about the carefree way he lived.

Gayle also said his friend told my fiance to, "Relax and have more fun," which is exactly what he always said to him when he was alive! Even though my fiance did not believe in this sort of thing before coming, he admitted that Gayle got everything right!" - C.G.
"Gayle, I wanted to drop you a quick note because during the holidays I spoke with my friend who recently had her reading with you.

She said it was so wonderfully healing and helpful and couldn't say enough good things about you and about the session. Thanks again so much for reading for her." - C.S.
"I had a very positive experience reconnecting with loved ones in a reading thanks to Gayle's positive stewardship.

She was accurate, but more importantly, she displayed compassion, lighthearted whimsy, and empathy throughout. I was enriched and energized for days after my reading. It was my second Psychic Mediumship Reading with Gayle. The first one was five years ago.

I will return in due time for another chat with the family." - L.H.
"My reading with Gayle Kirk was unbelievable! I was skeptical at first, but Gayle has certainly made me a true believer now! I made the appointment because my mom came through during another reading, to one of her past co-workers, and everything Gayle conveyed was completely legit.

My reading was equally as accurate and warm. Gayle had no idea who I was or anything about me, and she totally connected to my loved ones, especially my mom who passed away a year ago this month. Thanks Gayle!" - E.V.
"I had quite an experience with Gayle! I felt so connected to my mother who passed 20 years ago and it felt as if we picked up right where we left off.

Thank you so much, Gayle, for giving me peace of mind knowing for certain that she is always there with me in spirit. I also left with some new found insight on my life that I am going to pursue.

Thanks again, Gayle, for a very pleasant reading." - J.D.
"Gayle, thank you SOOO much for our reading and not only the chance to reach our mother but...your kindness and understanding of our situation was so touching! You are so accurate and we really enjoyed talking to you!

You ARE truly gifted! AMAZING comes to mind!

We will be in touch soon! Thank you for helping us reach some closure!!!" - R.S.
"Gayle unexpectedly brought through my deceased parents whose loving messages were uplifting in our reading. She also provided good advice and many resources regarding my psychological issues and spiritual direction as to my life purpose. Finally, Gayle shared several insights in relation to numerology, an area I already had an interest in, but have been inspired to explore further.

All in all, my reading with Gayle was a valuable experience!" - M.Z.
"I have had reading before, but Gayle brought something new, a real compassion and warmth. She made me feel as if those she was speaking to were right there with me.

The messages she gave me were clear and I had no doubt she was truly connected. I can't thank her enough for the peace of mind she has given me and I look forward to hearing more. Thank you Gayle. " - E.L.
"Hi Gayle! Once again, thank you for the amazing reading .

What a great relief it was for my sister and I to know that our brother is with our parents in Heaven and that he is happy and free of the pain, stress, and mental anguish he endured the past 10 months of his life.

I have e-mailed and called several friends and relatives to tell them of the uplifting and positive reading we had with you. I have forwarded your website to them and have encouraged all to schedule a reading.

I will make another appointment next fall with the hope that my Mom, Dad, and brother will again "visit" with me." - M.O.
"This was my first experience with an intuitive and Gayle's calm and comforting manner put me at ease immediately during my reading.

I lost my mother 5 years ago and Gayle made contact with her right away. She also passed along information that only family members would know, so I knew for sure that I was connected to the Other Side.

Thank you, Gayle, for a truly amazing and incredible experience!" - B.H.
"Gayle does so much more than what I expected...She told me during the session that the changes in me might be subtle...Yes, some changes were subtle, but I have ground my teeth since I was a child (the release of this was on my 'I need help with list'). I haven't ground my teeth since that day.

At first I didn't notice the change, but then I realized I was breathing in very deep every once in awhile. Once I noticed the difference in my breathing, I also noticed that I was doing this breathing at times of stress (shoot I was doing it all the time). Now, I breathe before or as I feel the stress. Sometimes I laugh and think HA HA....breathe deep, no grind, breathe deep, no grind.

The grinding of my teeth is just the most obvious change in me. There are many more changes that are subtle, but just as important...Even after it was over, Gayle said many things that still make me go hmm...I've never felt more safe with any human in my life. I don't think I will ever be able to describe fully the session.

I see it as the beginning step in an ongoing process. Prior to the session, I just felt like it might be the place to start. After the session, I knew it was the right place to start." - D.R.
"I lost my 11-year-old son in August of 2000. There is nothing like the loss of a child. Family and friends are great, but it didn't give me that complete feeling that I needed. I WANTED TO HEAR FROM MY SON!! In February of 2001, my husband, my son Jason, my daughter-in-law, and I went to see Gayle for a reading. My husband was a skeptic or should I say a guy who wasn't sure of this other side stuff.

After our session with Gayle, my husband was speechless. Trust me, that's a first. My son Ryan came through!!! Ryan told Gayle about my husband's diabetes. Ryan also wanted to thank me for seeking out Gayle. My son told Gayle about the quality time that he and his brother Jason had talking on Jason's waterbed. My son also told Gayle about a special fishing trip with his dad. Needless to say, we were thrilled!! Are we over our grief? No. Only time can heal, but I will testify that Gayle Kirk has definitely given us a reason to go on.

How did I hear about Gayle? My 11-year-old son told me!! I have been blessed with automatic writing. It started in 1994. Little did I know it would come in handy for my personal use. The thing with reaching people from beyond is they sometimes give first names or part of a number and you have to play twenty questions. That was the case with Gayle. When I wrote to my son Ryan about our planned trip back east for a family reunion in Massachusetts, my son wrote back to me through automatic writing saying, "Contact Gayle. She can help to communicate. "Then he wrote, "Belmont". Needless to say, I was frustrated because I didn't know any psychic/mediums named Gayle in Belmont and I wasn't sure I could find her.

Well, I got on the Internet, typed in "psychics" and "Belmont, Massachusetts". Four names came up with "Gayle Kirk" as the only possibility. My son even had the correct spelling of "Gayle". I called Gayle and trust me, I thought she would hang up on me with the incredible situation that I presented, but I told her that my son insisted we see her.

Due to the line of work Gayle is in, she was very gracious and easy to talk to. I couldn't wait to meet her. I realize now that the session was more for my husband's affirmation of my son's survival than mine since God gave me the gift of automatic writing, but what God did give me is a friend 3000 miles away. Just remember, there is life after death. How do I know? My son told me." - R.B.
"I began the session with my full intentions ready for this energy work...I experienced a deepening of self-love, peace, and harmony as well as a wonderful kind of gentleness throughout the session. I entered another world where I could actually feel my own Divine Spirit and the love of Spirit for me.

Gayle initiated the session with prayer and invited Spirit to work through her to me. At various points, I experienced Gayle all over the room. It felt as if she was everywhere. She later told me that what I was feeling was the love and attention of Spirit helping me to heal and balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

At the close of the session, we both shared our experiences which further lifted my spirits. This was my first time using this technique and Gayle helped me to feel absolutely comfortable and at ease. This approach to balancing one's energy is like getting a highly spiritual tune-up for one's body, mind, and soul.

I floated out of her office into the day invigorated and at peace. Gayle has created a path that resonates in a world seeking spiritual discovery and she makes a positive difference for that world." - C.R.J.
"I had a reading with Gayle Kirk. Gayle has proven herself to be a very compassionate, respectful, patient and empathetic healer. She dedicates her gifts and abilities to helping people by giving them the tools to navigate their lives, overcome obstacles, and even easing pain by creating a bridge to loved ones that are no longer physically here.

Gayle has a genuine heart and true desire to help people understand and learn. Gayle understands the intensely personal and intimate nature of each reading and creates a warm and positive environment to allow for progress and growth.

Gayle has helped me immensely to move further towards my own goals and all I can say is . . . thank you so much Gayle." - A.R.
"Gayle was fantastic. I really hadn't expected much to happen in my reading. I was amazed that, without any information from me, she immediately contacted my friend whom I'd hoped to make peace with.

The joy I feel now is overwhelming. A million thanks are not enough." - T.T.
"Thank you for our "GREAT" reading we had this morning as it shed light on my things.

You hit on the problem with my father five minutes into our session without me even bringing up his name as he is close to going over to the Other Side and you connected with my Mom's brother who is in Spirit too. Thanks!" - J.R.
"Gayle not only has an amazing gift that helps us connect with those that we love in Spirit through reading, but she also has a warm and kind personality with which to deliver her wonderful messages.

Gayle is trustworthy in every way and her readings are accurate." - V.L.
"Gayle is a very gifted intuitive whose warmth and positive spirit makes the experience even more special. She receives clear information from her angels and spirit guides that is accurate and helpful.

I really enjoyed my reading and would recommend Gayle for those seeking insights, validation, relief or information. Thanks, Gayle!" - G.A.
"Gayle provided me with one of the most insightful, uplifting reading I have ever had! She gave me information that was very profound and healing. Her accuracy gave me chills. I left the session feeling a wonderful "lightness" that I haven't felt for many, many years.

I look forward to more meetings with Gayle." - M.S.
"Gayle, as you said in our Intuitive and Mediumship Development Class, 'We are good enough and we don't need anyone's approval or confirmation', (but it sure is nice to get it).

You really are incredible! I wish I had been more open while I was with you at our reading because stuff is clicking now.

I just wanted to let you know that I finally figured out who the 'Ralph' that you were talking about was and who the 'Anthony' with the Italian last name ending in 'o' was. Anthony was my deceased father's friend (and Ralph's brother-in-law). He was a super nice guy.

I just learned that Anthony passed into Spirit last week. My mother called to tell me about it after I came home from my reading at your house. Anthony's wake is tonight. I wish I had known it was him. I would have been happy to pass a message along to his family. We are assuming that my Dad's message was that Anthony was with him in Heaven and that he is okay.

I am reminded right now of my biggest new lesson which is...Things are exactly as they should be and you are right where you are meant to be. I have to remember that! Thank you so much.

You are so gifted and it is truly an honor to have you as my friend and my mentor. Hugs!" - L. I.
"Gayle speaks from her soul to your soul in a reading. She rides the deeper currents and so she can easily tell where you're coming from and where your possibilities lay. Gayle can take the "why" which seems obtuse and mysterious and find the clear and mystical "because".

Very satisfying insights about myself and my long deceased father from a kind and gentle woman. Thanks Gayle!" - J. W.
"I was very disturbed by a close friend's death for 2 years. I was referred to Gayle and went for a reading. It turned out to be an amazing account of what happened to my friend. She explained who he was and his passing accurately, giving me a message from him relieving the anger and confusion I'd been living with for two years.

I left Gayle's home feeling lighter with understanding and peace of mind that was priceless.

Thank you, Gayle. It was very healing!" - K.F.
"My reading with Gayle was amazing! I was floored with the accuracy and details of my deceased family members' personalities! She even had the name of one in particular!

Gayle gives a very healing and compassionate reading. Thank you, Gayle!" - C.C.
"I had come with no expectations to my reading and with the understanding of whoever comes through will come through. I didn't want to request anyone in particular.

"There are three people here," you said. The first people to come through were my husband's Aunt "M" who indeed was Mary Catherine, although she went by Cathy. This person was related/close to the "P" person around me, which is my husband Patrick. Another person was the "F"-"Fred"-"Frank" that came through a few times. I couldn't quite remember at the time who that might be. You said his physical size was "stout" and you went on to describe him. I went home and told my husband (after realizing that Mary Catherine - Cathy's brother - was "Frank"). I described him as you had and my husband Pat said, "That's exactly how he was built." We live in her house and I'm sure there are a number of watchers from the Other Side for us. :)

Both my parents also seemed to come through which of course is always welcome. The most heartfelt in recent months, however, was my friend Annie. I didn't want to mention her in the beginning of the reading, as I wanted to see if she would be foremost, but the others came through first. You asked if I had any questions for the spirits on the Other Side. When I asked, "Do they know how Annie is?" you said, "Why do I all of a sudden see a horse?" I had forgotten that among many of the pets she had Annie also had a horse! I spoke to her mom a day or so later and she reminded me of the pony and also that Annie loved it so.

You then said something like, "Annie's showing me the roof of her mouth. She might have had dental issues." You weren't quite sure what it meant. Annie had numerous health issues her last year, but what her mom also reminded me of was that Annie also had a broken tooth when she died. We still think it may have been myocarditis or something from a virus, but I wonder if that tooth had a play into her death.

Anyway, thank you so much. I still think her mom and sister are interested in a meeting with you, but her mom is away right now and her sister is in Vermont with two children and a husband that travels a lot. I'll remind them that you can do phone meetings as well. Blessed be." - J.M.
"I would like to thank you for the reading with myself in Scotland.

I found it very comforting and uplifting. Not only did you contact my friends and family who had passed into Spirit through Psychic Mediumship, but you were also able to give me detailed psychic information on personal questions that I needed to be answered. God Bless." - J.M.
"All I can say is THANK YOU!

The reading that I had with you this afternoon was most inspiring.

I do not know how you do it, however, the 3 people that I was closest to in my life you identified and described with perfect accuracy! The messages Spirit sent has given me much needed relief.

THANK YOU AGAIN and I will be in contact with you in the near future! " - T.N.
"My tears have subsided some due to the fact that Gayle connected with my son in a reading.

Gayle gave me details of his death which I desperately needed to hear. I believe now he has crossed and is finally at peace.

Although my heart still aches for him, I have found some peace of mind. Thank you, Gayle. " - L.B.
"Gayle, it was such a pleasure to have a reading with you. I was deeply touched and moved by your connections with our loved ones who've crossed over.

You were able to answer questions I've had pending for 15 years.

I'm the person who's Grandma called her on the telephone 48 hrs after she died. I wasn't sure if that was a Spirit or a demented old lady thinking she was talking to her own granddaughter. You helped me to crystallize decisions in my own head whether or not to expand my family. You also mentioned some things that I wasn't in tune with until I thought about it later.

You kept saying that somebody (who'd passed) was mentioning "Ma Ma", but you said it like, "Maw Maw". I talked to my mom later who reminded me that HER Grandma is known as "Me Ma Ma." and being from the south, the Spirit was talking with a southern accent.

The first thing you wanted to talk about with me when I sat down was my BIL named "Jeff." I kept saying I don't have a BIL named Jeff, but Mom reminded me that EVERYONE'S name in my husband's family begins with "J". Jay (dad), Justin, (BIL), John or Jonathon (BIL), and Jason (my DH). Clearly the Spirit around you wanted to talk about a BIL of mine.

Thank you so much for all you did for each of us. We are still talking about it. All the best to you in your business. My mom is in FL and is very interested in having a future reading with you. Blessings." - C.S.
"I just wanted to thank you for the awesome reading you gave my mom and I.

I can't tell you how incredible it was for both of us.

My grandmother passed away before I was born. I have heard my mother say my whole life, 'I would give both my arms to talk to my mother one more time.' You gave her the opportunity to communicate with her again and she thanked me the whole way home. Now I am thanking you.

I also must tell you that psychic amnesia most certainly occurred there that day because the things we didn't understand during the session now make sense to us. I don't know if you remember, but we now know the Irish kid that you mentioned and we think we know the connection with the 10 year old boy you spoke about and the emotional thing with Vanessa that you asked us to pass on to her family makes perfect sense to them.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you my sincere thanks. You will most definitely be hearing from me in the future, along with a few of my friends. I was so excited I told everyone and they are all interested! I hope all is well with you and again, my mom and I loved it! " - L.G.
"Gayle Kirk is one of the finest counselors, healers, psychics, and mediums I have been to see. She is sensitive, accurate, and compassionate while offering a great intelligence and wisdom to her clients.

I submit my highest recommendation to those seeking a superlative experience." - D.D.
"I saw Gayle for only one session for a reading. I wanted to make contact with my mother who passed away almost 15 years ago because of some unfinished depression and anger I had been struggling with for a long time.

I found Gayle quite helpful in making spiritual contact. What helped me feel most trusting were her honest acknowledgments of difficulty in sometimes hearing names exactly right while connecting to departed spirits. When it came to contacting my mother, however, she was right on!

She really got her personality exactly. This helped me really feel that she was truly in contact with my mother.

Gayle is a truly kind person and this helped me feel a deeper connection to my mother and myself." - N.E.
"Thank you again for connecting me with my family that has crossed over through another reading. I find this to be very healing, especially when hearing from my Mom. After my reading, I looked over the notes that I took and here are some things I was able to validate. (I think I had amnesia during the session).

1. The smell of peroxide - the day before my reading I was speaking to a coworker about covering my white hairs. She was once a beautician and recommended that prior to coloring my hair that I treat the white hair by dabbing it with peroxide. We also talked about my Mom using henna.

2. The older man with the black hat I believe to be my great-grandfather. I have a box of old pictures in my closet that belonged to my grandparents. There are several pictures of Asa throughout his years and many of them he is wearing a hat. I was a small child when he passed, but I do remember his visits and feeling very loved by him.

3. The closet, the buttons, and bunny rabbits. This came to me right after we hung up. When I was a teen, my grandmother gave me a shirt where she had sewn 3 pink bunny buttons on the pocket. I still have the shirt in the closet (can't part with it) and years ago I took the buttons off and are saving them because they are sentimental to me.

Thank you again and take care." - D.A.
"I was excited and nervous as I arrived for my appointment with Gayle. I had never experienced a reading before. The room we shared was beautifully decorated and provided the perfect atmosphere for the work we would do. Gayle is a warm, caring, and compassionate person and that came through immediately.

She explained what would happen and how I could most effectively participate in making a connection with my loved ones living in spirit. She was honest about not being able to guarantee who, if any, of the people I wanted to connect with would come through. What I respected most was that she didn't want me to give her any clues or information ahead of time so that she could demonstrate that the loved ones who did come through were really there - giving information she couldn't possibly have known.

I was lucky. I heard from my mom, who had died tragically when I was just 4 years old. I could feel that her love for me had only grown over time. I hope to hear from the others on another visit. What more of a gift could one ask for? What makes this work is trusting in the process and connecting with Gayle. For me, it was actually the other way around.

Being with Gayle for just a few minutes and feeling the bond I did with her helped me to trust everything. - K.H.
"I had the pleasure and good fortune of receiving a mini reading during your appearance on the radio show, "Bridge Between Two Worlds" this past Monday.

I wanted to let you know how incredible the experience was for me.

I was the last caller and it was very quick. My question was, "I'd like some guidance on how I can re-connect with a lost love". You said you saw flowers and the number three. Flowers representing springtime and you said, "The time is now." You weren't certain what the number 3 represented. You also said you felt it would be fruitful and worth the effort. Also, as much as I would like him to be the pursuer, you said I should create more opportunity by being more receptive and welcoming (those aren't the exact words you used, but it is the message as I perceived it and remember it now).

Well, Gayle, you were spot-on! I woke up the next morning eagerly keeping my eye out for manifestations and it happened! The man I have been wanting to reconnect with called me on the phone that morning!!! When you said, "The time is now," well, you sure were right! After a half-hour conversation with him on the phone, the meaning of the number 3 also became crystal clear to me!

I'm trying to keep this as short as possible because you probably get lots of these emails that take up a lot of your time. Thanks for reading this. It feels good to give you this great feedback and to thank you for the wonderful ways that you have helped me!" - G.M.C.
"I have always been interested in things metaphysical and had my first psychic reading when I was sixteen. Over the years I have had some good and not so good readings. I came upon Gayle's web page and found her introduction to be the embodiment of my own personal spiritual beliefs. I do have to admit however, that it was the photo that clinched it and prompted my call that very first time. Why? Well anyone can develop a catchy phrase, but I believed the essence captured in the photo, matched the ideology of the words on the page.

I have enjoyed readings by Gayle in all areas of her expertise, but her reading is my personal favorite. Gayle's sessions infuse me with a rush of pure positive energy. In my most recent telephone reading, she began by seeing dogs around me. She also said my Master Spirit Guide was bringing in another Helper Spirit Guide who was a specialist in alternative medicine to help me with my future work.

Spirit also told Gayle to tell me to get on with my ideas. Spirit told Gayle to tell me that their message to take action on my ideas was to confirm for me what I had already been thinking about. Gayle also had a feeling that I needed to be horseback riding. Erratic? Strange? Not if I am considering returning to school for an EMT course to pursue an "idea" I've had for a long time which is to work as a backcountry search and rescue person on horseback with a canine!

Of lesser importance, but also very accurate, was the session where she described a future Halloween party where she said, "There is something to do with shoes. I feel everyone needs to keep their shoes on." Okay... The party was great and, typical for Northern Nevada, it snowed on Halloween, yet at the end of the night there were an extra pair of shoes and no one ever claimed them!

For me, Gayle validates the connections we have with Spirit and the Universe. Her sessions help me to strive to be a better person for my own personal growth, for my family, and for the world in general. Gayle just makes me smile!" - C.C.
"Up front, I need to admit that I contacted Gayle not because I wanted my fortune told or for reassurance about my beloved dead. I believe that life continues after death and that the people I love that have passed are with me. I called Gayle for a reading out of selfish frustration, because I knew I had lost my path as a writer. Despite several years of struggle to regain that path or to cut a new and better one, I was still lost and wandering.

Gayle's insight, guided by grace and the Spirit Guides who surround me, helped me to recast those years of struggle and failure and see them as preparation for the road that is waiting. She also helped me to realize that I'd cast too small a net. I needed to pursue work in other media and the time was right to try. Most of all, she wanted me to know that expanding my focus beyond myself and using my abilities to help people around me achieve their goals, would lead to my own most satisfying achievements.

Already, I've seen some of the milestones she urged me to watch for. I'm grateful for the guidance that led me to Gayle and I thank her for being there to ease my worries." - J.K.
"I read a book about pets who contact their owners after they die because my dog had just been hit by a car. I was skeptical, but I researched animal communicators on line and found Gayle's name.

She described my little dog with her weird cough and all. She also gave me some serious spiritual advice.

The dog's okay, my relatives are with her, and Gayle even explained that my other dog wants a puppy to replace her, one she can mother...what, she wants a male puppy?? Okay. I believe her." - J.R.

(Email from client to Gayle 1 week later.)

"Hi, Gayle, I listened to the CD you recorded of our telephone reading today. If you can remember, was your cat in the room when you were doing my reading because just when you talked about my kitty, there is a meow on the CD that I did not hear while on the phone. it was either Sylvia (rescued from Saudi Arabia) or Annica (got as a tiny kitten), both were extremely special to me and both had Siamese meows, distinctly what I heard on the tape. It isn't a normal meow. :-) Thanks." - J.R.

(Reply email from Gayle to client.)

"Hi, J.R., My cat was not in the room during the reading and the door was closed.

The meow you heard on the CD was an actual meow that was physically manifested onto the CD from your cat in Spirit!

Isn't it wonderful and amazing that your kitty loves you so much that she was able to say hello to you directly on the CD and let you physically hear her with your own ears one more time!

I have also had the experience of a client telling me that they were able to hear the sound of a heartbeat from their deceased son on the recording of their reading. The heartbeat sound was heard just after I told the boy's parents that their son wanted them to really know he is still alive, although in Spirit.

Physical mediumship manifestations of this type on recordings of readings don't happen often, but when they do, they are truly a gift from Spirit.

It just goes to show that our family, friends, and pets in Heaven are still alive and they are still with us from the Spirit side of life. We will be with them again one day. Thanks for sharing your story with me. Blessings to you." - Gayle
"Thank you again for everything! I had such a wonderful and eye opening time in the Skype Group Trance Channeling Sessions. Below is my testimonial. I look forward to readings with you in the future. Your clarity is beautiful and life affirming. Peace and blessings to you always.

I didn't know what to expect of the Group Trance Channeling Sessions through Gayle via Skype, but had an open mind and was excited for the experience. Gayle's introduction and step by step instructions where clear and concise.

Gayle's personality and demeanor is caring, open, fun and trusting. She is definitely someone you would want to hang out with.

During the three channeling sessions I participated in, there was a palpable energy shift in the room (even with thousands of miles between us) that was comforting, nurturing, and calm as Spirits began channeling through Gayle. I felt as if I was being enveloped by a cozy blanket.

I was with a small group. We were each asked to prepare 1-2 questions for Spirit each session. The more personal and thoughtful the question the better. I was amazed by how, even though I knew only one other person in this group, our questions all had a similar thread. I was even more amazed at how Spirit's answers were for all of us in the group even though specific to the questioner.

There is a big difference between Gayle and how she is when channelling Spirit. Gayle becomes a wonderful vessel for a Spirit collective to communicate through. During this process her eyes are covered by a satin eye mask (similar to one you would sleep in to protect your eyes from light), her mannerisms shift and her voice changes...taking on an accent with such a combination of tones that it is hard to connect it to a region, but very easy to understand and quite pleasant to listen to.

My group was asked to chant Om until Spirit had completely settled in and greeted us with "Hello". Then we could address Spirit one by one with our questions. We were also told (at the beginning) not to ask Spirit about friends or relatives who have passed on as this was not the focus of our group. At the end of our second session, however, my Uncle Joe made an "appearance" with a reminder of a time when he helped me tie my shoes as a little girl and greetings to my mother who he is very proud of. I was completely surprised by this. No one in the group knew I had an Uncle Joe until that moment.

All of our questions were thoroughly and thoughtfully answered clearly and simply. I felt satisfied and comforted by the answers I received and have incorporated the suggestions given in my daily life. In many instances I felt the answers Spirit gave released me from a self imposed burden that I had not previously recognized as false.

This was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to anyone wanting real actionable answers/advice to the questions they are facing. Love and Light to you!" - W.E.

Testimonials from Attendees of

Psychic Guidance and Messages From Heaven Programs

with Gayle Kirk


"Gayle's work always amazes me."

"I was impressed how well Gayle connected with everyone."

"You were on the money with your descriptions of my loved ones in Heaven!"

"Gayle was very good. She got things without any of the audience members explaining anything."

"This was a very helpful program for those seeking closure to a departed loved one. It provided a unity of spirit, allowing one to share, and was very non-threatening."

"I liked your empathy and concern for people wanting to connect and also your openness and passion for what you do."

"She did a great job and explained a great deal. It was very, very informative."

"Gayle has great energy. She put me at ease."

"Participating in the program provided much healing in the grieving process. Gayle was a most engaging speaker."

"The program was extremely interesting. It was both uplifting and gave you a better understanding of the Other Side."

"I was amazed at what I witnessed."

"Very calming. Gayle explained everything up front about what to expect."

"There was a good variety of information and direct interaction from Gayle with the attendees. Gayle is definitely gifted and expresses herself wonderfully."


"Exceeded my expectations which were somewhat skeptical. I liked your energy, enthusiasm, sincerity, and explanations. I truly enjoyed the experience."

"I enjoyed it very much, including the teaching at the beginning."

"The presenter is very lovely and I sense a lot of compassion with her."

"Gayle was very accurate with her description of my brother and of a recent situation."

"You said my sister by name - great description!"

"Exceeded my expectations. Enjoyed hearing what you said about my aunt."

"Lovely voice."


"Exceeded my expectations, especially hearing from my brother."

"We felt very comfortable sharing our life stories with people we didn't even know."

"Gayle came through with more than I could have hoped for."

"Gayle was very truthful and easy to listen to and easy to like."

"Not psychic-like. Very natural and calm. I could have stayed longer."

"Gayle was very relaxed and confident."

"Enlightening. Moving. Would do it again!"

"Really enjoyed the class size."

"You connected with my mother-in-law, brother, and possibly cousin."

"Gayle was sensitive, compassionate, and professional."

"My reading at a PSYCHIC GUIDANCE AND MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN EVENT was all that I hoped for and more than I expected. On the eve of what would have been my son's 40th birthday, he came and answered the questions that had troubled me for the 11 months since his unexpected and sudden passing. The entire experience left me with a greater sense of peace, knowing he was still reachable even though I could not hear him myself. I thank Gayle and her wonderful gift for making that all possible. I know he will always be near. Thank you, Gayle."

"Gayle was very funny and relaxed."

"I didn't have a reading, but I found an enormous sense of peace from those that did."

"Gayle, you have a calm way about what you do and how you make people feel."

"What a great way to spend the day!"

"Gayle was very kind and nurturing throughout the class."

"The class was informative and interesting. Gayle was intriguing."

"I loved the calmness of the presentation."

"I was really not sure of what to expect. I came with no expectations. I enjoyed it very much. It was a very enlightening experience, wonderful presentation, and very inspirational."

"My expectations were highly met."

"Even though I didn't get a connection, I enjoyed hearing others receive messages and that was comforting."

"The program was very informative, helpful, and enjoyable."

"Gayle was very calming and connected."

"This was a wonderful program. I would recommend it to others. Thank you!"

"Gayle, thank you very much for the time that you spent with all of us during your program, PSYCHIC GUIDANCE AND MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN. For me, it was a very pleasant and interesting experience as well as very thought provoking. Since I returned home that evening, I have shared that experience with my husband, my parents, and my sister. I have also given a lot of thought to the personal messages that you shared. It was very thoughtful of you to ask that each of us take notes for one another."

"Gayle's program helped me to feel better about myself."

"I was skeptical, but words were said I knew no one else could know."

"Gayle was personable and easygoing."

"She explained things at the beginning and has a great sense of humor."

"Gayle Kirk was excellent."

"Gayle came to CURVES to do readings on several of our members with her program, PSYCHIC GUIDANCE AND MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN. Gayle was outstanding! She was on the mark with everyone she read. We are still "abuzz" since she was here. We would have Gayle again in a heartbeat. Thanks Gayle for helping so many of our members."

"I found the conversations with those on the Other Side fascinating. The healing for those who received messages was inspirational."

"This was a very knowledgeable, honest program. It was my first time receiving a direct message from Heaven. I feel blessed and grateful for attending."

"I enjoyed attending this spiritual program. Gayle Kirk is for real."

"I liked that it was realistic."

"It was very informative and honest. I loved Gayle. She was kind, funny, and made me real comfortable."

"I found this program to be uplifting and positive. I very much enjoyed knowing those that passed are still around. It is important. I would love to come back."

"I liked how Gayle knew a lot of stuff that was going on. She was calm and caring. I liked everything about the program and Gayle."

"Will you be offering this opportunity again in the spring? I would like to have my mother and sister experience your program if it is to be offered again."

"Gayle was very personable and explained things clearly."

"Gayle is very methodical and puts people at ease."

"I liked the format. It was the right length of time and good attention to all."

"Gayle is very low key. She doesn't try to be funny. She really is there for others."

"You are very natural, real, and friendly. I like that you blessed each of us."

"I was very moved from your PSYCHIC GUIDANCE AND MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN group reading demonstration. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I came with a group of friends and some of them had good readings. I had hoped to contact an old friend, but it was not meant to be. I was very glad that I went. It was very moving and I will go again."

"I loved it all."

"Very interesting and entertaining."

"Gayle is very relaxed, humorous, easy going, and friendly."

"So many people felt that the details communicated were on target."

"I enjoyed the talk to let us know how loved ones communicate."

"Gayle is very clear, expressive, and human."

"Thank you again for making "connections" for many of us during the program. It helped me to open my mind and my heart. I would also like to say that I am very sorry about the loss of your brother."

"I liked Gayle. She set a good tone and a positive atmosphere."

"My fiance took me to a group program called, PSYCHIC GUIDANCE AND MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN for my birthday even though he does not believe in these things. Gayle picked up that a friend of his had died the week before. She was also able to describe his friend both physically and his general attitude. Gayle said his friend told my fiancé to, "Relax and have more fun," which is exactly what he always said to him when he was alive! Even though my fiance did not believe in this sort of thing before coming, he admitted that Gayle got everything right!"

"Gayle Kirk gave The Sippican Woman's Club a wonderful jump start to our club year with her program PSYCHIC GUIDANCE AND MESSAGES FROM HEAVEN. She presented a program which kept everyone's interest and delivered messages in a sensitive and compassionate manner while still maintaining momentum and energy for all to appreciate. Gayle demonstrated her professionalism from the very outset of my initial contact in making arrangements to schedule her program as well as during her presentation and follow up. Thank you Gayle. - Deborah Bush, The Sippican Woman's Club, Marion, MA"